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1. [MMD KanColle] Koshi-tantan / 虎視眈々 (Unryuu/艦これ 雲龍) [1080p]

  • Published: 2017-03-30T00:25:21+00:00
  • Duration: 233
  • By bassedance
[MMD KanColle] Koshi-tantan / 虎視眈々 (Unryuu/艦これ 雲龍) [1080p]

* ▼▼▼ Update on 01 April 2017 / 平成29年04月01日更新 ▼▼▼ *English description This video is the re-editing edition for posted on 21 November 2015 for NicoNico Douga. Several changes have been applied to the new edition as follows. (1) Effects (Lightbloom & MotionBlurr) are added. (2) DOF effect is changed from XDOF to ikBokeh. (3) Vignette blur with color shift is added with Aviutl. (4) Lyrics is shown on video screen. (5) Endroll of video is changed. *日本語表記 この動画は2015年11月21日、ニコニコ動画へ投稿した を再編集したものです。 主な変更点は次の通りです。 (1) エフェクト (Lightbloom & MotionBlurr) を追加。 (2) 被写界深度エフェクトをXDOFからikBokehへ変更。 (3) Aviutlにより周辺減光を追加。 (4) 歌詞表示の追加。 (5) エンドロールを変更。 ▲▲▲ Update on 01 April 2017 / 平成29年04月01日更新 ▲▲▲ *names listed below without honorifics (敬称略) *Japanese note found at the bottom of the description (日本語の説明は最後にあります) The song title "Koshi-tantan (虎視眈々)" means "vigilantly", "with a vigilant eye", or "to watch vigilantly for a chance" in English. Original Ver. Music, lyrics and arrangement by umetora (梅とら) Sung by Kaki-Choko (柿チョコ) used ver. in the video *Materials and editing tools for video are as follows; MikuMikuDance (MMD) by Higuchi-M (樋口M) MikuMikuEffect (MME) by BuryokuKainyuu-P (舞力介入P) PMX Editor (PMXエディタ) by Kyokuhoku-P (極北P) *MMD Model : Unryuu (雲龍) by tumidango (つみだんご) - Revised *MMD Motion Koshi-tantan by ayahachi (あやはち) - Revised *MMD Camera Koshi-tantan by suzu - Revised *MMD Stage : "Stage of Princess Rea" (レア様ステージ) by Kanihira (かにひら) - Revised Nagareru Kumo (流れる雲) EE4 by kaiwakap (怪獣対若大将P) Unkai (Cloud Sea/雲海) CC4 by kaiwakap (怪獣対若大将P) *MMD Effect MMD Effect : GreenerShader ver1.13 by meshi_dane (下っ腹P) MMD Effect : PanelLight+ExcellentShadow by Soboro (そぼろ) MotionBlur 2.2 by Soboro (そぼろ) MMD Effect : HgSAO yb HariganeP (針金P) MMD Effect : o_SelfOverlay by Otamon (おたもん) LightBloom by kururinpon (くるりんぽん) ikBokeh by ikeno MotionBlur 2.2 by Soboro (そぼろ) *Video Editing Tool Aviutil by KEN Kun XMedia Recode I appreciate your watching my video. And I would express my heartfelt thanks for the creators who freely provide excellent tools and materials on web. What I did is only to assemble them to this video. However, I am very happy if you enjoy it. 01 April 2017 bassedance Keyword : MMD, 艦隊これくしょん, 艦これ, 雲龍, つみ式, つみだんご, MikuMikuDance, 1080p, Full HD, 虎視眈々, 梅とら, 柿チョコ Twitter : (in Japanese) Blog : (in Japanese) ◆"Unryuu" and my uncle MMD Kancolle Model "Unryuu" (雲龍) is very special for me because one of my uncle (my mother's elder brother) was a crew of "historic" Unryuu, Japanese Aircraft Carrier in the WWII. I am very pleased with the release of this model. For the future, I would pay respect to her and him when I edit videos using her. ※Note : Because my uncle died when "Unryuu" sank due to the attack of US Navy submarine and I was born long after the WWII, I had no chance to meet him and do not have personal knowledge of him. ▼▼▼ 日本語の説明/Japanese description ▼▼▼ ご視聴ありがとうございます。 雲龍さんに虎視眈々を踊ってもらいました。 この動画を作成するに当たってお借りしたものは上述(名称及び公開URL)の通りです。素晴らしいツール・素材をWebで無償公開している皆様に深く感謝いたします。 私のやっていることは「単なる流し込み動画(&若干のプラス・アルファ)」編集にすぎません。とは言え、もしこの動画をお楽しみいただけたのであるならば、うれしく思います。 ※この動画は以前作成したものを再編集したものです。主な変更点はこの説明の最初の部分に記載しています。 平成29年04月01日 bassedance ▲▲▲ 日本語の説明/Japanese description ▲▲▲ ====================