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1. Brooklyn's Finest by jay z

  • Published: Unknown
Brooklyn's Finest

drugs than a pharmacy, you ain't harmin me So pardon me, pass the safe, before I blaze the place and here's six shots just in case (Brooklyn... Brooklyn... Brooklyn...) [Chorus] Jay-Z and Biggie Smalls, nigga shit ya drawers (Where you from?) Brooklyn goin out to all (Crown Heights.....

2. Brooklyn's Finest by fabolous

  • Published: Unknown
Brooklyn's Finest

ad a nigga from Brooklyn I think with a gangsta grill man And I-I-I, I just wanna I-I just wanna say thank you man for takin Brooklyn down bottom y'knahmsayin? Lettin niggaz see what's goin on man I know niggaz heard a lot about Brooklyn They heard a...

3. Brooklyn Poppin' by young m a

  • Published: Unknown
Brooklyn Poppin'

awty you ain't trynna swallow you ain't poppin' If you ain't reppin' Brooklyn, you ain't poppin' If you ain't reppin' Brooklyn, you ain't poppin' If you ain't reppin' Brooklyn, you ain't poppin' nigga If you ain't reppin' Brooklyn, you ain't poppin' nigga Shout out to punch, you reppin' Brooklyn...

4. Finest Ones by rakim

  • Published: Unknown
Finest Ones

more than nerve and that's my every word. Baby bounce. [Chorus] Ladies, nothing but the finest ones The lavishist ones, the ain't hard to findest ones From the boldest to the shyest ones Which city got the livest ones Houston, Philly Ladies, nothing ...

5. Brooklyn Police Station by foxygen

  • Published: Unknown
Brooklyn Police Station

Brooklyn Police Station Brooklyn Police Station Brooklyn Police Station Brooklyn Police Station Everyone says she lives in a fantasy world Brooklyn Police Station Rain, shine, I know she will be fine down there Brooklyn Police Station Brooklyn Police Station Brooklyn Police Station Brookl...

6. Going Back To Brooklyn by mc lars

  • Published: Unknown
Going Back To Brooklyn

els, life wasn't that bad! [Chorus] I'm going (going) back (back) to Brooklyn - DJ Premier! I'm going (going) back (back) to Brooklyn - the RZA, the GZA! I'm going (going) back (back) to Brooklyn - Woody Allen whattup? I'm going (going) back (back) t...

7. Hello Brooklyn 2.0 by jay z

  • Published: Unknown
Hello Brooklyn 2.0

[Hook - Lil Wayne:] And Hello Brooklyn b-b-baby you are the sweetest thing eyes Can see I said Hello Brooklyn but baby I hope you you never say goodbye to me I said Hello Brooklyn b-b-Baby you are so damn fine to me and I remember the time, place, & The weather on the day you said hi to me and I s...

8. Out In Brooklyn by troy ave

  • Published: Unknown
Out In Brooklyn

I'm so Brooklyn your jewels get tooken Wear your shit in front of you and ask why you looking In the 718 play with death and get played Or the 187 better walk with a step kid Or your're going to meet a youngin' with a mac trying to grow him some chest hairs [Hook: Avon Blocksdale] Out ...

9. Here's A Little Somethin' For Ya by beastie boys

  • Published: Unknown
Here's A Little Somethin' For Ya

[Intro:] Yes, yes, yes [Ad-Rock:] I'll out the gate, I set it off I suppose you're exposed, so get lost And break North cut all connections Join the sucker MC witness protection [Mike D:] Muh-muh-muh-muh-muh-muh-muh-muh-muh-muh-MIKE D! Step off my la...

10. Brown Sugar (Fine) by mos def

  • Published: Unknown
Brown Sugar (Fine)

h huh) Yeah yeah y'all (uh huh) yeah yeah y'all (uh huh) (if you invited me) Adjust my mic so I can touch it up right quick Show 'em how Brooklyn do, you know what I mean? (no doubt) Listen, yo Let's start it up (start it up) Let's get it flowin (get...

11. Whatchu Want by notorious b i g

  • Published: Unknown
Whatchu Want

you want nigga?) [Diddy adlibs] Aye yo Time to bring 'em back Yeah [JAY-Z (BIG)] It's the Commission, niggaz B-I-G lives on ??, Brooklyn Uh, uh, uh, uh, Let's go! It's fuckin' deadly Lucky Lefty of the Commission, bow down By now you fuckers know th...

12. The One by memphis bleek

  • Published: Unknown
The One

won't leave the glove Like ?? Shyne/shine but I won't leave the club BROOKLYN ZOO! All we feed you is slugs Like, yeah love you know I leave you over mine And yeah love they have to grieve you over mine It's thug love at it's finest, dude rewind this...

13. It Has Been Said by notorious b i g

  • Published: Unknown
It Has Been Said

Obie Trice + {B.I.G.}] Since B.I.B. taught us niggaz to think big I'm been about my business since then, so anxious {what?} It ain't how we live, it's what he said, he did it for Brooklyn This I took in, sent chills through my skin Vicious, I'm exper...

14. Bang Time by m o p

  • Published: Unknown
Bang Time

m right out Great day to do it again, same as the night out [whistling] This is the good, the bad and the ugly 'Round here we keeps it thuggy thuggy Yeah and it's Brooklyn's, finest, unfaded, Brownsvillians We'll shoot this bitch up like cowboys and ...

15. Hillary Swank by joey bada

  • Published: Unknown
Hillary Swank

't quite right The slice ain't quite ripe Still pulling strings how I fly but I don't like kites How they gon' treat Brooklyn's finest not as fine as diamonds? If I nice, surrounded by hard flow like Icelands Now we getting icing, finances nice And I...

16. Angelz by mf doom

  • Published: Unknown

uage was music to the kid as if.. I was modern day King Midas Doreen, Skye and Kelly, Starky's Angel's- Shaolin's finest Though it happened in the streets of Brooklyn Plus I played the whip real low cause my face was rooklin My Angels jetted out of A...

17. Professional Style by az

  • Published: Unknown
Professional Style

[Intro: AZ] Y'all know what it is... Brooklyn's finest! Wild money zone! AZ... Alchemist! Doin' what I do best... what y'all can't do! I'm 'bout to hop on the biggest muhfuckin' boat ever! The Queen Mary... 'Bout to cross the muhfuckin' Mediterranean....

18. The Milita II (Remix) by gang starr

  • Published: Unknown
The Milita II (Remix)

on' happen? Dub C and my East Coast sisters gettin together rappin Gun-clappin, chump smackin, kiss the ring of your highness Look while I'm in New York City, walkin with two of the Brooklyn's finest My two affiliates from the East we all bang But if...

19. Rapping Movie Titles! by destorm

  • Published: Unknown
Rapping Movie Titles!

enemy of state So prepare for Armageddon Life is slippin away So I walked 8 miles and I drove three hundred To become Brooklyn's finest And make mo' money I felt like Amistad Just comin to America Everything was taken Causing me hysteria Maybe these ...

20. I And Love And You by the avett brothers

  • Published: Unknown
I And Love And You

Brooklyn Brooklyn take me in Are you aware the shape im in My hands they shake my head it spins Ah Brooklyn Brooklyn take me in Three words that became hard to say I and love and you What you were then, I am today Look at the things I do Ah Brooklyn Brookly...