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1. IF ONE THING MATTERS - a film about Wolfgang Tillmans (2008)

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  • Duration: 4329
  • By Heiko Kalmbach
IF ONE THING MATTERS - a film about Wolfgang Tillmans (2008)

IF ONE THING MATTERS - a film about Wolfgang Tillmans documentary, 72 min., USA / Germany Berlinale 2008, International Forum of New Cinema "...and all that thought-up stuff, will always just be thought-up stuff." a film by Heiko Kalmbach / featuring Wolfgang Tillmans, Irm Hermann, Conor Donlon / music: Frank S. Blumm / additional editing: Susan Korda / editing consultants: Susanne Burg, Frank Domhan / script consultant: Alexander Pfeuffer / sound design: Jana König / color grading: Marianne Thiess recent screenings: Bookers Den Haag, March 2016 Meta House Phnom Penh, May 2015 SCHAU-Fotofestival Dortmund, June 2014 Amherst College Massachusetts, May 2014 Fotokunst Bremen, October 2013 Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki, April 2013 festival selection: International Film Festival Berlin CPH:DOX Copenhagen Queer Lisboa International Film Festival Oslo Films on Art Torino Inside Out Toronto 'Wolfgang Tillmans became known during the nineties for his photos of parties and club life. His pictures had the effect of having been taken at random. Today he is one of the best-known photographers in the world. For four years, filmmaker Heiko Kalmbach followed him around with a video camera, observing his private as well as his professional life. It is Tillmans' voice speaking and not that of any expert. In its presumed casualness, the film stays right with its protagonist, whether Tillmans is lovingly wiping the dust off his houseplants or, equally precisely and meticulously, he's putting up one of his exhibitions with the patience of job. Of particular interest are glimpses into Tillmans's video debut for the pop band Pet Shop Boys, which make it clear that his inner readiness to fail is also what makes his success possible. Whether he's portraying dazzling stars or grey mice, Tillmans's artistic greatness is in the catching unexpected moment, for, as Tillmans says, "stuff that ́s thought-up will always just be thought-up stuff." By consolidating the banal and the glamorous at the same level, always catching the unexpected moment, Kalmbach successful emulates his subject.' Ansgar Vogt, International Forum of New Cinema, Berlinale 2008 distribution: Rise and Shine World Sales

2. VIVA VOCE - Juliana Snapper # 08 - Hear

VIVA VOCE - Juliana Snapper # 08 - Hear

Sample Clip from interactive sound and video installation by Katharina Rosenberger and Heiko Kalmbach. Performer: Juliana Snapper, Node-#: 08, Clip Label: JS_08_Ears, Cluster Group: Body, Keyword: Hear, Duration: 00:32,02, Performance Node: n/a, Prolonged Fade: Yes - anytime with 8 sec., Location: Black Box, Shooting Date: 05/01/2012,, J08_04D


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  • Duration: 873
  • By Heiko Kalmbach

