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1. Butterflies Don't Lie by kaci

  • Published: Unknown
Butterflies Don't Lie

t I feel Is in my head, it isn't real But I can't deny, can't even try Cause I know inside, butterflies don't lie Once again there you are Anxiousness, nervous heart Butterflies fluttering Can only mean one thing I could tell me heart each time It is...

2. Why Don't You & I by santana

  • Published: Unknown
Why Don't You & I

Since the moment I spotted you, Like walking round with little wings on my shoes My stomach's filled with the butterflies... ooo and it's alright Bouncing round from cloud to cloud I got the feeling like I'm never going to come down If I said I didn't...

3. Don't Worry by phora

  • Published: Unknown
Don't Worry

ove so over the radar Living with each other even though we kinda stay far Some relationships run loops kinda like a race car Butterflies will never die cause she identifies Ever trouble that I got And my love will never stop Just like my heart beats...

4. Don't Rush by jay sean

  • Published: Unknown
Don't Rush

it that you don't wanna say See girl I know your type Never can seem to just settle down Coz you're in search of those butterflies Isn't that why you keep walking in and out of my life I won't complain, if you won't stay Go ahead and play those game...

5. Butterflies by zendaya

  • Published: Unknown

t keeps telling me the perfect lie You rip me up with every last goodbye I don't wanna say forever It's just another now or never So, heart, don't let me trust these butterflies Don't trust these butterflies Don't trust these butterflies Don't trust ...

6. Butterflies by alana lee

  • Published: Unknown

ve me butterflies deep inside You give me butterflies I don't know where to run, run, run, run from you So I gotta say you give me butterflies deep inside You give me butterflies I don't know what to do, do, do without you Boy, you give me butterflies Back in the day, the day I ha...

7. Chasing Butterflies by meja

  • Published: Unknown
Chasing Butterflies

ou go chasing butterflies only wasting time let them go like a drifting cloud chasing butterflies let them go why do words make us strangers what i say you´ll always deny every time is like starting over different names but the same old lie [chorus] ...

8. Butterflies (Part 2) by lana del rey

  • Published: Unknown
Butterflies (Part 2)

es up in rings and rollers, Poses as a Holy Roller! Boy, you've been, catchin' butterflies, All the girls believe your lies, don't they? Boy, you can pin me up, if you like, A pin-up in a lonely sky, baby. You give me butterflies, You're catchin' but...

9. Butterflies by natalie imbruglia

  • Published: Unknown

f one who does not care To sipping cocktail sedatives Two months to hide somewhere Butterflies, butterflies Cut the stomach out and Hand it over Butterflies, butterflies My heart will be The bridge that You walk over The wolf has Caught the chicken A...

10. Broken Butterflies by lucinda williams

  • Published: Unknown
Broken Butterflies

d words Coughing up your lies Tumbling from your mouth a flurry Of broken butterflies But the blood that flows I cannot hide That blood that covers me Nourishes the butterflies And they are healed and are set free I wish you had what Ruth possessed B...

11. Butterflies Instead by k s choice

  • Published: Unknown
Butterflies Instead

I lock the door and lock my head And dream of butterflies instead The beauty of their colored wings The trees, the grass and pretty things Imagination fills the void of my existence Daddy says "I love you girl, it's not your fault Your mom and me don'...

12. Butterflies by automatic loveletter

  • Published: Unknown

ever thought it'd be so hard, I'm freaking out but I don't really care, You're some place else, and I'm still here, 'Cause I believe in butterflies, I believe I told some lies, I'm holding on to all I had, I'm saying I'm sorry boy, I was bad, So kiss...

13. Won't Believe The Fools by example

  • Published: Unknown
Won't Believe The Fools

[Intro:] They told me lies, 'bout all the birds, the bees, and butterflies. 'Bout some dude watching us beyond the sky. I said he don't mean nothing, no he's crap to me, they call it blasmophy, They tell me lies, 'bout how were made and where we go an...

14. You Won't See Me Tonight by nas

  • Published: Unknown
You Won't See Me Tonight

go tell all your friends (What what?) how you called and I follow (Say what?) But you won't see me tonight No you won't see me tomorrow [Nas] Thinking of me you gettin the chills Like a rush through your body when you think how it feels Give me a cal...

15. All Hearts Aren't Shaped The Same by deborah cox

  • Published: Unknown
All Hearts Aren't Shaped The Same

the same... They think they're protecting me... by standing in our way... Cause I've been hurt by another guy before. He told me lies, but your love gives me butterflies. I know your heart beats for me. And one day I know they will see.. But I can't...

16. First Time by jaden smith

  • Published: Unknown
First Time

rl you are so pretty, I don't think we'll ever leave I don't know what's gonna happen Guess we'll have to wait and see Cause I got them butterflies Is it butterflies for the first time? First time, first time I feel like I can fly for the first time ...

17. Carmen by lana del rey

  • Published: Unknown

don't want to get this way Famous and dumb at an early age." Lying, I’m lying The boys, the girls, they all like Carmen She gives them butterflies, bats her cartoon eyes She laughs like God, her mind's like a diamond Audio tune lies, she's still shi...

18. Wrong One by jack jack

  • Published: Unknown
Wrong One

two?" Laying down in the covers Body to body we sweating like the middle of the summer Shit, I think I might love her And the butterflies, they don't lie, but you sure do Girl that's why, I'm internally conflicted deep inside Looking for the right on...

19. Rainbow by south border

  • Published: Unknown

just/please smile Coz i'm always around you And ill make you see how beautiful Life is for you and me Take a little time baby See the butterflies color's Listen to the birds that were sent To sing for me and you Can you feel me This is such a wonder...

20. Pale Blue by deadstar assembly

  • Published: Unknown
Pale Blue

ow I survived All you do is fucking lie Just wait and see how hard I try To watch you die I don't know how I survived This feeling paralyzed All I want to do is fuck you Suck you Hate you Cut you I'm the butterflies in your stomach I'm the razor on y...