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1. Undertail {Bass Down Low}

  • Published: 2015-12-30T06:36:07+00:00
  • Duration: 217
  • By Mystery NA
Undertail {Bass Down Low}

I don't know if this is going to work, but youtube was blocking this video for some of my viewers and I am trying to find a way to counter this XD

2. Undertail {S&M Underfell)

  • Published: 2016-01-09T06:53:18+00:00
  • Duration: 268
  • By Mystery NA
Undertail {S&M Underfell)

Youtube video:

3. Hino do Corinthians Campeão Brasileiro 2011

Hino do Corinthians Campeão Brasileiro 2011

Link para a partitura, afinador etc: Este vídeo é uma homenagem ao Campeão Brasileiro de 2011, o Corinthians, que venceu o Campeonato Brasileiro em um empate com o Palmeiras. O vídeo também é uma homenagem ao Mystery Guitar Man, um dos melhores canais musicais do Youtube. O hino foi gravado em 12 garrafas (no fim das contas, na edição, apenas 10 foram usadas), que foram afinadas com a ajuda do software gStrings, instalado em um celular que usa Android. Para descobrir as notas do Hino, foi usada uma partitura aberta no software Encore. Após a gravação de todas as notas separadamente, elas foram organizadas na ordem e tempo correto no Adobe Premiere Pro CS5. Como base na edição, foi usada a versão do hino que pode ser vista aqui:

4. LA FELINE - Mystery Train

LA FELINE - Mystery Train

LA FELINE - Mystery Train (Official music video) extrait du mini lp "Wolf & Wheel", available on april 25th, 2011, on BS Records "Mystery Train", titre laureat du concours 2009, figurant sur la compilation En Francais dans le Texte (Discograph) video commissioner: Production du clip: Discograph 2010 Directed by elisa Cucinelli => Choregraphie: Laura Keil Light: Nina Pieroth dancers: Pavlína Trnka, Ayberk Esen, Martin Schultz Kristensen, Laura Keil Make-up: Pascalyne Lopez special thanks to Jochen Heyden and Sabrina Hubert

5. Olivier Heraud - Showreel 2016

Olivier Heraud - Showreel 2016

Cette bande démo contient des extraits de : ET PENDANT CE TEMPS, TOI TU COUPAIS DU JAMBON - Court métrage, 2014 NISSAN #MICRAATTITUDE - Publicité pour Nissan, 2013 WHO'S SEAN? - Court métrage, 2010 ALEXIS, REPORTER UN PEU MOYEN - Web série pour la Région Rhône-Alpes, 2012 MY PEARL - Clip pour Daisy Lambert, 2012 HEADLICE, THE STORY BEHIND THE HYPE - Mockumentary, 2016 CE SOIR, JE TE SORS - Clip pour Daisy Lambert, 2013 DANGEROUS - Clip pour Random Recipe, 2010 MACHINEURS DCP - Clip pour Les Machineurs, 2011 OLIVIER HERAUD'S DEMO REEL - Web serie, 2010-2013 CETELEM AND THE MYSTERY SHOPPER - Film institutionnel pour Cetelem, 2015 MERGUEZ & CHIPOLATA - Web série en animation, 2015 ALUNITES, VOEUX 2016 - Carte de voeux pour la société Alunites, 2016 EDENWIN, WIN TON DREAM - Publicité pour Edenwin, 2014 Merci aux DOP Thomas Walser, Yann Maritaud, Benjamin Gonçalves-Martin, Patrice Kalita et Romain Wilhelm pour les images et merci à tous les acteurs et tous les techniciens qui ont participé à ces tournages. Musique : Sinn Sisamouth, Ros Sereysothea - Mou Pei Na Retrouvez-moi sur !