The Lower East Side Biography Project: Edgar Oliver Spoonfilm / LES Bio Project, USA 2000, dv, 14:30 min., documentary "Stemming the tide of cultural amnesia" (Penny Arcade) Edgar Oliver on New York City: " In 'Fleures Du Mal', Beaudelaire wrote an amazing poetic portrait of Paris and would bemoan how cities change faster than our hearts. And they do. It's the same with New York. But there is much capacity for decay and madness left in this town. Regardless of what is done to clean it up." Edgar Oliver on the process of writing: " I try to never quite know what it is that I want to say until I'm at least halfway finished saying it, you know. If art is not a process of discovery then it's nothing." "EDGAR OLIVER" - DIRECTED AND EDITED BY Heiko Kalmbach / THE LOWER EAST SIDE BIOGRAPHY PROJECT: PRODUCED BY Penny Arcade, Steve Zehentner / ASSOCIATE PRODUCER: Dean Lance / INTRODUCTION & INTERVIEW: Penny Arcade, CAMERA DV: Heiko Kalmbach, CAMERA 16 mm: Claudia Amber, Mario Pegoraro / SOUND: Sibylle Jud / PAINTINGS: Helen Oliver Adelson / MUSIC: Sack und Blumm / THE LOWER EAST SIDE BIOGRAPHY PROJECT: Penny Arcade, Jill Cowburn, Josh Diamond, Keith Geller, Cecile Gogol, Heiko Kalmbach, Dean Lance, Lina Pallotta, Sibylle Jud, Eric Wallach, James Williamson, Steve Zehentner / LES BIOGRAPHY PROJECT SUBJECTS: Jeanie Chan, Ira Cohen, Jayne County, Frogie Conga, Taylor Mead, Edgar Oliver, Al Orensanz / THE LES BIO PROJECT WAS SUPPORTED BY Manhattan Neighborhood Network's Community Media Grant (; Rick Jungers, liason / FISCAL SPONSOR: Theater for the New City / POSTPRODUCTION SUPPORT: Tom Hayes Productions NY SCREENINGS: ABC No Rio, NYC, USA (11/ 2000) Broadcast on Time Warner Cable NY, USA (Dec. 27, 2000 and Jan. 24, 2001) The Lower East Side Biography Project is streamed live at every Wednesday at 11pm NYC-time January through March 2001

4. Edgar Oliver, The Lower East Side Biography Project, excerpt from 28 minute biography

Edgar Oliver, The Lower East Side Biography Project, excerpt from 28 minute biography

Edgar Oliver is a poet, playwright and performer appearing in New York theaters, film, and television. Originally from Savannah, Georgia, Edgar is a gentleman; erudite, sophisticated, and compassionate. His original works include The Seven Year Vacation, The Lost Bedroom, Motel Blue 19, When She Had Bloodlust, The Master of Monstrosities, The Ghost of Brooklyn, The Poetry Killer, Mosquito Succulence, Hands in Wartime, I Am a Coffin, My Greek Hades, Chop Off Your Ear, and The Drowning Pages. Edgar has published three poetry collections: A Portrait of New York by a Wanderer There, Summer, andThe Man Who Loved Plants. Edgar appeared on the Science Channel series Oddities, and he now hosts the spin-off show Odd Folks Home. Also from the Lower East Side Biography Project, excerpt's from an interview with Edgar's sister Helen If you like this, please check out another Edgar Oliver video from the LES Bio Project, "Mother was a Hit-Run Driver", the haunted and depraved monologue that Edgar performed at the benefit for Goodie Magazine. The Edgar Oliver Biography was produced by The Lower East Side Biography Project and was edited and directed by Heiko Kalmbach. The Lower East Side Biography Project was created in 1999 by performance artist Penny Arcade and video producer Steve Zehentner as an ongoing biography series and oral history archive. The LES Bio Project’s biographies and archive will help to ensure that future generations have access to the mad souls of invention and rebellion that built the Lower East Side’s international reputation as an incubator for authenticity and iconoclasm in art, culture and politics. The project seeks to stem the tide of cultural amnesia by bridging the cultural gap between long time residents and newcomers to the rapidly gentrifying neighborhood of New York’s Lower East Side. To this end, the LES Bio Project has a community-media training component where young filmmakers are trained in production and post-production technologies and then become shepherds of an individual oral history that they edit into a 28-minute biography. Since its inception, the LES Bio Project has trained over forty individuals, completed forty-six 28-minute biographies, videotaped dozens more interviews and live events. The project’s biographies cablecast in New York City every Monday at 11pm EST on Time Warner Channel 34, RCN 82, FIOS 33, and stream live on Manhattan Neighborhood Network Channel One LIKE us on Facebook and view the current cablecast schedule: You can find more videos by the LES Bio Project here: CREDITS: Edgar Oliver Directed and Edited by Heiko Kalmbach Producer, Interviewer: Penny Arcade 
Producer: Steve Zehentner
 www.stevezehentner Camera DV: Heiko Kalmbach Camera 16mm: Claudia Amber & Mario Pegoraro Sound: Sibylle Jud Paintings: Helen Oliver Adelson Music: Sack und Blumm LES Bio Project Associate Producers: Dean Lance, Rick Jungers

