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1. If Six Was Nine by todd rundgren

  • Published: Unknown
If Six Was Nine

in the sea Let it be, it ain't me All right, 'cause I got my own world to look through And I ain't gonna copy you Now if six turned out to be nine I don't mind, I don't mind If all the hippies cut off all their hair I don't care, I don't care Dig, '...

2. Nine To Five by jon lajoie

  • Published: Unknown
Nine To Five

nine to five office job? That sounds exactly like what I want Young man, that is one party you may not be able to handle Nine to five, nine to five Monday to Friday live Nine to five, nine to five Cubicles and neon lights Nine to five, nine to five Stay till six, get overtime Nine to fiv...

3. I'll Be Home For Christmas by the killers

  • Published: Unknown
I'll Be Home For Christmas

t gonna defend itself. But what could I do? I was nine. A nine-year-old can't just stage a sit-in while the rest of the family checks out. This wasn't a Home Alone movie, so... I went where the sweet'n'sour chicken was cooked, and the ice cold, caffe...

4. Nickel Nine Is.. by royce da 5 9

  • Published: Unknown
Nickel Nine Is..

e verses, these names Nigga nigga nigga [Chorus] Nickel Nine is - me, not, them This is - him, not, they Royce, Reef, double, R Beef is close but trouble's, far Nickel Nine is what the rhyme is I put my time in, nigga Nickel Nine is Uhh uhh - me, not...

5. Pirate Girls Nine by they might be giants

  • Published: Unknown
Pirate Girls Nine

y nine pirate girls. Nine Pirate girls, pirate girls, pirate girls nine. (One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine) One named Polly had a parrot, The second named Polly had a parrot, too. That's the part that is confusing, And they were identical twins. The th...

6. The World Was Wide Enough by lin manuel miranda leslie odom jr original broadway cast of hamilton

  • Published: Unknown
The World Was Wide Enough

m or me, the world will never be the same I had only one thought before the slaughter: This man will not make an orphan of my daughter [Company:] Number nine! [Burr:] Look him in the eye, aim no higher Summon all the courage you require Then count: [...

7. Why Am I So Happy? by spose

  • Published: Unknown
Why Am I So Happy?

rnment, was critical And they didn’t arrest me even though it sounded liberal In Russia, punishment for that isn’t reciprocal You question ‘bout the man, then your lifespan’s minimal When I was six, my biggest worry if I can reminisce Was that I’d have a Super Nintendo but not a...

8. What The Business Is by chamillionaire

  • Published: Unknown
What The Business Is

time they see me it's a crowd like a cipher (Testing, testing) Mic check, one, two How many cars in my yard? I'll check, one, two Three, four, five, six, seven, skip eight, nine If I keep countin we gon' be here for a real long time It's a real long...

9. Words Are Weapons by d12

  • Published: Unknown
Words Are Weapons

to itch Went to my mother's grave site, called her a stupid bitch One on one in this bloodsport I'm in divorce court, sold my bitch off a pack of Newports (Your honor!) Six times I been arrested; how would you feel if you was a Jehovah witness that a...

10. Six 12's by webbie

  • Published: Unknown
Six 12's

uld take my ass [Chorus - Webbie] I got six 12's (you can tell)-I got six 12's (you can tell) I got six 12's (you can tell)-I got six 12's (you can tell) I got six 12's (you can tell)-I got six 12's (you can tell) I got six 12's (you can tell)-I got ...

11. Are you Ready? by creed

  • Published: Unknown
Are you Ready?

whats to come...Oh I said Are you ready? Are you ready? For whats to come Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one Count down to the change in life that's soon to come Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one Count d...

12. If I Gotta Go by joe budden

  • Published: Unknown
If I Gotta Go

I gotta go Can anybody tell me where And if I gotta go Does anybody even care Lo look look We gon party like its one nine nine nine Somethin triggers makin my mind design crime When at times my minds fine inclinded to find dimes Resigned from primet...

13. Three And Nine by roxy music

  • Published: Unknown
Three And Nine

up by me Back to the old days Close to home Show me some new ways I'll carry on Whether making out or played out Three and nine make twelve I've a dozen reasons Lying on the shelf B feature back rows Filed away No point pretending Change is here to s...

14. All That I've Got Is You by rhymefest

  • Published: Unknown
All That I've Got Is You

apartment Roaches everywhere, cousins and aunts was there Four on the bed, two at the foot, two at the head I didn't like to sleep with Jon-Jon, he peed the bed Seven o'clock, pluckin roaches out the cereal box We shared the same spoon watchin Saturd...

15. All I Do Is Win (Remix) by dj khaled

  • Published: Unknown
All I Do Is Win (Remix)

name Got the most paper Mr. New York Times I'm a natural born winner nigga New York mines Everybody getting money but I cop the first six Now I run the game so I toss the first pitch Yea, I'll let you wife her but she still my first bitch If it's les...

16. These Are The Tales by too hort

  • Published: Unknown
These Are The Tales

t's no joke Snort a lot of coke with ho's that like to smoke I was makin' records but wasn't makin' money You can take it seriously or you can think its funny By '87, I was on my own, started Dangerous Music And I made the song "These are the tales, ...

17. Oh Nine Banger by max b

  • Published: Unknown
Oh Nine Banger

Uh, yeah Boss Wavy Season It's ya boy in the game, OFO Ya boy Boss Don Biggavel', the talk of the game See you Big Skamma M. Underwood [Verse 1:] Put the water on the side, there's plenty mail Better tuck that licky-lick incase I go to jail Gotta get...

18. Mystery (Who Is God?) by rakim

  • Published: Unknown
Mystery (Who Is God?)

s] Bear witness to Allah, gave birth to all For Allah was all, and therefore, life itself And the universe gave birth to man The universe was man, and man was the universe And the universe was always existed And existance was life And life is Allah A...

19. Ghost Is Back by ghostface killah

  • Published: Unknown
Ghost Is Back

Year's, yo (get back to me, muthafucka) Yo, it's New Year's son (fuck ya'll niggaz, this ain't no Yo, Ghostface, my gold is fifty hundred, I want my money) NINE! EIGHT! SEVEN! SIX! FIVE! FOUR! THREE! TWO! ONE! I love you my nigga, Happy New Year's! F...

20. Be Jealous by tech n9ne

  • Published: Unknown
Be Jealous

Joe'll tell you I'm original, and by the way Lee Joe my dog! And that justice mother fuckers won't quit, saying The Calm Before The StormA?A?A? aint shit We killed yall when 96-97, when about when the new shit hit And I heard niggas said I was washed...