6. 777 [pt. 02]

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  • Duration: 69
  • By studiostudio
777 [pt. 02]

a segunda parte dos 7 vídeos da série "777" muito empenho, amor a arte, pouco dinheiro e um bocado de imprevistos. foi assim que nasceu a segunda parte da série "777", que tem como foco a pesquisa dos arquétipos da mulher no oculto. a série é baseada em bruxas em suas mais diferentes nuances, a cigana pagã, a índia curandeira, a saxã rúnica e todo o universo misterioso e instigante que circunda a imagem da magia no feminino. o "filho" nasceu naturalmente e as ideias foram adequadas às nossas condições, sem deixar de perder a integridade estética do conceito da série. produção: / grazi meyer direção: tiago franco roteiro: luís knihs ( camêra/fotografia: henrique pereira / renata miguez edição: luís knihs / renata miguez ( figurino: belmondo maquiagem: grazi meyer modelo: corinne werner ________________________ VOODOOHOP na cama com DEVASSA 07.03, segunda às 23h pista paranormal ///moka silvy (devassa) ///thomash (voodoohop - sp) ///souksouklow (voodoohop - sp) ///roticv (mister mystery recs) pista bacanal ///tiago f. (devassa) ///say hoo! (bungalow - deu) ///paulo tessuto (sp) ///rubens peterlongo (voodoohop - sp) +hostess: corinne werner +exibição de vídeos de arte curados por fernando weber r$25 com nome na lista ([email protected]) r$30 sem nome na lista no vecchio giorgio (av. afonso delambert neto, 103 - lagoa) evento no facebook: mais infos: xxx