5. STABAT MATER (2014/2015) - Saarländisches Staatstheater

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  • Duration: 143
  • By Heiko Kalmbach
STABAT MATER (2014/2015) - Saarländisches Staatstheater

Video-Trailer for Music Theater Production at the Opera of Saarländisches Staatstheater Saarbrücken 2014/2015 STABAT MATER Music by Luigi Nono, Giovanni Battista Pergolesi and Giacinto Scelsi Musical Director: Sebastian Gottschick Director: Gaetano Franzese Set & Costumes: Sabine Mader Video Design: Heiko Kalmbach Dramaturgy: Brigitte Heusinger Singers: Tereza Andrasi (Sopran) Adriana di Paola (Alt) Kristina Stanek (Alt) Dancer & Choreography in Video: Francesco Vecchione Solo Violinists: Sebastian Gottschick, Wolfgang Mertes Saarländisches Staatsorchester

6. MS EUROPE 2, 2013-2017, excerpts

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  • Duration: 220
  • By Heiko Kalmbach
MS EUROPE 2, 2013-2017, excerpts

2013 - 2017, Video Design for AIR, WATER & FIRE by Heiko Kalmbach, Video for EARTH and trailer edit by Michael Klich. 4 shows produced by Brix Productions Berlin for Hapag Loyd's MS EUROPA 2.

7. RE-MEX Framing Reality: Taller Diseño de moda en Faro Indios Verdes con Schmidttakahashi

RE-MEX Framing Reality: Taller Diseño de moda en Faro Indios Verdes con Schmidttakahashi

Video y Edicion: Ivan Trejo de Jesus, Karla Elizarrarás & Oscar Angeles Otero, Video realizado dentro del taller 'Framing Reality // Heiko Kalmbach", RE-MEX. El Poder de las Artes.


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  • Duration: 322
  • By Heiko Kalmbach

Video by Heiko Kalmbach on fatkoehl architects' wooden structures for Festival ÜBER LEBENSKUNST at HKW Berlin 17.-21. August 2011



NATURALEZA HUMANA (Berlin/New York) and AARSHI THEATER GROUP (Kolkata) bring you KLEOPATRA: THE DEAD DON’T BITE, a provocative new solo combining techniques of documentary theater with performance to explore historical and current discourses on power and gender via global viewpoints. Through layered meaning, visual imagery, text, movement improvisation, live video, song, and direct audience engagement, this company of top emerging artists from four continents presents a thought-provoking meditation on power and sexuality that will capture and entertain viewers. Directed by award winning director Charlotte Brathwaite (Naturaleza Humana) Performed by Abanti Chakraborty (Aarshi Theater Group) Composed by acclaimed composer Tareke Ortiz (Naturaleza Humana) Projections designed by award winning filmmaker Heiko Kalmbach (Naturaleza Humana) Sets by renowned visual artist Sanchayan Ghosh Performed in English, Bengal and Hindi September 3, 2011 at GD Birla Theater in Kolkata, India at 6:30pm.

10. VIVA VOCE - interactive sound and video installation

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  • Duration: 254
  • By Heiko Kalmbach
VIVA VOCE - interactive sound and video installation

