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1. Just An Old Boyfriend by kaci

  • Published: Unknown
Just An Old Boyfriend

o make it to the day you'll be Just an old boyfriend Won't be thinking of you every night Only wishing we could only try Won't tear me up inside Just an old boyfriend Anyone can see the love we killed is killing me I'm just so sad to lose what we had...

2. I Want That Old Thing Back by king lil g

  • Published: Unknown
I Want That Old Thing Back

hat Old Thing Back Ohh Waiting For The One More Night With You I Want That Old Thing Back A Throwback Rendezvous For 2 I Want That Old Thing Back And Do That Little Thing You Do I Want That Old Thing Back I Wanna Feel Like I'm Brand New I Want That Old Thing Back [Baby Bash...

3. Ivy by old 97 s

  • Published: Unknown

got a boyfriend problem Ivy's got a creep Me, I'm working overtime Working on a novel in my sleep Tell it to the jury, baby Tell it to your mom Well, I think it's a whodunit, oh, but I don't know who done it Well, it may be an alarm clock But it just...

4. Carolina Drama by the raconteurs

  • Published: Unknown
Carolina Drama

ise He didn't see his brother but there was his mother With her red-headed head in her hands While the boyfriend had his gloves wrapped around an old priest Trying to choke the man Ah Ah Ahhh... Billy looked up from the window to the truck Threw up, ...

5. Bonnie And Clyde by haystak

  • Published: Unknown
Bonnie And Clyde

I just wanna spend The rest of my Life with you Through the goodtimes & the bad Boyfriend Girlfriend Mom & dad Whatever I search for a chick like me who blows dro Cause she can appreciate how the sticky burns so slow You know A young chick with an old soul Set through the fire J...

6. Kinda Love by darius

  • Published: Unknown
Kinda Love

t it's enough that she wants me Like her cup of coffee One kiss baby she's on her way That kinda love just makes your day She's got an old boyfriend Who calls her up at 2 in the morning I'm so jealous She says that it's nothing That's how I know it's...

7. Bonafied Lovin' (Tough Guys) by chromeo

  • Published: Unknown
Bonafied Lovin' (Tough Guys)

ht I'll give you bonafied lovin' (oh oh oh oh) The type that makes me feel old I'll give you bonafied lovin' (oh oh oh oh) The type that makes me feel old Let me tell you that I saw your boyfriend walking down the road He was standing all shakey, cou...

8. Postcard From Paris by the band perry

  • Published: Unknown
Postcard From Paris

was with my boyfriend, my new boyfriend; He was as sweet as he could be. But one look at you and I was through My heart switched up on me. Like a postcard from Paris when I've seen the real thing. It's like finding out your diamond is from her old pr...

9. School Uniforms by the wombats

  • Published: Unknown
School Uniforms

, I guess that's just puberty, Making us boys all play a losing game Oh sweet Louise I always found it hard to work things through, Those school uniforms made a joke, Made a joke of me and you, I'm glad I'm not back in school She got an older boyfrie...

10. Orange by gucci mane

  • Published: Unknown

gn Pop a pill, popped a seal Then I start back pouring Yellow horses on my cars, like they rocking Ralph Lauren Bought an old school yesterday just to paint the bitch orange So much money in my pocket I could paint a bitch orange I'm in hot pursuit, ...

11. Suga Free by suga free

  • Published: Unknown
Suga Free

self twice See, I don't have that kinda time to waste I fuck around and be an old ass man before I get my taste I see these niggas yellin at bitches so loud they voice go horse Just for a couple hundred dollars wit' a uncomfortable course Let's makeb...

12. I Don't Wanna Work That Hard by blaine larsen

  • Published: Unknown
I Don't Wanna Work That Hard

em, take him out for a walk Well, he's a hundred and eighty pound Saint Bernard Hell, I don't wanna work that hard And your old boyfriend is still hanging on He's and ex-black belt with a jealous bone Don't wanna have to whop him out behind some bar ...

13. Dance Alone by keke palmer

  • Published: Unknown
Dance Alone

no, dance alone, you don’t have to dance alone Tell me you don’t got a girl, you could be my boyfriend Baby tell me what you say, say, say, say Let’s just keep on dancing Dancing like my boyfriend Baby tell me what you say, say, say Boy don’t let me ...

14. Louise by bob seger

  • Published: Unknown

es to boogie, down at the old ballroom She's got a crazy hophead boyfriend, digs freon balloons They ride on his Harley from the morning till the late afternoon They get stoned in the evening, and make love beneath the moon Now the old folks who are ...

15. Rapper's Delight by the sugarhill gang

  • Published: Unknown
Rapper's Delight

vicious on the mic and the turntable This young reporter I did adore, So I rocked some vicious rhymes like I never did before She said, "Damn, fly guy, I'm in love with you. The Casanova legend must have been true." I said, "By the way, baby, what's...

16. You Gotta Love That by neal mccoy

  • Published: Unknown
You Gotta Love That

o town dreams in a sack Old guitar in a blue Pontiac She's taken a vow She ain't turning back She knows what she wants And you gotta love that Long way from home white picket fence She turned down a ring from her old boyfriend She didn't take a dime ...

17. IG Bitches by fat trel

  • Published: Unknown
IG Bitches

nd she reminds me of my old benz You probably never ever seen me with a slow bitch You probably seen old bitch make the door flux So when I dove into that pussy broke her whole hip This hospital bill back bitch hold up I'm just an ugly mother fucker ...

18. It's All Bad by e 40

  • Published: Unknown
It's All Bad

Domestic violence but here's an old ghetto myth My potnas auntie scold her boyfriend with some hot grits I'm from the G-E double T-T to the oh no Where only few dare to go [e-40 Jr.] I spits game like a soldier tonk since I told you this Rap kingpin ...

19. Can't Get Enough by j cole

  • Published: Unknown
Can't Get Enough

boy been blessed, mayne, let you play with the stick, Ovechkayne She calling, she texting, she's falling, but lemme explain Gotta tell your old boyfriend skate, girl, 'cause a nigga don't play them ex games No! Straight sexing, no handcuff or arrest...

20. Thru The Fire by eminem

  • Published: Unknown
Thru The Fire

k like that Meanwhile I am just standing There holding My tongue tryna talk like this Till I stuck my tongue On that Frozen stop sign pole at 8 years old I learned my lesson then Cauz I wasn’t tryna impress my friends no more But I already told you m...