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1. Control by big wreck

  • Published: Unknown

same old world Where we grew up And there's no one To blame for why We're all screwed up You can bury your head In a great big hole Did you ever believe That you were in control? In control I can be a picture Be it with me Beat it baby Beat the monk...

2. That Song by big wreck

  • Published: Unknown
That Song

So I always get nostalgic with that song But in my room it's forced It has to be in some car across the street And I always catch the back of your head in a crowd Just don't turn around It's never you and you ruin those memories And those photos are ...

3. The Oaf by big wreck

  • Published: Unknown
The Oaf

Who'd you drag around my door If I keep it cracked they won't be there no more And who'd you leave along the way Leave 'em there and don't come back today Now who's the one that treats you right Yeah, leave 'em there and don't come back to fight Now ...

4. Look What I Found by big wreck

  • Published: Unknown
Look What I Found

It's fully operational We don't even have to sell I rooked it but what the hell It's someone else's soul, oh well It's stolen but it's okay If integrity says no way Well now it's here to stay So let's go outside and play Well I suppose so Well I neve...

5. Blown Wide Open by big wreck

  • Published: Unknown
Blown Wide Open

So I'm all surrounded By the things I thought I put away And I'm all surrounded By the things I thought I put away And there's a pile in the closet That's where I threw some yesterday Maybe under the rug That's where I swept some the other day So the...

6. How Would You Know by big wreck

  • Published: Unknown
How Would You Know

I want you in the wrong way What's tomorrow if you've got today And if you subscribe to my way You erase all this anyway Out in the mountains and granola That lies a little bit east of all ya Hold out your hands Oh, such little hands Lie to your man ...

7. Oh My by big wreck

  • Published: Unknown
Oh My

You say I'm obsessive I don't want to hear Overly possessive Who, when, and where When your arms go round another I'll turn my back, why bother Forget the importance Of what I mean to you I'll drown all the rodents And chase after you Well I've made ...

8. Under The Lighthouse by big wreck

  • Published: Unknown
Under The Lighthouse

Down here under the lighthouse Upstairs, I see for miles Keep my name under the white-out And just let me miss you all the while, yeah Now I sit here with your letter It's pushin' hard on my brain You think they should shrink it, yeah Baby, I think t...

9. Fall Through The Cracks by big wreck

  • Published: Unknown
Fall Through The Cracks

So I won't hear Unless you tell me to And I won't see Unless I look for you Cause my opinions They don't mean that much to me So if they're clashing I'll trash them happily Let me fall through your cracks again But you only notice now and then Cause ...

10. Waste by big wreck

  • Published: Unknown

So I knew you weren't faking About your dreams Because when you're waking Everything's what it seems I know you got roses You want to throw on my grave But all the time you You can't seem to stray Oh, doesn't it hurt To see me reaching Words and excu...

11. By The Way by big wreck

  • Published: Unknown
By The Way

So you would be my one bad thing Never when you tried I let the fire burn out again And then inside So let my tears be realized Before my eyes are turned And every lie I've tried before Won't work no more, I've learned Drowning or bathing I've found ...

12. Between You And I by big wreck

  • Published: Unknown
Between You And I

So now she's on her way Home from work, alone for dinner You close the door to the microwave Underneath that phone that just won't ring Sittin' on the bus Stare a hole right through the floor Listening to the squeaky door Open and close at a stop tha...

13. Prayer by big wreck

  • Published: Unknown

Farewell old friend A season ends And your conscience lends All your lies at hand Because you're a star And you'll go far You stand in the flame Just to make a name You glance at the ceiling Buy another round Lonely, but for feeling I can hang around...

14. Overemphasizing by big wreck

  • Published: Unknown

Once was a man a rage All foreign tales onstage It turns a page All through this time, not grown She'll go through life alone Don't answer the phone Overemphasizing The time we spent Oh, the time you lent Overemphasizing Oh, the less you gave And I f...

15. Inhale by big wreck

  • Published: Unknown

Cities crumble into forests The black tops crack and float away Change your mind and inhale And every now and then it's broken We'll fix it all up in the end Change your mind and inhale We all want to get away And walk that country mile If we're all ...

16. Undersold by big wreck

  • Published: Unknown

All the lies and all the kisses And all the naive things he disses Are gone now watch them fade out It's not too hard to hang with losers As opposed to fakers And used to model debutantes and boozers Oh would you ever want to bleed? Oh will you surre...

17. Knee Deep by big wreck

  • Published: Unknown
Knee Deep

Make love by the window With the toffs And before you can jump I'll push you off And I'm knee deep with no sleep at all When you're on my shoulder I'm knee deep and I can't sleep it off Clench my fists Bite my lip 'Til it goes away And all this blood...

18. Everything Is Fine by big wreck

  • Published: Unknown
Everything Is Fine

So you hate me if I'm open But you love me when I'm closed I used to be outspoken Only on the phone Used to keep my letters Underneath your bed Underneath you dress was Someone else's head If once was enough for you That's alright If you can keep it ...

19. All By Design by big wreck

  • Published: Unknown
All By Design

We were on our way home On the right bus I just want to ask the driver If it's not too much fuss To drop me off at the old lady's And pick me up tomorrow If you could, If you could It's all by design To keep me from losing my mind We were on our way ...

20. Mistake by big wreck

  • Published: Unknown

As I sift and drift in bullshit That plagues from day to day Would you ever really notice That I've gone away And I'm over the wall Over the hill Over at your place I'm over the safety Over the phone calls Over the rage What a mistake When you've los...