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1. Big Coin by the beautiful south

  • Published: Unknown
Big Coin

coin that you let slip down the drain Big coin didn't find where it landed Big coin, big coin Big coin that you dropped in the river Little raft that took you across Little hand that pulled it from the gutter Big coin, big coin It's a tiny little heart that challenges the coin But the co...

2. Coin For The Ferryman by nickelback

  • Published: Unknown
Coin For The Ferryman

the throttle to the bottom We may never see tomorrow If tonight's our time to go, the one thing I know We'll need a coin for the ferryman Leave us a coin for the ferryman Countin' every nickel, dime and five dollar bill So we've been stealin' gasoli...

3. Coin Toss Girl by bouncing souls

  • Published: Unknown
Coin Toss Girl

a fool, what can I do? My coin toss girl Call it in the air, everything's fair I love you like a fool, what can I do? What can I do? My coin toss girl My coin toss girl Oh yeah, my coin toss girl I play it so cool, I love you like a fool My coin tos...

4. Coin-Operated Boy by the dresden dolls

  • Published: Unknown
Coin-Operated Boy

ake him in the bath Coin operated boy He may not be real experienced with girls But I know he feels like a boy should feel Isn't that the point that is why I want a Coin operated boy With his pretty coin operated voice Saying that he loves me that hes thinking of me Straight and to the point That ...

5. On The Flip Of A Coin by the streets

  • Published: Unknown
On The Flip Of A Coin

e from anything ever escaping this fort So with coin on hand his joy came back when ordered to take the shore 'Why on earth', as he wandered the warmth, 'am I obeying this coin?' Turn your life on the flip of this coin Turn upside a choice you'd norm...

6. Coin Operated Goi by voltaire

  • Published: Unknown
Coin Operated Goi

a, I want a, I want a, I want a, I want a, I want a, For Rosh Hashanah. A coin operated goi, oh boy! Coin operated goi, Scary but it's true, He was not a Jew. But honestly, no schitzvah, He had a Bar Mitzvah. Now he's kosher too. He just like me and ...

7. The Other Side Of The Coin by solomon burke

  • Published: Unknown
The Other Side Of The Coin

de of the coin Yes there's much for which in life I should atone But let them without sin get up and cast the first stone And before you do remember there's still one more point of view On the other side of the coin On the other side of the coin Oh y...

8. Coin Laundry by lisa mitchell

  • Published: Unknown
Coin Laundry

e girl that you met in a coin laundry? Can I be the girl that you met Can I be the girl that you met Can I be the girl that you met in the coin laundry? Oh can I be the girl that you met Can I be the girl that you met Can I be the girl that you met i...

9. Coin Machine by jerry reed

  • Published: Unknown
Coin Machine

ited I'm seldom tense and I'm never uptight But there's one thing in this world that really makes me upset Now that's them coin machines them nickel and dimers Them out of order and them work one-timers Those nickel an dime quarter grubbing monsters ...

10. Two Sides Of The Coin by kiss

  • Published: Unknown
Two Sides Of The Coin

ights I need time to ease my mind, make up my mind, which one to find [Chorus:] Two sides of the coin to choose from, two sides of the coin, they are mine Two sides of the coin, I'm gettin' weary Which one should I choose, I need time I'd like to say...

11. Boy With A Coin by iron wine

  • Published: Unknown
Boy With A Coin

A boy with a coin he found in the weeds With bullets and pages of trade magazines Close to a car that flipped on the turn When God left the ground to circle the world A girl with a bird she found in the snow Then flew up her gown and that's how she kn...

12. Coin Flip Lunatic by twiztid

  • Published: Unknown
Coin Flip Lunatic

ds shut rock city is what I'm a product of put the district attorney body on lay away so I ain't got to buy the judge. Get ready to flip on the coin toss come and dance on the edge of the knife till it split you soul with out a drop of blood loss. Go...

13. Silver Coin by angus julia stone

  • Published: Unknown
Silver Coin

opes before you came I had a dream that you were gone. I'm in the days of throwing rocks When I saw your picture on a silver coin Stole a kiss through your golden locks I had a dream that you were gone. Woke up and you were gone All the love has gone...

14. The Coin Has A Say by every time i die

  • Published: Unknown
The Coin Has A Say

I feel alright, but I'm buried alive Nothing's healed, just covered by time I want to pray, but I think I'm possessed Constant cardiac arrest I'm standing in the way again I can't see the road ahead I have taken too much Once a ladder, now a crutch W...

15. Coin Return by afi

  • Published: Unknown
Coin Return

I have slipped and I have fallen so far down I can't get out. Overwhelmed by my doubt. Things I said I'd never do I've done. Those I said I'd never be I've become. I have broken - I'm still breaking - cracked and wrecked, beyond repair. I can see tha...

16. Coin In The Pocket by joni mitchell

  • Published: Unknown
Coin In The Pocket

[Charles:] I never hit too, too hard, uh, y'know. All my life, uh y'know, just everything I touched, turned to gold. I'm not, I'm not rich but, y'know, I've always had a few, some dollars in my pockets...

17. Rejected Coin by the flys

  • Published: Unknown
Rejected Coin

Someone left me in the desert to dieee Someone who'll reject me from a pinball machinee Do you wanna knooow How I feeeel Do you wanna knoooow What it takes to be reaaal Someone left me There to die Someone sent me There to die Do you really wanna kno...

18. Le Bistro Du Coin by soprano

  • Published: Unknown
Le Bistro Du Coin

-Oh Toinou kémédi viens boire un café avec nous Oh hémi, ah! Mettez-vous à ma table bande d'enculé -Et pourquoi tu t'es mis à la notre? -Ah ça va j'arrive, ça va j'arrive -Oh Toinou t'as un mal de tête ce matin qu'est-ce qui se passe -Je te dis la vé...

19. Interlude (Le Bistro Du Coin) by soprano

  • Published: Unknown
Interlude (Le Bistro Du Coin)

- Putain, [?], écoute, l'OM ils m'ont régalé hier, depuis que Zidane il est coach, putain ils me régalent - Je sais pas comment ils ont fait pour le faire revenir celui-là, franchement - Jeff, tu nous mets des... des cafés, s'il te plaît! - Et moi, t...

20. Ill Coined Phrase (Interlude) by grits

  • Published: Unknown
Ill Coined Phrase (Interlude)

Do you understand the ill-coined phrase "gospel rap"? Do you understand the ill-coined phrase "gospel rap"? Do you understand the ill-coined phrase "gospel rap"? Lesson learned through my depiction, infliction of contradiction Do you understand the i...