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1. Ain't Goin' Back by da t r u t h

  • Published: Unknown
Ain't Goin' Back

Hey world, you know I gotta be glad to be back Feel good to be alive, I got my family back Because he holds it all together and got my family intact Don't get it twisted, if the consequences would tragedy last Yeah, I know you see the flights to Miam...

2. The G.O.A.T by da t r u t h

  • Published: Unknown
The G.O.A.T

34 years got a lot on my chest Seen a lot of famous people still ain't to impressed Let the paparazzi tell it that's as good as it gets What good is enemy when you rock with the best Big as the Beetles that's a big understatement Nobody bigger than J...

3. Can't Believe by da t r u t h

  • Published: Unknown
Can't Believe

You came and took my hand And You gave me strength to stand, Yeah Now I know I can make it through another day I just can't believe, I just can't believe it I just can't believe it I can't believe that You gave up brighter day And all the tears that ...

4. I Need You by da t r u t h

  • Published: Unknown
I Need You

[Izzy:] Nobody knows the troubles I see. Nobody knows but Jesus. Oh Lord I, I know, I know, I know I need more [Da' T.R.U.T.H:] Everybody wanna piece of pie They want that satisfac-tion They wan' it guaranteed homie Wanna wear that glamorous fa-shion...

5. Alive (Remix) by da t r u t h

  • Published: Unknown
Alive (Remix)

Now That I am found here Hey, is this thing on man? Testing one, two testin, yeah, I think it's on Jahaziel, Let's GO I'm Alive woa-ho-hoo-ho [Jahziel:] Yeah, I'm in this with my brother, so let me spit on the subject Not tryin to dig into it, but fi...

6. Meeting Of The Minds by da t r u t h

  • Published: Unknown
Meeting Of The Minds

[Da' T.R.U.T.H.:] Dr. Zacharias [Dr. Ravi Zacharias:] Good to be with you [Da' T.R.U.T.H.:] Good to meet you too. As I expressed to you earlier, this is a surreal moment for me. I know you heard it a million times, but I grew up on your ministry. So ...

7. Freedom by da t r u t h

  • Published: Unknown

Different day and different time but the same stuff. Feel like you goin' in circles, stuck in the same rut. Wanna be free from the bondage of unrestrained lust. I know the feeling I been there; I wore them same cuffs. I ask myself is it possible when...

8. Bully by da t r u t h

  • Published: Unknown

I guess I should be changing with the times It's the 21st century Feeling like I'm out of my mind This is not the way it was meant to be Everybody's stepping out of line But I heard that eventually Everything is gon' burn Can I get your attention ple...

9. Man Up by da t r u t h

  • Published: Unknown
Man Up

[Verse 1:] You know how da plot goes, you could tell the difference when da pops is in the household, Most of us are not told, often when da pops home, Leaves a legacy, plant the seeds then the crops grow I recall my pops quotes, When I was a snot no...

10. 2 Is Better by da t r u t h

  • Published: Unknown
2 Is Better

[Hook:] I need you and you need me We need each other So let's agree- I'm not complete The truth is I need you Two is better than one- you know that three is a cord Let's get together and rally around the things of the Lord Monday, Tuesday- after lea...

11. Gray by da t r u t h

  • Published: Unknown

Turn up season back to business True Christians don't act religious Okay now you can ask the question Not much time imma cast division Based on how the world is changing No such thing as a bad decision Imma let you be the judge Tell me is that fact a...

12. On Duty by da t r u t h

  • Published: Unknown
On Duty

[Chorus:] We (are) on duty- we (are) on them same old blocks Different but look the same like plain clothes cops On duty- yeah, we (are) some plain old pots But you can find a treasure in us where the rainbow stops We thank God for the faith of the e...

13. Our World by da t r u t h

  • Published: Unknown
Our World

[Chorus:] Welcome to our world No killers, drug dealers Guerillas, no villains Christ told us that most of them won't feel us Welcome to our world No hustlers, customers Everybody in the building Get your hands up with the rest of us If The Game coul...

14. Click (No Regrets) by da t r u t h

  • Published: Unknown
Click (No Regrets)

[Hook: x2] Listen homie, you can't shake it Life is only what you make it You don't want to live with regrets Somebody is reading your life They might be reading it twice You never know how many lives you affect [x2] [Verse 1:] They say experience is...

15. Tree To Tree by da t r u t h

  • Published: Unknown
Tree To Tree

No Eve- no! Adam- wait! Don't do it (Oh) I wish they could hear us Listen Don't do it I know it looks good, but don't eat of the tree Don't do it Cause you see if you do, we'll all suffer Don't do it Can you hear us? Don't let sin in the world Don't ...

16. What About Love by da t r u t h

  • Published: Unknown
What About Love

Yeah Ugh Turn the beat up just a little bit-ugh Ugh I'm making tracks doing 65 on the interstate I'm introspective-the vision rising like interest rates focused on tryna right my wrongs but the pencil breaks Without a question I'm standing tall with ...

17. Satisfied by da t r u t h

  • Published: Unknown

I feel the pressure I'm watchin some people press up on people that they're impressed with cause they consider them precious They'll do whatever man just to get in their presence but only if they could see when their poppin antidepressants That's har...

18. Incredible Christian by da t r u t h

  • Published: Unknown
Incredible Christian

How could you be so borderline and bored out of your mind When we're discussing the God that turned water to wine Yeah, it's probably your diet- they say you are what you eat There's a lot of stuff I almost ate but couldn't afford to dine And I thank...

19. Turn You Around by da t r u t h

  • Published: Unknown
Turn You Around

I'm like Isaiah- I got my eyes way up Fixed on the person of Christ when I weigh up Him against my personal life My prayer becomes change me beneath the top layer Now, not later Why- why wait up Don't you want to be like Him now- huh player Don't you...

20. Open Book by da t r u t h

  • Published: Unknown
Open Book

[Verse 1:] Lord Jesus, please be pleased when I walk, when I talk When I say what say when I walk through the park With my wife in the night all alone when it's dark When I'm home on the phone you're honing in on my heart God knows every intention—Hi...