interactive sound and video installation by Katharina Rosenberger and Heiko Kalmbach featuring Shelley Hirsch, Juliana Snapper and Pamela Z. presented at: KLEINER WASSERSPEICHER BERLIN, D, 09/03 - 09/20/2015 SWEET THUNDER FESTIVAL SF, USA, 04/23-26/2014 HUMAN RESOURCES LA, USA, 01/22-24/2013, BIG CITY FORUM Panel Discussion 'Voice and Body seen through Digital Media', 01/ 23/2013 VIVA VOCE celebrates vocal performance art in an interactive and experimental context and through this lens explores voice - body relationships and the self. In the process, the work investigates the root of oral tradition and its impact on shared information in the virtual versus physical social space. In real-time visitors play and re- compose performance and documentary sequences of three vocal artists—Juliana Snapper (Los Angeles), Shelley Hirsch (New York), and Pamela Z (San Francisco)—by interacting with a 3D sonic sculpture on an iPad created by Michael Schmitz. Over 90 sung and spoken passages appear on floating screens in the gallery space. By improvising with the iPad interface and triggering text and vocal clips, visitors become not only intimately introduced to the vocalists, they turn into performers themselves. More info at: TEAM: Katharina Rosenberger, Concept, Composition, Artistic Direction Heiko Kalmbach, Video, Artistic Direction Michael Schmitz, iPad Design, App Programming Jason Ponce, System Design, Multimedia Programming Vance Galloway, Set Design, Technical Direction Joe Kucera, Audio Engineering Nick Drashner, Audio Mastering Freya Glomb, Editor of video documentation ARTISTS’ BIOGRAPHIES: SHELLEY HIRSCH Shelley Hirsch is "an unorthodox, extraordinary fusion of vocalist, composer, and performance artist" (Anne LeBaron) whose work encompasses story telling pieces, staged performances, compositions, improvisations, collaborations, installations, and radio plays. JULIANA SNAPPER Soprano and interdisciplinary artist Juliana Snapper works at the physical and expressive limits of the operatic voice. Recent projects “prepare” the vocal instrument, altering its functionality and sonic palette by positioning her body in stressful states such as hanging upside down or submerging herself in water. PAMELA Z Pamela Z is a composer/performer and media artist who makes solo works combining a wide range of vocal techniques with electronic processing, samples, gesture activated MIDI controllers, and video. She's created installation works and has composed scores for dance, film, and new music chamber ensembles. KATHARINA ROSENBERGER Much of Swiss composer Katharina Rosenberger’s work manifests in an interdisciplinary context and is bound to confront traditional performance practice in terms of how sound is produced, heard and seen. Katharina is teaching composition and sound installation art at UC San Diego. HEIKO KALMBACH Heiko Kalmbach works as a filmmaker, video artist and theater director. His films and videos have been presented at Festivals like Oberhausen, São Paulo and South by South West. His feature documentary, 'IF ONE THING MATTERS – a film about Wolfgang Tillmans‘ premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in 2008. MICHAEL SCHMITZ Michael Schmitz is a designer specialist in digital media and interactive concepts. He lives in Cologne, Germany and is co-founder of the design collective NON SQUARE PIGS – a network of freelance designers, product designers, editors, writers, producers and filmmakers. JASON PONCE Jason Ponce is a multimedia artist, musician and interactive arts researcher. His sound and video installations have been produced internationally and highlight the many intersections between art and science, especially interactivity, group dynamics, gesture and cognition. His interactive works use process and embodiment to blur the boundary between performance and installation, and often explore the individual's relationship to larger social processes. VANCE GALLOWAY Vance Galloway is a media arts technician, audio engineer and musician based out of Seattle, WA. He specializes in immersive audio and video environments and customized control systems for live performance. He is a founder and Technical Director of the Decibel Festival and a key long time contributor to the legendary Recombinant Media Labs out of San Francisco.

11. RE-MEX Framing Reality: Taller Danza-Teatro en Faro Tlahuac con Samir Akika - Unusual Symptoms

RE-MEX Framing Reality: Taller Danza-Teatro en Faro Tlahuac con Samir Akika - Unusual Symptoms

Participación: Taller de Danza Aérea (Faro Tlahuac), Edicion y Video: Jenny Mügel & Paula Godinez, Musica: "Wonetos en tres tiempos" / Dorian Torres, Video realizado dentro del taller 'Framing Reality // Heiko Kalmbach", RE-MEX. El Poder de las Artes.

