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1. Mamma I Ain't Changed by blaze ya dead homie

  • Published: Unknown
Mamma I Ain't Changed

me will pave the way Lets be real moma, I ain't changed If money means murda mama Murder is the plan Let it goooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! (I ain't change) [Blaze Ya Dead Homie] As I moved up in tha dope game Mama neva changed I would flip 2 bricks a...

2. Be Better Than Me by t i

  • Published: Unknown
Be Better Than Me

he grind in the A Wit the same ole j's I know the lames gone say that I done changed no way I'm in the gutta everyday tryna slang mo ya In the middle of the trap, we hang the dro blaze Niggaz in the trap ain't changed in 4 dayz Waitin on a page dat s...

3. Changed On Me by ace hood

  • Published: Unknown
Changed On Me

Got too many chains on me These niggas changed on me They up and changed on me (swear) [Hook:] These niggas changed on me I swear they up and changed on me Shit ain't been the same homie Ever since I seen the fame homie And they ain't did a thang homi...

4. Pray For Me by twista

  • Published: Unknown
Pray For Me

by die [chorus] Til the day that I die I'll stay true to my neighborhood fuck with my neighborhood nigga I wish you would Ain't shit changed like oh once said And oh no fool my nigga Fred ain't dead neither is Pook or Kansas City true og's still here...

5. On Doe, On Phil by t i

  • Published: Unknown
On Doe, On Phil

it for the team Hustle Gang nigga If you disrespect that I black the lac Hop out the back No flack and do my thing nigga Rappin' or not just know ain't nothing changed nigga It still a get ugly you get up in my range nigga Hustle Gang Asshole I'm the...

6. Gallywinter by pat green

  • Published: Unknown

red cowboy boots, Little red cowboy hat and a pistol that shoots straight as an eagle flies, mamma would come out say it's time to come in,I ain't going nowhere mamma and don't ask me again,I was just an outlaw riding on the trail knocking over stag...

7. Paid by machine gun kelly

  • Published: Unknown

in’ hate Skinny, white, black, no discriminate Yea, everybody is included Hell yea, we can do this Show me what you got, what your mamma gave you Make that pussy pop, put it on the table Just like that, do it like you do it when you lookin’ in the mi...

8. Deep In These Streets by kodak black

  • Published: Unknown
Deep In These Streets

ith her brain I got love for my niggas I know they love me the same When I was going through my struggle A couple of them changed It's okay I'm straight Cause I can hold up my weight I was locked up in my cell Had everything on wait I'm on 1800 block...

9. On The Train by basement jaxx

  • Published: Unknown
On The Train

City's got the best of me, collar's so tight seems there's no air to breathe Mamma gave me dancing legs, oh Mamma my, Mamma don't cry I'm sure I got short changed Time I got my aim right, no cocaine Check out the bone zone, I ain't stayin' I know you ...

10. Child Support by ice cube

  • Published: Unknown
Child Support

op they ass every night send the paramedics bitch and the black and white I brought you in this world I'll take you out do you ugly so mamma can't make you out you know my style a colt file a report I'm a dead-beat daddy no child support you get fool...

11. Fifteen by taylor swift

  • Published: Unknown

hen I swore I was gonna marry him someday But I realized some bigger dreams of mine And Abigail gave everything she had to a boy who changed his mind And we both cried 'Cause when you're fifteen and somebody tells you they love you You're gonna belie...

12. Star Gazing by nesian mystik

  • Published: Unknown
Star Gazing

hat Nesian tip, Tha Kid Oldwun stay on that grind till my family right ain’t givin’ up untill my mamma sleep proper at night still reppin’ that hood Grey Lynn, Ponsonby Sandringham, Mt. Albert, down to P.C Beach ain’t nothin’ changed, still puttin’ i...

13. Fallin Too by russ

  • Published: Unknown
Fallin Too

I'm callin too What you want, I wanna do Just tell me, and we can decide I don't wanna fight, yeah yeah Tell my mamma I'll be back In a little, I'm a save her No matter what went down I don't care, I don't blame her Yeah, yeah Tell my mamma I'll be ...

14. Aye by fetty wap

  • Published: Unknown

, ay Shit still ain't enough, ay Bank account got the most, ay I saved bread from the start, ay Show money from 15, ay Now shit's changed a lot, ay Six houses 400 cars, ay Seven hundred thousand on some jewelry, now they know a nigga large, ay All of...

15. West Savannah by outkast

  • Published: Unknown
West Savannah

[Big Boi] February 1st, 1975 it happened Was born in West Savannah way before I started rappin My mamma had a nigga at the age of fifteen My daddy was sellin that sack, now he's gots responsibilities Stayed at me granny's while me mammy was at work an...

16. Top Of The World (Remix) by brandy

  • Published: Unknown
Top Of The World (Remix)

ets That's the true honor Not the jewels or Garbana Any fool can't accomplish just a few hundred dollars That's paper thin, I got my mamma out the apron I'm loyal to her from eight to ten Make way for the twin [Fat Joe (Brandy)] Who the twins that be...

17. Top Of The World (Remix) by big punisher

  • Published: Unknown
Top Of The World (Remix)

ets That's the true honor Not the jewels or Garbana Any fool can't accomplish just a few hundred dollars That's paper thin, I got my mamma out the apron I'm loyal to her from eight to ten Make way for the twin [Fat Joe (Brandy)] Who the twins that be...

18. Nine Double 'Em by brother ali

  • Published: Unknown
Nine Double 'Em

housand lakes to dump the pistol in [Chorus] Oooh.. Wa-da-da-dang, wa-da-da-da-dang, listen to my nine millimeter go bang (Go Bang!) [x4] [Verse 2] I ran home quick, changed my clothes and dipped in my lady's transam If they ask you where I am don't ...

19. Mad by tha joker

  • Published: Unknown

ou mad, nigga? Get off your ass, nigga, get you some cash, nigga I started up with one dollar, one drink One bitch and just one teen One changed then the other follow My life turned to a horror scene No pot to piss, ain’t [?] But I felt like it was m...

20. Splurge by nelly

  • Published: Unknown

human things, cuz only humans change They label me a role model cuz i appeal to teens It really ain't that strange, now that I think about it I came up in the game, changed everything about it Im feelin better then ever without that Lotto shit I wai...