7. Brussels Breathe(s)

  • Published: 2010-12-12T20:44:20+00:00
  • Duration: 290
  • By Andri
Brussels Breathe(s) EN: (FR: ci-dessous | NL: hieronder) Brussels Breathe(s) From the heart: Brussels, I love you. As if you were a living, breathing, thing. You are indeed a collection of streets, buildings, stones, and much more, but I swear that in the morning...we can hear you breathe, on a warm Summer's day...feel you relax underneath us, and on a cold Winter's night, you curl yourself up do we. I didn't see it at first, not at all, but over these years you became first a friend, then a companion, and then a part of me, something I never expected. If I...had to imagine you as a piece of music, I couldn't chose one piece, or one kind. My soundtrack to you has always been as rich and diverse as you are; sometimes massive and dramatic, sometimes gentle and charming, sometimes electronic and breathless. During the years that I have lived here, I have found your seasons always beautiful, always intense. This is my small tribute to, in particular, the Summer of 2010, the time we finally appeared to part ways. Brussels...sometimes you nearly made me cry, as I sat on your rooftops, or lay down somewhere upon you, and stared out at a place which continued to surprise me, and bring wonder and mystery to life. If I've lost this feeling, I haven't forgotten it, and like love itself, I wonder what has happened, where it has gone. I hope desperately for things to change, to go back as they were. But we know that will never be. Life goes on, and places, just as people, change. From the which yearns to feel that delirious, beautiful Brussels again. -- From the head: Earlier this year, I started a project which was an attempt to record, and indeed resuscitate my love of the 'quietly glorious' city of Brussels. So many times I had thought to myself, why do we see (in the 'mass' of the media) so few homages to this charming, beautiful, and surprising place. I found this, and still find it, astonishing. This town has charm; the unexpected, the surreal, the absurd. It is dramatically honest, uncharacteristically modest, yet calmly dramatic. I thought to myself, it's waiting to be done; something which begins to show what makes Brussels so great, so loved, in fact, even when these words are so rarely used in describing this place. For almost half a year, almost every weekend, I carried my camera around with me, sitting down for hours on end, watching the city, looking for these 'slices of magic' which characterise the city. The way I imagined it should be is not as it has turned out, and I have learned a lot, through this, and after those months, I now see how differently I would do it if I would do it again. After much experimentation, I found a structure for the film which follows the structure of a day; moving from light to dark, and starting at the small scale, low down, then moving higher, and further up. The title comes from the fact that the very first footage I put to the wonderful soundtrack from Goldfrapp was that of the grass appearing to "breathe" as the sun passes across the sky. I found this moment to be one of the most surprising and atmospheric, and even though that grass could I suppose have been anywhere, for me it encompasses that feeling of this Summer in Brussels. I do feel that what I have made is just scratching at the surface of this place, and is limited by time, technique, and of course, my personal view upon the city. Of course to some people, this work may not really represent this place, as they see it, and even some parts can be seen as generic, as is often the case with time-lapse work in particular. It is not everyone's Brussels. It is of course made up of what I saw, how I saw it, and it hurts to think of all those moments I couldn't get, couldn't record, or didn't even see. To you, Brussels, Brussel, Bruxelles -- (Facebook:!/pages/Brussels-Breathes-Bruxelles-Respirent-Brussel-Ademt-2010/174144169282933?v=wall) -- FR: Bruxelles respire(nt) Du cœur: Bruxelles, je t'aime. Comme si tu étais un être vivant, qui respire. Tu es bien sûr un ensemble de rues, de bâtiments, de pierres et bien plus; mais je pourrais jurer que, le matin, on peut t'entendre respirer; par une chaude journée d'été, te sentir te détendre sous nos pas et, par une fraîche nuit d'hiver, te recroqueviller sur toi-même... comme nous le faisons tous. Je ne l'avais pas remarqué au départ, pas du tout, mais au cours de ces années tu est devenue d'abord une amie, puis une compagne et ensuite une part de moi, quelque chose à laquelle je ne m'attendais pas. Si je devais t'imaginer comme un morceau de musique, je ne pourrais choisir une seule piste ou un seul genre. Ta bande-son a toujours été aussi riche et variée que tu l'est toi-même : parfois imposante et spectaculaire, parfois douce et apaisante, parfois électronique et effrénée. Pendant les années que j'ai vécu ici, j'ai trouvé tes saisons toujours belles, toujours intenses. Ceci est mon petit hommage à, en particulier, l'été 2010; le moment qui nous a finalement vu nous séparer. Bruxelles... tu as parfois failli me faire pleurer lorsque j'étais assis sur tes toits ou allongé quelque part à admirer cet endroit qui continue à me surprendre et à apporter émerveillements et mystères à la vie. Si j'ai perdu ce sentiment, je ne l'ai pas oublié et, comme pour l'amour, je me demande ce qui s'est passé et où c'est parti. J'espère désespérément que les choses changent et redeviennent comme avant. Mais nous savons que ce ne sera jamais le cas. La vie continue et les lieux, tout comme les gens, changent. Du cœur... celui qui aspire à ressentir cette délirante et magnifique Bruxelles à nouveau. -- De la tête: Plus tôt cette année, j'ai commencé un projet qui était une tentative d'enregistrer et même de ressusciter mon amour de la «tranquillement glorieuse» ville de Bruxelles. Tant de fois je me suis demandé pourquoi voyons-nous (dans les médias de «masse») si peu d'hommages à cet endroit charmant, beau et surprenant. J'ai trouvé ça, et je le trouve encore, effarant. Cette ville a du charme, de l'inattendu, du