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1. Firr Az That Thang by jibbs

  • Published: Unknown
Firr Az That Thang

Firr az that thang Firr az that thang Firr az that thang Firr az that thang (Firr az that thang) Firr az that thang (You know I'm firr az that thang) Firr az that thang Firr az that thang I'm the big big kid I'm doing big thangs Ain't what you call b...

2. Azúcar Morena by carla morrison

  • Published: Unknown
Azúcar Morena

Azúcar morena es tu piel, tus besos me saben a pura miel Tu boca son cerezas para comer Tu voz retumba en todo mi ser Azúcar, azúcar tu piel Azúcar, azúcar dame de beber Azúcar morena es tu piel, es tu bella voz que retumba en mi ser Azúcar morena es...

3. Hey Az (LP Version) by az

  • Published: Unknown
Hey Az (LP Version)

What's the deal son? Herm Fiasco It's the world famous AZ Show For the world (AZ Show) [AZ] No doubt, time to mellow out Party at the yellow house, yell it out Invites only, don't tell no slouch How you feel around some made cats, really on chill Lai...

4. AZ's Back by az

  • Published: Unknown
AZ's Back

[Verse 1] Everybody wanna take chills It's either that or nigga wanna play sales Try tha floor when I bound wit a fake bill When I see seven niggas I don't say shit Motherfucker like me try to stay big Who you got laying down in a "stay there" If a w...

5. Az's Chillin' by az

  • Published: Unknown
Az's Chillin'

Aight I'm waitin on you.. [AZ] AZ's chillin, Brooklyn's chillin What mo' can I say? Why catch feelings Used to hide the crack in the hotel ceilings But that was way back when I was wholesale fillers We made a killing off our little bity buildings But...

6. Party In AZ by nb ridaz

  • Published: Unknown
Party In AZ

[Intro] On a hot dessert high way rollin my 64 feel the heat from the blacktop represent with my boys all the cars start to raise up all the girls on the floor gettin ready for the party tonight through it up if your down to roll [Verse 1] Come on co...

7. Vestida De Azúcar by gloria trevi

  • Published: Unknown
Vestida De Azúcar

Tengo tanto miedo De que olvides lo que te quiero Y de que con el paso del tiempo Lo dejes todo en el recuerdo Tengo tantísimo miedo Ya casi te vas y yo aun no me atrevo Tanta precaución que no acude el deseo Cuidando no salir lastimada me quedo sin ...

8. Best In AZ by futuristic

  • Published: Unknown
Best In AZ

[Intro - Futuristic:] Yeah, Empire Business, Bootleg Kev, Futuristic, let's get it Bootleg Kev, you feel me? [Verse - Futuristic:] Yo, lately I been thinking 'bout a lotta shit Mostly how the game is really nothing but politics But me, I'm with the s...

9. Ambitionz Az A Ridah by 2pac

  • Published: Unknown
Ambitionz Az A Ridah

I won't deny it, I'm a straight ridah You don't wanna fuck with me Got the police bustin' at me But they can't do nothin' to a G Let's get ready to rumble! Now, you know how we do it, like a G What really go on in the mind of a nigga that get down fo...

10. Buzinezz Az Uzual by hot hot heat

  • Published: Unknown
Buzinezz Az Uzual

Hid his car in the back Payed a kid to watch his glass don't crack See him greeted by his made up name in the stairwell of his favorite parkade He prays for my blind eye He was lost He was found with a boy in a pillbox hat on the wrong side of town f...

11. Az U by jon b

  • Published: Unknown
Az U

[Verse 1:] Now not that all the time that you take To get ready ain't good for something Not that the trip to the plaza Spend a couple hours by yourself shopping's nothing Not that the beautiful sundress don't look good The way it falls around those ...

12. Porfirio Díaz by gerardo ortiz

  • Published: Unknown
Porfirio Díaz

El barrio de tierra blanca se hizo mi familia, es como mi casa Recuerdo a mi viejo, soy hijo de barrio de nombre ranchero, de historia afamada Porfirio Diaz es mi nombre yo con el padrino, estoy a la orden le tengo un respeto muy grande a ese hombre ...

13. Yuma, AZ by damien jurado

  • Published: Unknown
Yuma, AZ

Once met a girl in Yuma, Arizona Whose mother was dyslexic like mine Grandpa owned a ranch, it's where she learned to dance I hear she goes out dancing all the time When it rains, it pours in Yuma, Arizona When it rains, it pours And when the sun goe...

14. Transitionz Az A Ridah by murs

  • Published: Unknown
Transitionz Az A Ridah

[Imitating 2Pac:] I won't deny ya, I'm a straight ridah You don't wanna fuck with me! [Talking: Murs] Me, personally, I shop illegally All you ladies out there c'mon, cause whatever, don't front! Y'know you them like them ridahz! (SHOW YO LOVE!) [Mur...

15. Ambitionz Az A Ridah by deuce

  • Published: Unknown
Ambitionz Az A Ridah

[Truth:] Hollywood in the building Ayo Deuce, where the pistols at? [Chorus - Deuce:] And I won't deny it, I'm a straight rider You don't wanna fuck with me Cause you's a bitch just like the police And I remember you was begging on your knees [Truth:...

16. Take Care Of Me by az

  • Published: Unknown
Take Care Of Me

[Chorus] Let me call shortie up If tonight's the, night then let me know Hit me up as soon as possible Got it on right here for you baby, take it from me (AZ) Keep doing this, man We could do that little bit ya like You know the one that keeps us up ...

17. Ho Happy Jackie by az

  • Published: Unknown
Ho Happy Jackie

[Guy] "What's up AZ?" [AZ] "Maintainin' G" [Guy] "I'm sayin' tough titties somebody gotta suck it, I'm casin the joint what's up?" [AZ] "I'm sayin' there mad dime bitches up in here though." [Guy] "Let me tell you though, it ain't time to subtract & ...

18. How Many Wanna by az

  • Published: Unknown
How Many Wanna

[Hook: AZ] How many chicks wanna fuck tonight? [Amil] Tonight How many chicks wanna suck tonight? [Amil] Tonight How many chicks wanna fuck and suck and suck? Get fucked and bust tonight? [Verse 1] Lex GS, Wide body, Remy VS Militants niggas see less...

19. How Ya Livin' by az

  • Published: Unknown
How Ya Livin'

[Verse One: Nas] What? Back to back Benzes, wit the wild gremlins Gaudiere style lenses, talents in the 40 cal, this is Life now, let me find out, you want the life style of mine no pal of mine Runnin' wit goons wit knife wounds from jail time Got th...

20. Problems by az

  • Published: Unknown

[Chorus] I had some problems And no one could seem to solve them But you found the answer Told me to take this chance [AZ - speaking over Chorus] Yeah, now dig You got, rich niggaz right They do what they wanna do Heh, and you got Broke niggaz, you h...