12. VIVA VOCE - Juliana Snapper # 19 - Hanging

VIVA VOCE - Juliana Snapper # 19 - Hanging

Sample Clip from interactive sound and video installation by Katharina Rosenberger and Heiko Kalmbach. Performer: Juliana Snapper, Node #: 19, Clip Label: JS_19_Hanging, Cluster Group: Judas Cradle, Keyword: n/a, Duration: 01:02,09, Performance Node: Yes, Prolonged Fade: No, Location: GS Studio, Shooting Date: 05/02/2012,,

13. VIVA VOCE - Pamela Z # 04 - Tongues

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  • Duration: 157
  • By Heiko Kalmbach
VIVA VOCE - Pamela Z # 04 - Tongues

Sample Clip from interactive sound and video installation by Katharina Rosenberger and Heiko Kalmbach. Performer: Pamela Z, Node #: 04, Clip Label: PZ_04_Tongues, Cluster Group: Language, Keyword: None, Duration: 02:36,20, Performance Node: Yes, Prolonged Fade: No, Location: Loft, SF, Shooting Date: 05/07/2012,,

14. LEO - THE SHOW Trailer

LEO - THE SHOW Trailer

LEO is a mind-bending, funny and surprisingly touching one man show that challenges the senses and tests perceptions of reality through the clever interplay of live performance and video projection. Directed by the Montréal actor and director Daniel Brière, and based on an original idea by the multi-talented performer Tobias Wegner, LEO has won several major awards including the Carol Tambor Best of Edinburgh Award, the Three Weeks Editors Award, the Scotsman Fringe First Award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and more recently, won the John Chataway Award for Innovation at the 2013 Adelaide Fringe Festival. LEO has dazzled audiences and critics from New York to Berlin, from Melbourne to Hong Kong with stops in Montréal, Moscow and London along the way. LEO is now touring in countries all around the world. For more information and bookings, please visit Produced by CHAMÄLEON Productions / Berlin in association with Y2D Productions / Montréal Director: Daniel Brière Creative Producer: Gregg Parks Original Performer / Idea: Tobias Wegner Set and Lighting Designer: Flavia Hevia Video Designer: Heiko Kalmbach Creative Concept Trailer: Patrick Ehrenwirth, Mario Stahn Trailer Edit: Mario Stahn

15. VIVA VOCE 2015, walk through installation in Berlin at Kleiner Wasserspeicher Prenzlauer Berg

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  • Duration: 143
  • By Heiko Kalmbach
VIVA VOCE 2015, walk through installation in Berlin at Kleiner Wasserspeicher Prenzlauer Berg

A walk through the installation of VIVA VOCE in Berlin at Kleiner Wasserspeicher Prenzlauer Berg where the piece was shown from 03. - 20. September 2015 (presented with the support of Pro Helvetia Schweizer Kulturstiftung, Förderband Kulturinitiative Berlin e.V. and a Sitemapping/Mediaprojects Award by Bundesamt für Kultur Bern). TEAM: Katharina Rosenberger, Composition/Sound, Artistic Direction Heiko Kalmbach, Video, Artistic Direction Shelley Hirsch, Juliana Snapper & Pamela Z, Performance Michael Schmitz, iPad Design, App Programming Jason Ponce, System Design, Multimedia Programming Joe Kucera, Audio Engineering Nick Drashner, Audio Mastering Vance Galloway, Set Design, Technical Direction, LA Robert Dahlke, Technical Direction, Berlin Sebastian Leppert, Audio Engineer, Berlin Helena Tsiflidis, Production, Berlin Paulina Papenfuss, Press, Berlin


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  • Duration: 312
  • By Heiko Kalmbach

Video by Heiko Kalmbach, © WMT 2014, 'Vor Büchsen' / 'Beinah Mai' written and produced by F.S. Blumm. Album "Up Up And Astray" out on Pingipung Records, © Pingipung 2013, Footage created in collaboration with Mirjam Benkner (Set-Design) and Freya Glomb (Video) for Wolfram Apprich's production of 'Peer Gynt' at Schleswig-Holsteinisches Landestheater 2013. Landscapes produced by 'Werkstätten des Schleswig-Holsteinischen Landestheaters'.