surréalisme, de l'absurde. Elle est abondamment honnête, inhabituellement modeste, mais calmement abondante. Je me suis dit que c'était quelque chose que je devais faire, quelque chose qui commence à montrer ce qui fait de Bruxelles un lieu si génial, tant aimé en fait, même quand ces mots sont si rarement utilisés pour décrire ce lieu. Pendant près de la moitié de l'année, presque tous les week-end, j'emportais ma camera avec moi, assis pendant des heures en regardant la ville à la recherche de ces «tranches de magie» qui caractérisent si bien la ville. Le résultat s'est avéré très différent de ce que j'avais imaginé au départ. J'ai beaucoup appris grâce à cela et, après ces mois de travail, je vois maintenant comment je le ferais si je devais le refaire. Après de nombreux essais, j'ai trouvé une structure pour le film qui suit le déroulement d'une journée; les changements de la lumière à l'obscurité et le déplacement depuis la petite échelle, au ras du sol, jusqu'à une échelle plus grande et plus haute. Le titre vient du fait que la toute première séquence que j'ai monté avec la magnifique musique de Goldfrapp a été celle de l'herbe paraissant "respirer" alors que le soleil traverse le ciel. J'ai trouvé que ce moment était l'un des plus surprenants et atmosphériques; et même si cette herbe pourrait, je suppose, avoir été n'importe où, pour moi elle est empreinte de ce sentiment de cet été à Bruxelles. J'ai l'impression que ce que j'ai fait ici n'est que gratter à la surface de ce lieu et est limité par le temps, la technique, et bien sûr, mon opinion personnelle de la ville. Bien entendu, pour certaines personnes ce travail ne représente pas vraiment ce lieu comme ils le voient; et même certaines parties peuvent être considérées comme génériques comme c'est souvent le cas avec ce genre de travail sur le temps qui s'écoule. Ce n'est pas le Bruxelles de tout le monde. Il est bien entendu constitué de ce que j'ai vu, de comment je l'ai vu, et ça me fait mal de penser à tous ces moments que je n'ai pas pu attraper, pas pu enregistrer, ou même pas vu. Pour toi, Bruxelles, Brussel, Brussels (mes remerciements à Eric pour la traduction) -- (Facebook:!/pages/Brussels-Breathes-Bruxelles-Respirent-Brussel-Ademt-2010/174144169282933?v=wall) -- NL: Brussel(se) Adem(t) Uit het hart: Brussel, ik hou van je zoals ik hou van een levend, ademend wezen. Hoewel je een samenraapsel bent van onder meer straten, gebouwen en stenen, horen we je ademen; op een warme zomerdag voelen we je relax onder ons toeven, tijdens een koude winternacht vlei je je dicht tegen ons aan...hetgeen ook wij geneigd zijn te doen. Op het eerste zicht zag ik het helemaal niet, maar mettertijd werd je een vriend, een metgezel en uiteindelijk een deel van mezelf, iets wat ik nooit had verwacht. Als ik je zou moeten vergelijken met muziek zou ik dat met geen enkel nummer, laat staan een genre kunnen doen. De begeleidende soundtrack was altijd rijk en divers net zoals je zelf bent: soms groots en dramatisch, soms lief en charmant, dan weer elektronisch en adembenemend. Gedurende de jaren dat ik hier woonde, heb ik je seizoenen altijd mooi en intens gevonden. Dit is mijn kleine lofzang voor je, vooral voor de zomer van 2010, het moment waarop we eindelijk bleken dat onze wegen zouden scheiden. Brussel...soms deed je me bijna huilen, als ik op je daken zat, of ergens op je lag te staren naar een plaats die me bleef verrassen en die verwondering en mysterie brengt. Als ik dit gevoel ben verloren, ben ik het alleszins niet vergeten, en zoals liefde, vraag ik me af wat er gebeurd is, waar het heen gegaan is. Ik hoop dat dingen zullen veranderen, terug naar hoe ze waren. Maar, we weten dat dit niet zal gebeuren. Het leven gaat door en plaatsen, net als mensen, veranderen. Recht uit het hart...dat opnieuw verlangt naar dat geestverruimende en mooie Brussel van weleer. -- Uit het hoofd: Begin dit jaar ging ik van start met dit project. Het was de bedoeling om mijn liefde voor de “stille parel” die Brussel is te registreren. Zo vaak had ik me afgevraagd waarom we zo weinig hommages zien aan deze charmante, mooie en verrassende plaats in de media? Vreemd toch? Deze stad heeft charme; het onverwachte, het surreële, het absurde. Ze is dramatisch eerlijk, te bescheiden voor woorden en ja, soms ook wat dramatisch. Ik dacht bij mezelf dat deze kans moest worden gegrepen: een aanzet tot iets dat toont hoe mooi en bemind Brussel is. Haast een half jaar lang nam ik ieder weekend mijn camera mee en zat ik uren de stad gade te slaan, op zoek naar deze “magische flitsen” die deze stad zo kenmerken. Het resultaat is niet wat ik me had ingebeeld dat het zou worden. Tijdens het project heb ik veel bijgeleerd en ik merk dan ook dat ik één en ander nu anders zou aanpakken. Na veel geëxperimenteer, vond ik de structuur voor de film: zoals een dag, gaande van licht naar donker, kalmpjes startend, daarna in stijgende lijn omhoog. De allereerste shots die ik op de wondermooie soundtrack van Goldfrapp zette, waren er van gras dat lijkt te “ademen” wanneer de zon er mee speelt; vandaar de titel van de film. Dit moment was voor mij één van de meest verrassende en sfeervolle en hoewel dit gras eigenlijk overal had kunnen groeien, past het perfect bij het gevoel van de voorbije zomer in Brussel. Ik heb het gevoel dat hetgeen ik heb gemaakt slechts het topje van de ijsberg is: té beperkt in tijd, techniek en, uiteraard, gelimiteerd door mijn eigen bril op de stad. Ik besef dat voor sommigen deze film geen echte weergave is van deze plaats zoals zij deze zien en sommige stukken kunnen zelfs als generisch worden beschouwd zoals dat nu eenmaal vaak het geval is bij het spelen met tijd. Niet iedereen ervaart Brussel op deze manier. De film is uiteraard gebaseerd op hetgeen ik heb waargenomen, hoe ik dit heb gedaan en baadt in het besef dat ik veel momenten niet heb kunnen vastleggen, begrijpen of zelfs zien. Voor jou, Brussel, Brussels, Bruxelles (met mijn dank aan Wouter voor de vertaling) -- (Facebook:!/pages/Brussels-Breathes-Bruxelles-Respirent-Brussel-Ademt-2010/174144169282933?v=wall) --

