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1. Cold Gray Light Of Gone by vince gill

  • Published: Unknown
Cold Gray Light Of Gone

cold gray light of gone [Chorus:] No there's nothin' quite as lonely As the cold gray light of gone Waking up and finding out she's never coming home The note that said it's over Lord it chills me to the bone No there's nothin' quite as lonely As the cold gray light o...

2. Orphan Of The Road by johnny cash

  • Published: Unknown
Orphan Of The Road

heep child... In the misty rain, I caught the train that slowed down through the town, And I pulled myself into the boxcar door. In a passing light in the deep gray night, I saw the still dark form Of an old man lying sick upon the floor. And he said...

3. 2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted by 2pac

  • Published: Unknown
2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted

[2Pac:] Up out of there Ain't nothin' but a gangsta party Eh, light that up, Snoop! Why you actin like that? Ah shit, you done fucked up now (Ain't nothin' but a gangsta party) You done put two of America's most wanted in the same motherfuckin' place ...

4. Red Light by the strokes

  • Published: Unknown
Red Light

at song It was so inviting it hurt my bones Well it looks like you but your eyes are gray And your hair is gone but your minds okay I like your smile but your foreheads cold I don't want you to be afraid and go I would cheat and lie and steal I was t...

5. Cold Winter Nights by stratovarius

  • Published: Unknown
Cold Winter Nights

Summer's gone a while ago The daylight dims away I'm watching here how the snow begins to fall Yesterday's like a dream A memory in my head Like the life's gone behind the winter wall I'm lighting up the candles and lock the door Sitting by the fire I...

6. Last Light Radio 11:01 PM by shooter jennings

  • Published: Unknown
Last Light Radio 11:01 PM

e time now is no time The temperature is cold And the news is blue But for now the light still shines Off the same album, this is Triskaidekaphobia That's fear of thirteen my sons and daughters, as in thirteen o'clock You're listening to the last nig...

7. What Side Of Love by parachute

  • Published: Unknown
What Side Of Love

Is it taking you higher? Are you walking the wire? What side of love are you on? It can light you up It can leave you cold From the atmosphere To the ground below If black and white turn into gray Maybe love is just the same Ooh, just the same So te...

8. Murder Of A Teenage Life by mos def

  • Published: Unknown
Murder Of A Teenage Life

The murder of a teenage life Fire from the cold steel The heat from the brights The temperature of flesh and the shortness of breath The murder of a teenage threat The aroma of sesamilia Dollar Superstar Skama like a new cocaine tobacco leaf Ecstatic ...

9. I'm A Small And Lonely Light by olivia newton john

  • Published: Unknown
I'm A Small And Lonely Light

The stairs are dark and silent The morning cold and gray A last look at the things I knew And slowly turn away And as I watch the scenery unwind My childhood slips a hundred miles behind Leave the bus in Houston Walk around the town But all the strang...

10. From Here You Can Almost See The Sea by david gray

  • Published: Unknown
From Here You Can Almost See The Sea

re you can almost see the sea Just another fool in the line I dream of high clouds Flushed with the light of daybreak I'm gonna dive in To water so cold it makes your bones ache Fingers, knees and knuckles scraped All of the rubbish heaped A piece of...

11. Gathering Dust by david gray

  • Published: Unknown
Gathering Dust

my weary head Taking me back See the sun spread its wings of gold As the dawn unfurls Hear the song that the moon sings To the darkened world Feel the fire lighting In the bitter cold It's like the light that shines Through the windows of your soul ...

12. Late Night Radio by david gray

  • Published: Unknown
Late Night Radio

rain Head for the city lights Yearning inside To swim with the tide And taste it, alright Bag on her shoulder Breathing the cold There by the metal tracks She saw it all shine And swore in her mind She'd never go back And she don't mind the late nigh...

13. The Bluegrass Widow by robert earl keen

  • Published: Unknown
The Bluegrass Widow

bands took first and third, respectively. I met some friends and went off into the night separated from the Front Porch Boys and met back up with them in the cold, gray light of dawn, as the bluegrass songs say. They were standing underneath a giant ...

14. I Would Have Loved You All Night Long by keith whitley

  • Published: Unknown
I Would Have Loved You All Night Long

I know she thinks we're different In the cold gray light of dawn For somethings feel so right at night And in the morning feels so wrong Last night I saw me in your eyes This morning I see I'm gone If I'd know last night was our last night I would hav...

15. Hot Burning Flames by george strait

  • Published: Unknown
Hot Burning Flames

to light the fire I knew just what to bring You turn cold gray ashes into Hot burning flames You turn cold gray ashes into Hot burning flames I'm alive with love because of you When you came to light the fire I knew just what to bring You turn cold gray ashes into Hot burning flames You turn cold ...

16. Winter Sun by esperanza spalding

  • Published: Unknown
Winter Sun

bathe the naked branches with warmth and light When tired bones tremble From the cold One kiss of your warmth Heals the soul Shine winter sun Make this cold heart whole Once autumn’s glow Has gone away And gray cotton clouds Blanket drowsy days I kno...

17. San Francisco Mabel Joy by david allan coe

  • Published: Unknown
San Francisco Mabel Joy

take me back to Maybel Joy Cold nights had no pity on this Waycross, Georgia farm boy Springtime turned to summer and then the winter came Starin' at those four gray walls in silence, Lord, I'd listen Somewhere in the distance to the whistle of the train Sunday morning fou...

18. Maintain by z ro

  • Published: Unknown

o] I'ma maintain, all about fortune, not the fame Feddy, cold cash and a diamond ring, it's all about feddy when I rap sing I'm sick of this struggling all damn day never see the sun cause skies stay gray This for the little kids that can't go play C...

19. Tonight In Bilbao by sun kil moon

  • Published: Unknown
Tonight In Bilbao

n, I went to Rome And carried her aroma on to Verona And all the kindness she had shown Was only a dream The flurries danced on cold gray tombs The frozen lots where ignored souls loomed As last rays of daylight died I'm blowing into my hands and cle...

20. The Day Begins by moody blues

  • Published: Unknown
The Day Begins

Cold hearted orb that rules the night, Removes the colours from our sight, Red is gray and yellow white, But we decide which is right. And which is an illusion? Pinprick holes in a colourless sky, Let insipid figures of light pass by, The mighty light...