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1. 5 Will Get You Six by blue rodeo

  • Published: Unknown
5 Will Get You Six

easy solution It's an act of faith. Still 5 will get you six, if you play the dice right. 5'll get you six if you play the dice right... 5'll get you six if you play the dice right... 5'll get you six boy 5'll get you six boy 5'll get you six boy 5'll g...

2. We Will Rob You by raekwon

  • Published: Unknown
We Will Rob You

Rae, cause they was looking for A few MC's wanted for a string of break-ins Last seen, wearing long minks and snakeskins [Chorus: Slick Rick] We will, we will, rob you We will, we will, glock you We will, we will, what? who? (not you) Here we go... [...

3. Be On You by ne yo

  • Published: Unknown
Be On You

ust gotta say, I wanna be on you, (on you) I wanna be on you, (on you) I wanna be on you, (on you on you) I wanna be on you, (on you on you) I know money can't buy love So I stole the stars for you The stars is guarding you Maybe because I'm loving you I know money can't buy love So I stole th...

4. 5 Minute Freshen Up by ryan leslie

  • Published: Unknown
5 Minute Freshen Up

t you with that 5 minutes? You know what that mean, right? That mean you wasn’t fresh enough Let me show you how to get on my level Follow me [Hook] She want that 5 minute freshen up You tried to holla, homie, but you wasn’t fresh enough That’s how I know I’m a profess...

5. Nickel Nine Is.. by royce da 5 9

  • Published: Unknown
Nickel Nine Is..

ain't it?" Like that's my name, like I changed it when my man became famous By the way, you ain't beefin with Slim, you beefin with US So, stay out the magazines, keep it (shh shh) hush, okay? These motherfuckin rappers is hilarious dawg You never to...

6. 5 Boroughs by krs one

  • Published: Unknown
5 Boroughs

ops everybody clockin Buckshot, when you see the rocks, me I got you shocked Why not? You see the recipe Buckshot, I represent Brooklyn and my {nigga} Biggie [Keith Murray] I'm from C-I, L-I, F-L-Y Where the {niggaz} and the {bitches} stay paid fly and high Where a slut'll get mad i...

7. Take Them 5 by juvenile

  • Published: Unknown
Take Them 5

s quota You wastin' ya time boy when you wastin' they time Cause they'll start off with a nickel and try and give you a dime You think I'm lyin', go ask my cousin KC You think I'm lyin', go ask my cousin Ducky Both of my niggaz just cam home from doin' a bit Both of my niggaz know what encar...

8. Soundtrack To A Six Pack by the cadillac three

  • Published: Unknown
Soundtrack To A Six Pack

's a soundtrack to a six pack The devil went down to Georgia in a Cadillac Kicking on back with good friends Get washed in the water, little skinny dipping sin Some moonshine sipping, off a tailgate flipping Love the little hotties, dancing like they're on a mission It's a soundtrack to a ...

9. I Am Somebody by jurassic 5

  • Published: Unknown
I Am Somebody

choose to make moves today Whether I win or lose or I end up on the news today Amuse but never confuse Still got dues to pay You abuse elegant rules when you use clich's [Marc 7] They got you sittin' on the edge of your seat [Chali 2na] Creatin' bee...

10. I Told You by the game

  • Published: Unknown
I Told You

me working with the cops You 5-0 nigga, that your name Where I come from 5-0, that's some change When your first album came out you left out some things You get low like Bleek when them ratchets bang Mase step inside the confessional booth You turned your back on God, the devil got you spook...

11. Can I Get A.. by jay z

  • Published: Unknown
Can I Get A..

yeah bounce wit me, bounce wit me Get it! [Verse One: Jay-Z] Can I hit in the MORNIN without givin you half of my dough And even worse if I was broke would you WANT ME? If I couldn't get you finer things like all of them diamond rings bitches KILL FO...

12. Get Em' by jay electronica

  • Published: Unknown
Get Em'

some brand new shit So what you little coward niggas won't do shit Approach with caution, your mans got issues And I'm a great shot the heat, will not miss you If we got problems I will not diss you I'm a sick the dogs on ya'll to come get you [Jay E...

13. You'll Never Know by rza

  • Published: Unknown
You'll Never Know

e-two (You don't know, that I really love you) Yo, yo, You'll Never Know Check me out (You don't know, that I really love you) Yo, yo, yo [RZA] I love you like how birds love rose petals, Killarmy love full metal I love you like how the Park Hill cats love to pull ...

14. Get It by t i

  • Published: Unknown
Get It

that get it get it I got that get it what you need From soft parts to trees got that get it what you need I got that get it I got that get it what you need From dope boyz and bitches who love dat rd [Chorus 2] Come and get it hey cuz I got it bitch Tell and g...

15. I Wish You Would by dj khaled

  • Published: Unknown
I Wish You Would

nd I don’t Pussy niggas unnoticed [Hook] [Verse 3: Kanye West] I wish you would nigga, I wish you would nigga You see you got a couple cases, still look good nigga You see these niggas’ll try to play ya Know how ya feel nigga Eh yup, that’d be the da...

16. Death To You by swollen members

  • Published: Unknown
Death To You

w Or anybody who not ridin' with us to the fullest extent Put you under cement in the jungle with debt Smiles of murder and laughs of pain When we were kids we'd act insane, now we grown considerate the rain Brooklyn, New York, they say we sound like crooks when we talk And they ...

17. If You So Gangsta by lloyd banks

  • Published: Unknown
If You So Gangsta

in off that seagram vodka Do you know who shot ya? BITCH GET THE DOCTA! [Chorus] If You So Gangsta… Then Why you tuck your chain in when you walk in the club If You So Gangsta… Why you a grown man still getting you pockets dug If You So Gangsta… Then how come every time you get into beef you tell I...

18. 4-5-6 by foxy brown

  • Published: Unknown

stadium for in stores Floss chains and I pimp whores, stay smoked out Shirt be poked out with the snub-nosed eight Six to jump out, you eat what you spit Motherfucker die clean For you actin' tough cats, but in your heart you serene I read your body ...

19. Can I Get A.. by jay z

  • Published: Unknown
Can I Get A..

en SO LONG since I met a chick ain't on my tips but then I'm DEAD WRONG, when I tell em BE GONE So HOLD ON to the feelin of flossin and platinum cause from NOW ON, you can witness Ja the I-CON with hoodies and TIMBS ON, cause I thugs my women VeVe, s...

20. Got Me A Model by r l

  • Published: Unknown
Got Me A Model

model) That's why ain't Mama trickin' (I got me a model) Fellas get to listen (I got me a model) She's a chick who you speak to I let her freak too Put your hands up high let me know I speak true I'm a tell you, what you gon' do Don't you dare let he...