8. 777 [pt. 03]

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  • Duration: 113
  • By studiostudio
777 [pt. 03]

a terceira parte dos 7 vídeos da série "777" produção: assistente de produção: corinne werner direção: tiago franco roteiro: luís knihs ( camêra/fotografia: henrique pereira/renata miguez edição: luís knihs/renata miguez ( editor de som: ledgroove figurino: maurício magagnin / corinne werner maquiagem: corinne werner modelo: anna carolina porto trilha: "the rapture", siouxsie and the banshees infos do evento: ________________________ DEVASSA & BATMACUMBA 13.05, sextafeira13 – 21h ///21h00 montechristo ///22h00 velcros & canivettes ///22h40 montechristo ///23h20 circo quebra-copos ///24h00 os skrotes ///24h40 holger (bungalow recs – de) ///01h40 drunk disco (cwb) ///02h40 rotciv (mister mystery recs) ///03h40 ménage bruxólico +hostess: corinne werner +vídeo-instalação da série 777 +performance cênica por incógnita??? +exposição de incógnita??? dress code macumba feiticeira: a melhor demônia ganha uma garrafa de jack! $20 até a 1h c/nome na lista, r$25 sem emails para [email protected] no CÉLULA CULTURAL rodovia joão paulo, 75 (próx. ao viaduto do cemitério itacorubi) evento no facebook: . . . xxx

9. Junior Bartender Challenge 2015

Junior Bartender Challenge 2015

Na Slovensko prichádza nová juniorská barmanská súťaž, ktorá sa zameriava na praktické vedomosti a zručnosti nádejných barmanov. Skladá sa zo štyroch súťažných disciplín. 1. Blind tasting - ochutnaj cocktail a zisti bázu, z ktorej sa skladá 2. Signature cocktail - je to len na tebe 3. Written knowledge - základné znalosti zo sveta mixológie 4. Mystery box & market challenge - dostaneš 10 euro, do 30 minút si nakúp čo potrebuješ na tržnici, z mystery boxu si vytiahneš jednu surovinu a namiešaj niečo kreatívne

10. Ste Faustine - Trailer

Ste Faustine - Trailer

--- English will follow --- Égaré dans des ruelles abandonnées à la hâte, le joueur va tenter de comprendre ce qui a bien pu se passer à Sainte-Faustine. Son seul atout contre les ténèbres entourant ce mystère : un appareil photo… qui permettra peut-être, cliché après cliché, de rassembler toutes les pièces du puzzle. Mais attention, cette ville auparavant paisible n’a pas été brusquement qualifiée de maudite pour rien, et d'ailleurs, maintenant que l'on y regarde de plus près, elle n'a plus l'air si abandonnée que ça... Ce jeu d'exploration photographique est né d'expérimentations alliant les sujets de recherches de quatre étudiants en Master 2 ATI. Musique du trailer : Saelynh - Something is broken -------------------------------- Lost in streets abandoned in a hurry, the player will try to understand what could have happened in Sainte-Faustine. His only card against the darkness shrouding this mystery : a camera... which might permit, photograph after photograph, to assemble all the pieces of the puzzle. But beware, this not-so-long-ago peaceful city wasn't abruptly called cursed for no reason, and beside, now that we're having a closer look, it doesn't appear so abandoned anymore... This photographical exploration game was born from experimentations tying the research topics of four students in ATI Master 2. Trailer's music : Saelynh - Something is broken

11. 6D - Apartment 6D

6D - Apartment 6D

Ang pelikung 6D ay tungkol sa isang batang may bespren na bola. Sa building na kanilang tinitirhan may nangyaring krimen. May pinatay. Kung sino at ano, walang nakaka alam. Maliban na lamang bola na bespren ng batang autistic. Ang bola di umano ang nakasaksi ng lahat. Halusinasyon, obsesyon o delusyon? Nang bata, bola o ng building? Murder, Mystery at madilim na panaginip sa isang building sa Malate