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  • Duration: 394
  • By Heiko Kalmbach

Video by Heiko Kalmbach, © WMT 2011 presented as a part of a 5-channel video installation at Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin, FESTIVAL ÜBER LEBENSKUNST, 17 to 21 August 2011 Perspectives for Sustainable Living 17 to 21 August 2011 at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt and in the city of Berlin. 101 hours of conferences, workshops, installations, performances, concerts, films, excursions, discussions and readings. For the ÜBER LEBENSKUNST Festival, artists, scientists and activists turned the Haus der Kulturen der Welt into a place where visitors of all ages could try out the sustainable "art of living" around the clock. ›Walden‹ ist der Name eines kleinen Sees in Massachusetts. In dem gleichnamigen Essay protestierte der politische Essayist Henry David Thoreau Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts gegen den rauschhaft gewordenen industriellen Fortschritt. Der Autor beschrieb darin sein zwei Jahre dauerndes Experiment des einfachen Lebens zwischen selbst angelegtem ›Bohnenfeld‹, dem ›Nachbar Tier‹ und den ›Höheren Gesetzen‹. ob diese Gesetze oder ob die individuellen Überlebensstrategien zur verantwortungsvollen Gesellschaft führen, bleibt für den heutigen Leser Thoreaus ungeklärt. bis vor kurzem jedenfalls galten diejenigen, die der urbanen Zivilisation den rücken kehrten und eine Lebensweise als Selbstversorger oder in Landkommunen versuchten, als romantische Weltflüchter. Die ›Nacht der Performance: WALDEN‹ rückt das Paradox dieser Art zu leben in den Fokus, denn sie erscheint zugleich rückschrittlich und nachhaltig zukunftsorientiert. Künstler_innen erschaffen eine Nacht lang jene einsame Waldhütte im Haus der Kulturen der Welt, in der Thoreau seinen Essay schrieb.


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  • Duration: 107
  • By Antonio Cerezo

15. September 2007, viewing hours: 18 - 21 Uhr Performance im Rahmen von Marsha Ginsberg's Ausstellung 'Pavolv´s Lab and Other Rooms' bei magnus müller Berlin in Zusammenarbeit mit Naturaleza Humana. Naturaleza Humana wurde 2005 in Berlin gegründet. Mitglieder der Company sind Heiko Kalmbach (Regie), Frank Domhan (Dramaturgie) Die Performer Charlotte Brathwaite, Antonio Cerezo, Mary Endo und Daniel Meininghaus. Die jeweilige Herkunft, Biografie und Ausbildung der Einzelnen wird als Chance begriffen, um ein möglichst weites Spektrum an Erfahrungen, Aspekten und Einflüssen auf die Bühne zu bringen - sowohl inhaltlich als auch stilistisch. Das erste von Naturaleza Humana erarbeitete Stück „Autobahn“ wurde im Rahmen des 100 Grad Festivals 2007 (Berlin) uraufgeführt.


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  • Duration: 613
  • By Heiko Kalmbach

