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1. It Ain't Mines by juvenile

  • Published: Unknown
It Ain't Mines

[Chorus 2x] Now I don't why you be acting all shady I only want to hit, not to make you my old lady So don't be telling me nothing about no babies You trying to give me a charge you must be crazy [Juvenile] I don't know why you making people think I ...

2. Don't Look Now (It Ain't You Or Me) by creedence clearwater revival

  • Published: Unknown
Don't Look Now (It Ain't You Or Me)

that you wear? Who'll take the promise that you don't have to keep? Don't look now, it ain't you or me [Chorus] Who will take the coal from the mines? Who will take the salt from the earth? Who'll take the promise that you don't have to keep? Don't l...

3. Ain't Mine by migos

  • Published: Unknown
Ain't Mine

[Hook - Quavo:] Most of these bitches ain't mine Most of these bitches ain't mine Stop claimin' me bitch, you know you lyin' Most of these bitches ain't mine Most of these bitches ain't mine Most of these bitches ain't mine You can have that little b...

4. It Ain't Obvious by gareth gates

  • Published: Unknown
It Ain't Obvious

I keep trying but I'm running out of ways to make you want me baby I cannot be everything you want you drive me crazy you're never satisfied its not even worth a try times are for making up your mind maybe we'll never see eye to eye so treat me cruel...

5. Say It Ain't So by canibus

  • Published: Unknown
Say It Ain't So

[Canibus] Oh my motherfuckin God! Say it ain't so Jesus Christ, my name should be Jeebus Mic Even when I rip the shit, fans leave uptight Can-I-Bus, spit is in my blood, I'm blessed Outside the bones but inside the flesh And yes, if I was focused I c...

6. It Ain't The Money by macy gray

  • Published: Unknown
It Ain't The Money

Heart of mine, milk and honey, it ain't the money no we know. Doin' lines, ain't it funny that it ain't the money, now we know. After the money they lust sell their souls for the unlimited cash Flow, in god we trust but that's never in class though, ...

7. It Ain't Over 'Till It's Over by airbourne

  • Published: Unknown
It Ain't Over 'Till It's Over

Sweatin' out upon the stage Thankful to be out of the cage Got no fear coz I dont feel pain Come on baby let's do it again It ain't over till it's over It ain't over till it's over It ain't over till it's over It ain't over till it's over Gonna ride ...

8. It Ain't For Me by gilbert o sullivan

  • Published: Unknown
It Ain't For Me

I have not a girl that's mine I have not a friend I have not got a place to live Indeed it seems the end But it ain't for me As I've got myself which matters most Throughout the life I lead I have not a penny in my pocket and if soon I should be foun...

9. If It Ain't Love by trey songz

  • Published: Unknown
If It Ain't Love

Nigga, shut the fuck up. Who you think you talkin' to? Oh, 'cause you Tremaine, think you can do whatever the fuck you want? Fuck outta here. Trey, you know better than that. Don't play me [MIKExANGEL (Trey Songz):] If it ain't lovin' why, (does it h...

10. It Ain't No Crime by joe nichols

  • Published: Unknown
It Ain't No Crime

I was sittin' outside in the front yard Lawn chair, kiddie pool, soakin' up the sun Old man walks by and said, "We got this thing called ambition Why don't you buy a suit and go get you some?" Like he ain't got enough of his own business Now he's got...

11. It Ain't Nothin' by cypress hill

  • Published: Unknown
It Ain't Nothin'

[Opening] [B-Real] I used to carry a glock On the waist line Man I don't waste time I'm strong on the bass line You'll never taste mine See me on the screen Fuckers beggin' for face time Get your own tape But don't bother to chase mine I got a block ...

12. It Ain't Hit Me Yet by randy montana

  • Published: Unknown
It Ain't Hit Me Yet

Well, she gave me the kind of goodbye That one of them, you ain’t got a snowballs chance in hell No, would you baby, could you baby, come on baby, change your mind So I hit the ground running like the devil was on my tail [Chorus:] Her leavings like ...

13. It Ain't Love by green river ordinance

  • Published: Unknown
It Ain't Love

She leaves her heart up on the shelf Easier to keep, than to give to someone else I see her out every Friday night Makin' eyes but it don't mean that she's mine With the cigarette smoke in the bar room talkin' She comes here to be known But always le...

14. If It Ain't Dutch by armin van buuren

  • Published: Unknown
If It Ain't Dutch

My house is your house And your house is mine My house is your house And your house is mine My house is your house And your house is mine My house is your house And YOUR HOUSE IS MINE My house is your house And your house is mine My house is your hou...

15. Lil' Nigga Ain't Mine by jaheim

  • Published: Unknown
Lil' Nigga Ain't Mine

All my real niggas... Ja in this muthafucker...Ghetto slick niggas putting it down No lil nigga aint mine What you think a muthafucker blind Looks just like Ginuwine I know he been tappin that spine Or could it be that nigga doin time That got your s...

16. It Ain't Part II by scarface

  • Published: Unknown
It Ain't Part II

[Verse 1] I got a problem how you do that there It's been thirteen years and aint went nowhere Still, one of the coldest ever done this shit And aint no motherfucking question know who run this bitch I got my nigga Erick Sermon he supplied the beat A...

17. Ain't My Bitch by metallica

  • Published: Unknown
Ain't My Bitch

Outta my way Outta my day Out of your mind and into mine Into no one Into not one Into your step but out of time Headstrong What’s wrong? I’ve already heard this song before You arrived, but now it’s time to kiss your ass goodbye Dragging me down Why...

18. I Ain't Got Time Anymore by cliff richard

  • Published: Unknown
I Ain't Got Time Anymore

Got no time to stop to speak to friends passing by Got no strength to wipe away the tears from my eyes I don't care what's going on Only know she's gone The sun don't shine anymore And I don't feel fine anymore She ain't mine anymore No, I don't feel...

19. Ain't Going Down by eric clapton

  • Published: Unknown
Ain't Going Down

It ain't no big deal, we're all lucky to be alive, I myself don't believe in luck, or taking chances, I will survive. Every move I make, every twist and every turn, You scandalize and humble me, I may be slow but I will learn. [Chorus:] 'Cause I ain'...

20. Ain't No Sad Song by diana ross

  • Published: Unknown
Ain't No Sad Song

Baby, the love we used to share Has faded day by day And now you wanna leave me So you're lookin' for away And if you see a tear in my eye It's not for you I cry Don't you know I tried to make our love Like every love should be You say it ain't enoug...