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1. Fire At Zero Gravity by 40 below summer

  • Published: Unknown
Fire At Zero Gravity

l the fire ignites Without oxygen the fire will burn Without limits the fire will blow Compressing and fusing Until the new sun arrives Born from the fury inside our hearts From the biggest explosion To the littlest spark This is your 40 below summer...

2. Step Into The Sideshow by 40 below summer

  • Published: Unknown
Step Into The Sideshow

o get a head rush Twist the cap and tap the bottle That's my motto - here it comes full throttle Straight up at ya from 40 Below Freezing - you're bleeding as you feel the winds blow Can not stop this, you can not break this, you can not crush this G...

3. Minus One by 40 below summer

  • Published: Unknown
Minus One

when I pull the trigger Too bad repercussion Shit stomp to a face that I'm crushin Back off and let it be Or I'll take you below 40 degrees (Die) yes, you're gonna (Die) yes, you're gonna (Die) I'll make you hear this (Die) yes, you're gonna (Die) ye...

4. We The People by 40 below summer

  • Published: Unknown
We The People

We the people must JUMP! It's all insane - for this - for shame To walk inside this life - that's why We the people must JUMP! Come - take a stand I don't believe in your lies You can't ask me to change - what I am Stand up and learn to divide This t...

5. Rope by 40 below summer

  • Published: Unknown

Hallow this - and maybe you can swallow this - I don't know I guess it always seems that something in this life is diseased But guess what I know - Here's something you can't devour It's something moving with the tide and now it's ripping you from in...

6. Still Life by 40 below summer

  • Published: Unknown
Still Life

Make this clear in a statement And break me here through the pavement And I can trust in the silence And I'll adjust to the violence... Inside... I can't deny... I've burned Alive in pain - but without you I'll go insane reaching out to I'm almost go...

7. Wither Away by 40 below summer

  • Published: Unknown
Wither Away

Is it all just a shape, a twist of fate, that leaves me open Will it all fade away, from my life, and leave me broken It's all just a game - as you left me here to wallow It's all been a fake - and it's hard to swallow And I wither away and die Tomor...

8. Falling Down by 40 below summer

  • Published: Unknown
Falling Down

It's gonna bite today (right) to open a can of pain (wrong) Sun scorched and blistering (run) - do you know that it's all (gone) Kiss my eyes shut to bash it in - it's just another payment To how we live, how we dream, how we breed - low rent up in t...

9. Smile Electric by 40 below summer

  • Published: Unknown
Smile Electric

One time in my life...... It won't be such a pain Just a couple of guys with the vibe in every way We'll put it together - shuttin it down And you'll watch me pull the lever We're all bout to break - get a 9 to 5 And it's time to get your head straig...

10. Rejection by 40 below summer

  • Published: Unknown

Why'd you take that away from me - Just one taste and I needed a little more of your sweet honey I want you to feel my pain I want you - don't walk away I need you - the time is right I need to hold you tight Rejection - I can't believe you're gone R...

11. Power Tool by 40 below summer

  • Published: Unknown
Power Tool

I shut your eyes and I fed you lies I'm up inside - now I cannot hide those burns on your skin and the stains on your grin I took your pain now you're dropped again I can't feel the way you want me to - I'll use you, abuse you, conveniently lose you ...

12. Drown by 40 below summer

  • Published: Unknown

Chase this tease into the open wave And take this leash into your inner slave Follow me into the open end Now gather these pieces of broken man I will set in motion - to open me up again I will make the ocean - swallow me up and then DROWN Close this...

13. Jonesin' by 40 below summer

  • Published: Unknown

And I want you - and I need to Cut you and hold you in place - as I rip you apart This blood on my face - but I loved you so hard I can't escape - I'm crawling inside You can't erase - this night that you died To blanket the obscure (I was the victim...

14. Self Medicate by 40 below summer

  • Published: Unknown
Self Medicate

Can you hear yourself, free yourself, fuck yourself Can you fix yourself, fill yourself, trust yourself Cloud your vision And just medicate yourself and just separate yourself And just medicate yourself and you'll never change yourself Will you hesit...

15. Taxi Cab Confession by 40 below summer

  • Published: Unknown
Taxi Cab Confession

Close your eyes and come with me to a new place where we are unstoppable Inhale and let the smoke fill your lungs and breath the impossible And as we follow these foot prints a new world will begin Can you feel it my brother-it's time to repent Now c...

16. Rain by 40 below summer

  • Published: Unknown

It's cold it's hard and I'm locked inside this I've gone too far I can't rectify this I walk away falling into It's such a shame how I'll miss you I feel shot can you reach me You cannot bring me back And I'll always sink into nothing And I'm on my k...

17. Breathless by 40 below summer

  • Published: Unknown

You believe every word I say and always took the time to understand You took my breath away, is that you slipping right through my hands Just like a shooting star falling from the sky I wait for you to land Fly away don't shut me out, cause I can't b...

18. Better Life by 40 below summer

  • Published: Unknown
Better Life

Take that weight off your shoulders It's kinda hard when it keeps getting colder inside There's no heart just a place where the souls been all torn apart No chance for repentence the world is a prison and life is a sentence I can't redefine the surro...

19. Monday Song by 40 below summer

  • Published: Unknown
Monday Song

Life is lost for me, and everything I dream Picture me above the sky on this half day closing Ride the wave say goodnight drifting slowly I see the world in your eyes it's relentless When I feel the burn in my life God please end this It's not so eas...

20. F.E by 40 below summer

  • Published: Unknown

Set me off you can calculate pushing me Tormented by the agony of everyday Died, dissolve, descend I'm by myself I'm by myself Again! Don't you touch me Swallow me, swallow me up, and take me now out of my inside Set me free, I've had enough, and let...