12. Salomé ( short-movie )

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  • Duration: 1348
  • By igorcabral
Salomé ( short-movie )

"O mistério do Amor é maior do que o mistério da Morte. Só para o Amor se deve olhar." Livremente inspirado na peça homônima de Oscar Wilde. "The mystery of Love is greater than the mystery of Death. Love only should one consider." Freely inspired by Oscar Wilde's homonymous play. with English subtitles. com/with Débora Melo Eduardo Tornaghi Felipe Cataldo Norah de Abreu Ignacio Aldunate Dani Francisco Renata Than Lúcio Timóteo Ivan Cabral Direção, Roteiro e Montagem / Directed, Script and Edited by Igor Cabral Direção de Produção / Produced by Maria Flor Brazil Muriel Alves Direção de Fotografia / Cinematography Cristiana Miranda Direção de Arte / Art Direction Sabrina Bitencourt Bia Pimenta Som Direto / Sound Josinaldo Medeiros Paulim Trilha Sonora Original / Original Score Zackarias Nepomuceno Efeitos Sonoros e Mixagem / Sound Effects and Sound Mix Tiago Leal Figurino / Costume Design Fabíola Trinca Assistência de Figurino / Costume Design Assistant Samitri Bará Maquiagem / Makeup Artist Manu Monteiro Assistência de Fotografia / AC Leonardo Miranda Assistência de Direção / AD Igor Barradas Felipe Cataldo Assistência de Produção / PA Gabriela Marques Coreografia / Choreography Milena Codeço Fotografia Adicional / Aditional Cinematography Igor Cabral Iluminação e Elétrica / Gaffer Danilson Colorista / Colorist Fabrício Batista Desenho Gráfico / Graphic Design Thiago Venturotti Produção / Production Company Cabra Bom Filmes Co-Produção / Co-Production Cineclube Mate com Angu Sobretudo Produção Apoio Calibre Filmes Abaeté Filmes Cavídeo Rio de Janeiro, Brasil 2010

