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1. Murs Rules The World by murs

  • Published: Unknown
Murs Rules The World

uess what? MURS rules the world Everything you touch and see Not a portion of a smidgen The whole fuckin' world is under my jurisdiction No restrictions, my volition From the way I rock the mic you might have had the suspicion that MURS rules the wor...

2. The 8th Samurai by murs

  • Published: Unknown
The 8th Samurai

wonder of the world right after the giant East Oakland California is where we conquer The formula to leave compititions silent See rarely pull that B in emcee Thought i'd give it to u straight At the one eight zero degree And I should be the man Rece...

3. Tomorrow by murs

  • Published: Unknown

ew addition to my problems Can't calculate the sum And can't stand the rain of Avalon as I travel on yet another mission Minus the umbrella My story's Cinderfella The one you least expect to live happy ever after Seein' only hope after ruins of disaster Is the curse and the bles...

4. Have A Nice Life by murs

  • Published: Unknown
Have A Nice Life

till take the deal For that type of opportunity a lot of kids would kill But I would never murder, I would much rather yield I don't wanna rule the realm I just wanna ride the storm and let God take the helm Tell my sons to be better than their old man was And pray to ge...

5. Reign by ja rule

  • Published: Unknown

a slug me I can get above it, it's my life and I thug it Even though I live it close to the edge I'm gettin closer to death, with every little step that I take, and be awake of my last days I hope the sun shines with a light rain That would mean the ...

6. Murda 4 Life by ja rule

  • Published: Unknown
Murda 4 Life

in the field nigga [Chorus] Niggaz live wit it, money drugs and murdah for life Bitches deal with it, only lovin them hoes for the night If your feeling it, get high its alright but you can't get it, until the day of our demise [repeat] [Memphis Bleek] You can ...

7. We Here Now by ja rule

  • Published: Unknown
We Here Now

sroad Cause the Lord knows It's Murda, hold those When yo casket close and yo soul rise high Remeber the DEAD dont die less they FUCK WIT I !!! [Ja Rule] Niggaz know who dope yo Shit the flow is retched And my gee too futuristic for you hoes to catch it I'm...

8. Batter Up by nelly

  • Published: Unknown
Batter Up

renzy Bob Let's go down to the announcers for the start of the game [Stadium announcer] And now.. please rise for the singing of our national anthem [Hook: (paraphrasing "The Jeffersons")] I say the fish don't fry in the kitchen Beans don't burn on t...