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1. Korpiklaani by korpiklaani

  • Published: Unknown

, Vuorten voima rantehessain. Salon, korven klaanin, Kourat kontioisen Salon, korven klaanin Vuorten voima ranteissain Salon Korpiklaani Salon Korpiklaani Miul'on kourat kontioisen, Tarkka tieto ilvekseltä, Soitto saapunt' sarwekkaalta, Juoksu suen j...

2. Wooden Pints by korpiklaani

  • Published: Unknown
Wooden Pints

There's men, underground Who have never seen the sun But they really know how to party Little men from underground Who have never seen the sun But the really know how to party [Chorus:] They rise their wooden pints and they yoik and sing And they fig...

3. Before The Morning Sun by korpiklaani

  • Published: Unknown
Before The Morning Sun

Down, in the forest path When the night comes closer Air's full of magic When, elfgirls dancing Dancing in the circle I watch them from the bushes Down, in the forest path When night comes closer When the sun goes down Once, once again I will try to ...

4. God Of Wind by korpiklaani

  • Published: Unknown
God Of Wind

Let me tell you a story Story of a man Who wants to be a god God of the wind He dressed to brown Brown leather clothes He used a bone mace And ate mushrooms He lived in the woods There trees are huge Only friends were trolls Who were all the time dru...

5. With Trees by korpiklaani

  • Published: Unknown
With Trees

Far, far away, where the birch wouldn't grow Far, far away and where the wind freezes your face There you won't be alone I would rather fly with eagles, to the snow hills I would rather run with wolves, between the trees I would rather be with trees,...

6. You Looked Into My Eyes by korpiklaani

  • Published: Unknown
You Looked Into My Eyes

We are here alone Only the camp fire Shines on your face I touched your hand But you disappeared As the smoke the air [Chorus:] You looked into my eyes You have me hypnotized And I do what you want to We are here alone Only the moon And wolves are wi...

7. Man Can Go Even Through The Grey Stone by korpiklaani

  • Published: Unknown
Man Can Go Even Through The Grey Stone

Man can go through the grey stone Man can go through the great stone Man can go, man can go Men's got to do what men's got to do Men's got to do what men's got to do Men's got to do, men's go to do You can do what you wanna do You can do what you wan...

8. Crows Bring The Spring by korpiklaani

  • Published: Unknown
Crows Bring The Spring

End of the Winter End of the coldness End of the day Crows come to this forest Flies through this woods Over the dark water Where ice will die soon Winter surrenders finally Spring rises it's wings Unleash sun's burning flames Bring warmth with crows...

9. Hengittömiltä Hengiltä by korpiklaani

  • Published: Unknown
Hengittömiltä Hengiltä

Virui vanha tainnoksissa Noidan vita tehdessansä Sielun tietä etsimässä Tuolta tuonelan metsästä Hengettömiltä hengiltä Katkerina katselleilta Kalman kylmitä hengiltä Takaisin tupihinsa Synnyin sydämmihinsa [English translation] [From the dead people...

10. Shaman Drum by korpiklaani

  • Published: Unknown
Shaman Drum

I've wandered with the folk of the woods Wisdom I've learned from the oldest one He said: "do not fear me" And led me to downwards I saw big aperture in the ground When he asked me a question "Do you know what is this hole in the ground, Do you know ...

11. Cottages & Saunas by korpiklaani

  • Published: Unknown
Cottages & Saunas

Attack forward you Nordic boy Fire to the balls Attack without fear through the enemy lines Attack and let it burn Here we had built our cottages and saunas From the swamp we have shovelled our fields Nobody can take it away from us Not for free, and...

12. Journey Man by korpiklaani

  • Published: Unknown
Journey Man

I was born in a deep forest I wish I could live here all my life I am made from stones and roots My home, these woods and roads All my life I loved this sound Of the woods all around Eagles flies where the winds blows free Journey is my destiny Free,...

13. Fields In Flames by korpiklaani

  • Published: Unknown
Fields In Flames

They rode Those two hundred men Narrow roads Through this dark cold land They burnt all villages They raped and destroyed Took gold, silver and coins Taxes to King was their mission But pain and sorrow they left behind They drank all booze They stole...

14. Spirit Of The Forest by korpiklaani

  • Published: Unknown
Spirit Of The Forest

He never speaks but he understands Thinks higher than a man He's living in The northern lights In winter everlasting He travels around Big drum in his hand And he knows What you have in your mind There's always wolf within That leads him down And bac...

15. Native Land by korpiklaani

  • Published: Unknown
Native Land

The waves of the lake splash And pines hum. The frost of the north hurts, Finnish grief it sings. Woods bleak and stony, unlit, There my mind rests. There I will forget the pain, Stars and moon us bless. O my native land, stand proud, facing the futu...

16. Hunting Song by korpiklaani

  • Published: Unknown
Hunting Song

Hunting is going on We are a part of the wilderness Hunting is going on Only the fast will survive In the forest we prowl Looking hard for deers Hunger croaks in our stomachs Our eyes like the wolves' We run after meat as the possessed And we kill wi...

17. Beer Beer by korpiklaani

  • Published: Unknown
Beer Beer

From evening to morning And morning to evening I wanna drink Something stronger than a man From evening to morning And morning to evening I wanna drink Cause that's what I am Beer, beer I want beer From beer I get really drunk Beer, beer I need more ...

18. Old Tale by korpiklaani

  • Published: Unknown
Old Tale

Old tale about the girl, And the poor farmer boy, Their time together flamed. It couldn't last forever, They knows it well. So they took from the moment, Everything So they took from the moment, Everything. Said father to the maid, It's time to go, Y...

19. Kädet Siipinä by korpiklaani

  • Published: Unknown
Kädet Siipinä

Niin hilijaisen, Näen hilijaisen Näen kulkueen miin mustan, Niin tunman mustan Hiljaisen näen surussa kulkevan Kädet on siipinä, niin on kädet suojana Suojana siivet silmäin Surun silmäin, kädet siipinä Eessä mustan hunnun Kulkueen näen länteen, Hilj...

20. Happy Little Boozer by korpiklaani

  • Published: Unknown
Happy Little Boozer

He sees himself as the saviour of the world His will is strong and he's feeling good I've known him since the first taste of beer I will meet him many times in a year Happy little, Happy little, Happy little boozer... He thinks he is the most famous ...