13. Krawędź ziemi / Meet me at the edge of the Earth - trailer

Krawędź ziemi / Meet me at the edge of the Earth - trailer

Meet me at the edge of the Earth / Krawędź ziemi narrative short's trailer / zwiastun krótkometrażowego filmu fabularnego ENG: This is independent project by amateurs. If you liked it please show us your support by clicking 'like', leaving comments or passing the link to your friends. The best reward for filmmakers is to find their audience. Thank you! PL: Film niezależny, wykonany przez amatorów. Jeśli podoba ci się zwiastun i chcesz nas wspomóc, proszę wciśnij 'like', zostaw komentarz lub podaj dalej link. Najlwiększą nagrodą dla twórców są widzowie. Dziękujemy! ENG: Tomek, ten-year-old boy, stays at his grandmother’s house for country vacation. When strange people appear in the neighborhood, his friend goes missing and relatives try to hide something from him, the boy rebels. His attempts to solve the mystery will lead him to discovery of the bitter, adult truth. ‘Meet me at the edge of the Earth’ is a journey trough the human mind filled with the fixed images of childhood mysteries blending with the adulthood. The film asks questions about persistence of feelings and our identity in the face of devastating changes. PL: Dziesięcioletni Tomek spędza wakacje u babci na wsi. Kiedy w okolicy pojawiają się obcy ludzie, jego przyjaciel znika bez śladu a bliscy próbują coś przed nim ukryć chłopiec buntuje się. Jego próby rozwiązania zagadki doprowadzą go do odkrycia gorzkiej, dorosłej prawdy. “Krawędź ziemi” jest podróżą przez ludzki umysł wypełniony utrwalonymi w nim obrazami tajemnic dzieciństwa i przenikającej się z nim dorosłości. Film stawia pytania o trwałość uczuć i naszej tożsamości w obliczu dewastujących ją zmian. Full movie / pełny film: News / aktualności: Press pack / materiały prasowe: cast / występują: Tomek - Tomek Piękosz Franek - Franek Ślusarski grandma / babcia - Krystyna Jaśkowska Zuzia - Zuzia Pollesch the old man / mężczyzna w podeszłym wieku - Konrad Karol Pollesch stranger / nieznajomy - Tomasz Brajer doctor / lekarz - Jarosław Grzyb neighbor / sąsiad - Rafał Jędrysiak neighbor's wife / sąsiadka - Natalia Lippa strange woman / obca kobieta - Maria Wachulec grown-up / dorosły mężczyzna - Piotr Stachowiak forest workers / robotnicy - Marek Walczyk, Adam Barański, Nikodem Wojciechowski written, directed and edited by / scenariusz, reżyseria, montaż, vfx - Nikodem Wojciechowski cinematography / zdjęcia - Paweł Soja camera operators / operatorzy kamer - Paweł Soja, Karol Wójcicki, Ignacy Pacanowski, Marek Walczyk, Olga Weber sound edit / dźwięk - Mateusz Nowicki boom operators / mikrofony - Mateusz Nowicki, Piotr Stachowiak music / muzyka - Andrzej Zagajewski with the help from the band / z udziałem zespołu - Bumtralala produced by / produkcja - Natalia Lippa, Nikodem Wojciechowski - Lunatico co-production / współpraca producencka - Sylwia Szczepańska - FilMagia casting and pedagogical support / casting i współpraca pedagogiczna - Katarzyna Zawadzka co-operation and support / współpraca i wsparcie - Katarzyna Piękosz transport - Marek Walczyk special thanks / specjalne podziękowania: państwo Weber rodzina Piękoszów rodzina Ślusarskich państwo Knapikowie ze Smardzowic Staromiejskie Centrum Kultury Młodzieży Teatr KTO ks. proboszcz Bogusław Bodziony z parafii Matki Bożej Różańcowej w Smardzowicach Anna Kania, Marysia Surzycka, Małgorzata Werbińska, Rafał Zieliński, Eleonora Wojciechowska, Maciej Wójtowicz, Oskar Zasępa The awards / nagrody: KILOFF 2012 - ‘Meet me at the Edge of the Earth’ - I AWARD & AUDIENCE AWARD ZUBROFFKA 2012 - ‘Meet me at the Edge of the Earth’ - II AWARD GOFFR 2012 - ‘Meet me at the Edge of the Earth’ - I AWARD & AUDIENCE AWARD FFN NAKRECENI BELCHATOW 2012 - ‘Meet me at the Edge of the Earth’ - Ist MENTION SPAM 2012 - ‘Meet me at the Edge of the Earth’ - II AWARD UK FILM FESTIVAL LONDON - ‘Meet me at the Edge of the Earth’ - HONORABLE MENTION Kraków 2012

14. An Diomhair le Àrd-sgoil MhicNeacail

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An Diomhair le Àrd-sgoil MhicNeacail

Tha buidheann de chlann-nigheann a' suileachadh gun tig aca air cliù a chosnadh ma lorgas iad fianais air na thachair nuair a chaidh sgoilear air chall bliadhnaichean air ais. A group of pupils hear about a missing girl and decide they must investigate what happened, solving the mystery and satisfying their own desires for fame.

15. Reconsagrando o Feminino

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Reconsagrando o Feminino Vivência de mulheres na Aldeia do Sol - Reconsagrando o Feminino. Gathering for the Sacred Feminine at the Village of the Sun (Aldeia do Sol), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Em sintonia com o trabalho, uma oração Lakota que honra a interconexão do Todo. Aho é a palavra que eles usam como Amém e Mitakuye Oyasin é por todas as minhas relações. "Aho Mitakuye Oyasin. All my relations. I honor you in this circle of life with me today. I am grateful for this opportunity to acknowledge you in this prayer.... To the Creator, for the ultimate gift of life, I thank you. To the mineral nation that has built and maintained my bones and all foundations of life experience, I thank you. To the plant nation that sustains my organs and body and gives me healing herbs for sickness, I thank you. To the animal nation that feeds me from your own flesh and offers your loyal companionship in this walk of life, I thank you. To the human nation that shares my path as a soul upon the sacred wheel of Earthly life, I thank you. To the Spirit nation that guides me invisibly through the ups and downs of life and for carrying the torch of light through the Ages, I thank you. To the Four Winds of Change and Growth, I thank you. You are all my relations, my relatives, without whom I would not live. We are in the circle of life together, co-existing, co-dependent, co-creating our destiny. One, not more important than the other. One nation evolving from the other and yet each dependent upon the one above and the one below. All of us a part of the Great Mystery. Thank you for this Life."


