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1. Livin' And Rockin' by 311

  • Published: Unknown
Livin' And Rockin'

oning all the sycophants and defeated yes-fools Hung over, broke, and a round of apologies Now come down Martinez with the modern mythology Come on now feel the vibe flow The name is 311 and we rip up We rip up the show and Drums, bass, guitar, and t...

2. Rockin' Of The Cradle by rodney atkins

  • Published: Unknown
Rockin' Of The Cradle

e the life I'm livin' And live the life I dream From the rockin' of the cradle To the rollin' of that long black limousine I can't mend this world with nothin' And that's how I'll leave someday And all that I'll take with me Is the love I gave away A...

3. Rockin' Purple by jt machinima

  • Published: Unknown
Rockin' Purple

nk to burgle When I be rockin' purple rockin' purple rockin' purple Now I'm livin' out the dream in my mind And no I'm never comin' down I got no reason to die Look at me droppin' haters Feels like I'm hoppin' hurdles They see me rockin' purple rocki...

4. Alive And Kickin' by mr big

  • Published: Unknown
Alive And Kickin'

ohny and me are running' wild and runnin' free Just like you did momma Don't know where we're goin' But when we get there we'll know We're gonna follow the code of the road Jump into the fire Keep our love alive and kickin' Down the dorr, it's what we're livin' for Rockin' side by side Keep your lo...

5. I Ain't Livin' Long Like This by chris janson

  • Published: Unknown
I Ain't Livin' Long Like This

house now Ain't livin' long like this Ain't livin' long like this, am I baby? You know the story 'bout the jailhouse rock Go on and do it but just don't get caught I got 'em all in the jailhouse Ain't livin' long like this I ain't livin' long like this I ain't livin' long like this Ain't livin' ...

6. Livin' Fat by fat joe

  • Published: Unknown
Livin' Fat

o don't try to step to dis, you know you take a fall That's how I'm livin, hey yo I'm livin Fat y'all I'm livin Fat y'all, I'm livin Fat [2X] Aiyyo I'm livin FAT I'm livin Fat y'all, I'm livin Fat [2X] Aiyyo I'm livin FAT I'm livin Fat y'all, I'm livin Fat...

7. Livin' Like I'm Dyin by tech n9ne

  • Published: Unknown
Livin' Like I'm Dyin

greatest. It ain't a bitch I ain't christened, see the estate I've inventioned and if I die my eulogy would be held at the Kemper man. I've done smoke, I done drank and popped my pills to extremities, still do. Every now and then I pop more than Yose...

8. How Ya Livin' by az

  • Published: Unknown
How Ya Livin'

me out Never call me out, bitches and money, that's what we all about Through all the routes landed here, beach houses wit the chandaliere Me & my crew, mad cans of beer It's copin', live vibe, still eyes open, it's clear Presidential Suites at the Tangiere [CHORUS:] [Nas:] How you li...

9. Being Alive And Livin' by craig morgan

  • Published: Unknown
Being Alive And Livin'

r and rain Do everything I can with the days I’m given There’s a difference between being alive and livin’ I got this daredevil rebel gene That pushes me a little past extreme I’ve felt it ever since I was a little kid I ain’t gonna get to my rockin’ chair Scratchin’ a head full of silver hai...

10. Shut Up And Dance by better than ezra

  • Published: Unknown
Shut Up And Dance

Shut up and dance Oh oh oh Shut up and dance Oh oh oh Don't stop the radio rockin' I love the beat that you're droppin' No time to waste No talkin' Shut up and dance You're kinda cute but your mouth won't stop ...shut up and dance You've got the moves when the needle drops Don't stop t...

11. Livin' It by mac dre

  • Published: Unknown
Livin' It

arp like Shannon, Rich like Gannon I'm four deep at Brandons, and they ain't understanding I do a J.R. Ewing, or Knots Landing Mac Dre, I'm one nice dream And I'll make your brain melt like ice cream [Chorus x2] I'm Livin' It, distribute it The stree...

12. Here's To Me And You by kevin fowler

  • Published: Unknown
Here's To Me And You

ere's to me and you Let's raise a glass to all the hillbillies, Cowboys, rednecks and long-haired hippies, Old grandpas rockin' on the front porch swing I wanna tip my hat to the farmin' man Who stays half-broke still breaks the land And Uncle Sam and all the soldiers fighting for you an...

13. Free And Easy Down The Road I Go by dierks bentley

  • Published: Unknown
Free And Easy Down The Road I Go

and a sack of clothes Free and easy down the road I go Hangin' memories on the high line poles Free and easy down the road I go Free and easy down the road I go Ragweed's rockin' on the radio Free and easy down the road I go So I keep rollin' like an old banjo Free ...

14. Beat Street Breakdown by grandmaster flash and the furious five

  • Published: Unknown
Beat Street Breakdown

ople shout out in the darkest hour Sights unseen and voices unheard And finally the bomb gets the last word Christians killed Muslims and Germans killed Jews And everybody's bodies are used and abused Huh, minds are poisoned and souls are polluted Superi...

15. How Do You Want It by 2pac

  • Published: Unknown
How Do You Want It

I'm hittin'' switches on bitches like I been fixed with hydraulics Up and down like a roller coaster I'm up inside ya, I ain't quittin' 'til the show is over Cause I'm a rider, in and out just like a robbery, I'll probably be a freak and let you get ...

16. Living Hard by gary allan

  • Published: Unknown
Living Hard

r the price of your ticket And do it all over again tomorrow night Go, listen Livin' Hard is hardly livin' For a hard rockin', road dog, randy musician Playin' like the Stones, startin' to look like Dylan Livin' hard is hardly livin' Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa Go, listen Li...

17. Highway To Hell by ac dc

  • Published: Unknown
Highway To Hell

Livin' easy Livin' free Season ticket on a one way ride Askin' nothin' Leave me be Takin' everythin' in my stride Don't need reason Don't need rhyme Ain't nothin' that I'd rather do Goin' down Party time My friends are gonna be there too I'm on the hi...

18. Imma Be by black eyed peas

  • Published: Unknown
Imma Be

ome to a show You can see what I'm rockin And I'm pickin out a golden Imma be up in the club Doin whatever I like Imma be poppin that bubbly Cool and livin that good life Oh let's make this last forever Partyin when you together On and on and on-and-on-and On and ...

19. Nothin' But The Cooler Left by chris young

  • Published: Unknown
Nothin' But The Cooler Left

ot my boots on and ready to kick it off, brother If you're runnin' low, holler throw me another [Repeat Chorus] Oh, yeah, Everybody grab a cold beer Pop it open, raise it up in the air Bump cans with your neighbor, yeah Here's to good ole boys and country girls ever...

20. Naughty by run dmc

  • Published: Unknown

he brother's about to get naughty! [4X] [Run] How ya livin on the ill side, makin a livin driven, never givin a damn about the women and if this is life, your wife, you're livin trife For spite you hit the pipe every night and just fight You're naughty, make a girl get physi...