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1. Jumpin' From Six To Six by colin james

  • Published: Unknown
Jumpin' From Six To Six

ell she was Jumpin' from six to six Jumpin' from six to six Jumpin' from six to six Jumpin' from six to six Jumpin' from six to six Gotten herself in heck of a fix Staggered in the door by a quarter to one Asked me daddy did I do wrong Stepped aside and jolted her back Hit her right in the eye Jumpi...

2. Live From The Streets by angie martinez

  • Published: Unknown
Live From The Streets

an, I hope y'all believe I'm just like you, fear nuttin human that bleeds My mind breed two movies, six ab-lums, a hundred poems Thirty R&B joints, I'm beyond the norm, y'all just mad I'm just glad, got my time to shine Y'all the type to hit three hundred bars and ...

3. Trap House Jumpin' Like Jordan (Remix) by rich the kid

  • Published: Unknown
Trap House Jumpin' Like Jordan (Remix)

ouse jumpin' like Jordan Trap house jumpin' like Jordan Got the trap house jumpin' like Jordan Trap house jumpin' like Jordan AP, it cost me 50 Model ho yeah she with me Living life like I'm Diddy In the Kitchen with Whitney [Verse 1 - Rich The Kid:] Got the trap...

4. Pledge Allegiance To The Swag by t i

  • Published: Unknown
Pledge Allegiance To The Swag

ga, had to climb up out the barrel Outfox these niggas, now we rock out on apparrel Pledge allegiance to the swag cause this shit is top notch Jumpin’ in and outta bitches like I’m playin’ hopscotch Jumpin’ in and outta sixes like I got a car lot And...

5. Hollyhood To Hollywood by wyclef jean

  • Published: Unknown
Hollyhood To Hollywood

n't right y'all) DON'T WEAR YOUR COLOURS HERE! That cemetery gear (California, California) I got my gun and nine from Hollywood, to your neck of the hood [Wyclef Jean] True, true, yo Hollywood got a lot of kids twisted Jumpin in and out of limo's thi...

6. Trap Back Jumpin' by t i

  • Published: Unknown
Trap Back Jumpin'

[Hook] Its time to get the trap back jumpin Get shit back poppin hoe Show these sucka niggaz how it go Ill show you how to move a lotta blow Niggaz say they loud but they lied So its time to get the trap back jumpin Get shit back poppin bitch Ay who d...

7. Charles De Gaulle To JFK by bas

  • Published: Unknown
Charles De Gaulle To JFK

t I could become somethin' I threw a party, she say Bassy, thank you, but it's nothin' Cause I had to keep it jumpin' Ya a'int Blake Griffin, but I know that you be jumpin' Poker face stiffin', but I know that you be bluffin' No, I don't be cuffin', ...

8. Shotz To Tha Double Glock by bone thugs n harmony

  • Published: Unknown
Shotz To Tha Double Glock

to get my serve on Watchin' my back while six-five try to roll on But one to the suckas head and two up in his body Now peep my creep I eat the reefer smoke all up inside me We jumpin' up rough from the hood We bailin' we thuggin' we lookin' like cro...

9. 72nd & Central by proof

  • Published: Unknown
72nd & Central

my heart at You want beef in the street? Don't start that Cause we'll have some niggaz up in yo' apartment Jumpin outta places where it's real dark at, uhh [Obie Trice] (EIGHT, BY, EIGHT) You're carryin weight, hey, but wait A lot of hungry niggaz know ...

10. We Hustle by big tymers

  • Published: Unknown
We Hustle

in her mouth It don't stop from sun-up to sun-down - I'm on the grind In two weeks I was workin' a 16-25 Tryin' to get it - only thing in my vision is ballin' Jumpin' out a 500-S class on brodders So you only had a nickel like me hustlin' hard 'Fore I knew I was workin' four ounces and two qu...

11. 5 Boroughs by krs one

  • Published: Unknown
5 Boroughs

onted Long Island got some of the best {niggaz} that ever done it From Riverhead to C.I. to Brentwood to Wyndanch {Niggaz} comin through will not stand a chance From Roosevelt to Freeport to Hempstead to Uniondale Comin deep from the depths of hell I'm dead seri...

12. Nig-Gotiate by m o p

  • Published: Unknown

o I'm sittin on chrome.. BITCH, and I ain't talkin bout rims! We got exclusive, new shit, you know, you get true shit, from us, to help y'all move with M. Fitzroy nigga, makin them hits Amateurs in the game, we makin 'em quit I got your baby momma ch...

13. It Ain't My Fault by silkk the shocker

  • Published: Unknown
It Ain't My Fault

u before, we not gonna fall, put a banana in the tailpipe, I'm not bout livin' in no six by six, wearing no muthafuckin' jail stripes. Been Bout It from the start nigga, we raw nigga, you don't wanna, go to, war nigga. We superstar niggas, you know w...

14. Some L.A by dr dre

  • Published: Unknown
Some L.A

mb much smoother when I manuever, dope like Cuba Got em jumpin [King T starts speakin, indecipherable] [King T:] I'm comin "Straight Outta Compton" with a loose cannon Smoke big green, call it Bruce Banner Watch your manners, at last another blast fr...

15. Throw Your Guns by the firm

  • Published: Unknown
Throw Your Guns

red the knowledge, my brainwaves cause riots in college Science scholar in this world of violence and dollars Firm rappin god from the projects It ain't hard, from medicate cars to platinum cars, my click is that large To get they dick licked and bac...

16. Cash Money Roll by b g

  • Published: Unknown
Cash Money Roll

my world dawg she lookin just like me I'm straight out all the old money from my old habit I'm spended that on ear rings with 10 karats I got my lil girl a Lexus for when she grow up I flying from Tennessee to Texas trying to blow up I need 10 G's a ...

17. DTA by casey veggies

  • Published: Unknown

about, from your girl From the word of her mouth, I'm the only name that come out her mouth To the South, Texas state, yeah that's where my family at Deep up in the country homie where people be burnin' trash Rollin' by, feelin' hella good, I been up in Inglewood Since Paul Peirce went to Ingl...

18. It's Hot (Some Like It Hot) by jay z

  • Published: Unknown
It's Hot (Some Like It Hot)

pains, leg sprains absolutely What? [Chorus] [Jay-Z] Thirty-eight revolve like the sun round the Earth Try to play hard get you found round the dirt Six shell casings found round your shirt [cyring] in surround sound from the hearse Jigga Man, trigge...

19. Slide And Rock On by redman

  • Published: Unknown
Slide And Rock On

wtter than Purple Rain, I bust brains, the funk Doctor Spock, got the glock, now I'm smokin out your sess spot I rock from here to Bedstuy, I hit the spot like XY Who is that nigga that's comin six billion feet I roll my funk and find tone even smoke...

20. Uncut Cocaine 2011 Cypher Freestyle by riff raff

  • Published: Unknown
Uncut Cocaine 2011 Cypher Freestyle

usa Clash of the Titans Muthafuck writin' I will fuck your girlfriend If she got the right skin That's a golden tone I'm from Acres home Fuck with Swisha House Got diamonds in my mouth Watts gone' chop me up OG gone' screw me down No homo I got a cou...