Short Film by Heiko Kalmbach, USA / Germany, 2000, 16mm, © spoonfilm 2000 Prize for Most Original Short Film at New York LES Film Festival “I dreamed New York wasn’t here. - I mean, it wasn’t in America. - I dreamed New York was in Paris. It was wonderful.” featuring, developed with and dialogues by Penny Arcade and Edgar Oliver cinematography by Claudia Marcel and Mario Pegoraro / location sound by Evald Ridore, Déva Palmier, Antonia Baehr / assistant director: Angela Christlieb, production managers: Giulia Marletta, Rachael Maxwell, camera assistant: Isabell Spengler, gaffer: Dietmar Post, paintings by Helen Oliver Adelson, music by Frank S. Blumm, sound design by Matthew Polis, titles by Coralie Anna Bausch, negative cutter: Noelle Penraat, lab: Du Art NY “A pair of eccentric slackers, once exotic flowers of the early 1980’s East Village scene, find themselves beached against their will on an island of apathy and idle dreams, agoraphobic and marooned amongst the ever-encroaching restaurateurs of Avenue B. A poetic lament starring Penny Arcade.” Pandaemonium 2001, London "One among the Inside Out programming members' not-to-be missed flicks. It is beautifully shot and challenges how we define queer film." XTRA Toronto "Among the more notable short works screened in competition at International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2000." (Filmmaker Magazine) Screenings: Lower East Side History Month @ Theatre 80 St. Marks, NYC, May 12, 2014, Lower East Side Biography, NYC, May 29, 2013, Vienna International Short Film Festival, May 2010, Howl Festival New York City, USA, August 2003 New Hampshire College, USA, February 2003 Goethe Institute New York, USA, October 8, 2002 Superlounge @ GAle GAtes et al., Dumbo, New York, USA, April 19, 2002 Independent Exposure Houston, Texas, USA, March 29, 2002 The Blinding Light!, Vancouver, Canada, September 21, 2001, Independent Exposure McMurdoc Station, Antarctica, September 5, 2001 Flicker, Knitting Factory, New York, USA, August 6, 2001, OutFest Los Angeles, CA, USA, July 16, 2001, Millennium Film Workshop New York, USA, June 16, 2001, Toronto Society of Architects, Canada, May 14, 2001 Independent Exposure Seattle, WA, USA, March 22, 2001; Pandaemonium, Biennal of Moving Images London, England, March 2-9, 2001 Kino 46 Bremen, Germany, February 24, 2001 Moxie! Awards, Santa Monica International Film Festival, CA, USA, February 14-19, 2001 Art In General, NY, USA, January 13, 2001; Goethe Institute Paris, France, January 12, 2001 San Francisco IndieFest, CA, USA, January 11-18, 2001; SBS Australia’s EAT CARPET, Spring 2001 MIX Festival New York City, NY, USA, November 15-19, 2000; Louisville Film & Video Festival, KY, USA, November 8-12, 2000; Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, WA, USA, October 20-26, 2000 Next Frame Philadelphia, PA, USA, October 6-11, 2000 & international tour; NewFilmMakers, New York, NY, USA, September 27, 2000; Young Collection, Bremen, Germany, September 20, 2000 Brooklyn Babylon Cinema, Brooklyn, NY, September 15, 2000 One Reel Film Festival Seattle, WA, USA, September 1-4, 2000; International Short Film Festival São Paulo, Brazil, August 17-26, 2000; The New Festival, New York, NY, USA, June 1-11, 2000; Inside Out Festival, Toronto, Canada, May 18-28, 2000; International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Germany, May 4-9, 2000; New York Lower East Side Film Festival, NY, USA, April 19-23, 2000 South By Southwest Film Festival, Austin, Texas, USA, March 10-18, 2000; Distribution: The Film-Makers' Cooperative NY / Short Film Exchange Oberhausen / Micro Cinema


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  • Duration: 835
  • By Heiko Kalmbach

(excerpts of stage production) CERVELLE & GLORIA WILLKOMMEN IM LABOR DR. WÜNSCH eine Germano/Pergoletti/Wünsch Produktion Schlachthaustheater Bern (2008), Brainweek Bern (2009) Mit: Grazia Pergoletti, Renate Wünsch, Irena Germano Stimmen: Fabienne Biever, Catriona Guggenbühl, Thomas Pösse, Stefan Suske Regie: Heiko Kalmbach Text: Grazia Pergoletti Bühne/Kostüme: Renate Wünsch Video-/Animationskonzept: Irena Germano Animation: Elio Lüthi Musik & Ton: Frank Gerber Licht: Daniel Müller Produktion: Adrian Schild Gloria kann sich nicht entscheiden, Cervelle hat die Synapsen voll und Dr. Wünsch meint: Die Vorgänge im Gehirn liegen ebenso in der Reichweite der Wissenschaft wie der Ursprung des Universums. 'Was leicht daneben gehen könnte, wird hier zum theatralen Ereignis. "Cervelle & Gloria" ist auch ein Spiel mit visuellen Ebenen, dessen Reiz man sich kaum entziehen kann... Zusammen mit den Klängen von Frank Gerber und dem leichtfüssigen Text von Grazia Pergoletti wird "Cervelle und Gloria" zu einem stimmigen Gesmtkunstwerk, aber auch zu einer hübschen Satire auf die blühenede Neurowissenschaft.' (Oliver Meier, Der Bund)