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Sathya Sai Baba sings: SATHYAM SIVAM SUNDERAM - Truth, Goodness, Beauty. Na Punyam Na Papam Na Saukhyam Na Dukkham Na Manthra Na Tirtham Na Veda Na Yajnam Aham Bhojanam Na Bhojanam Naiva Bhojam Na Kartau Sadananda Rupam Advaitam Sathyam Sivam Sundaram Sadananda Rupam sivoham sivoham MEANING: Neither sin nor merit; neither pleasures nor pain. Neither sacred formulae nor sacred places. Neither Vedas nor yajnas (rituals). I am neither the eaten nor the eater nor the act of eating; I am the ever blissful One, One without a second, Truth, Goodness and Beauty. I am THAT. The title, "Sathyam Shivam Sundaram" is full of meaning. It speaks of Me as immanent in every one of you, remember. Sathyam (Truth) is the basic reality of you all; that is why you resent being called a liar. The real "you" is innocent; he will not accept an imputation that is false. The real "you" is Shivam--joy, happiness, auspiciousness---but not shavam (corpse). It is Shubham (beautiful), Nithyam (permanent), Aanandham (bliss). How then can you bear being called otherwise? The real "you" is Beauty, and so you resent being called ugly. The aathma has got entangled in the body which it does not like; it is weighed down by shame when you identify it with the body and attribute to it the weaknesses and deficiencies of that physical vehicle. Sathya Sai Baba Suppose you are asked: "Who created all this multiplicity in the world; who is responsible for all this variety?" What will you answer?... The correct response is, "There is no multiplicity at all!"... The one divine self remains the one self forever. You mistake it as many. The fault is in you. Correct your vision. Remove your delusion. The divinity did not change into the world just as the rope did not change into a snake. In the dark you mistook the rope to be a snake but it remains a rope. So also, the divine self remains the divine self though your ignorance of this fact makes you see it as world... The world of diversity stands on one leg called delusion. Cut down that leg and the world falls... I often tell you not to identify even me with this particular body. You do not understand. You call me by only one name and believe I have only one form, but there is no name I do not bear and there is no form which is not mine. After long searches here and there in temples and in churches, at last you come back completing the circle from where you started, and find that he for whom you have been seeking all over the world, for whom you have been weeping and praying in churches and temples, on whom you were looking as the mystery of all mysteries, is the nearest of the near... your very self... the reality of your life, body and soul. Assert it! Manifest it! You as body, mind or soul are a dream. But what you really are is pure existence, knowledge, bliss. You are the God of this universe. You are creating this whole universe and drawing it in. To gain the Infinite, the miserable little prison individuality must go.... Follow the heart. A pure heart seeks beyond the intellect. It gets inspired.... Within you is the real happiness. Within you is the mighty ocean of nectar divine. Seek it within you. Feel it. Feel it. It is here, the self. It is not the body, the mind, the intellect. All these are simply manifestations. Above all these you are. You appear as the smiling flower, as the twinkling stars. What is there in the world which can make you desire anything? Sathya Sai Baba

17. Tamam Shud, episode 3

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Tamam Shud, episode 3

"Tamam Shud" (epizod 3) "Nuovo Mondo: Wycieczka z przewodnikiem po niebie i piekle" [English version please scroll down] Alex Cecchetti Udział biorą: Tim Etchells i Ola Maciejewska Kuratorzy: The Book Lovers Video / Projekt identyfikacji: post- noviki Organizatorzy: Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej Zamek Ujazdowski i Muzeum Rzeźby im. Xawerego Dunikowskiego Królikarnia Miejsce: Muzeum Rzeźby w Królikarni, ul. Puławska 113a, Warszawa Termin: 28 (piątek) października, godz. 19:00 Wycieczka w języku angielskim REZERWACJA: [email protected] "Drogi Williamie, Zgodnie z Twoimi zaleceniami zamiast żeglować ze wschodu na zachód, zeszliśmy z góry na dół. Przejście istnieje. Przybiliśmy do lądu, który uznaliśmy za nowy świat. Właśnie stąd do Ciebie piszę. To nie wspaniałości tutejszej egzotyki wprawiły nas w takie podekscytowanie. Odczuwamy je, bowiem nabraliśmy pewności, że do każdego nowo odkrytego świata prowadzą co najmniej dwa przejścia. Znaleźliśmy się w miejscu, do którego wiodą wszystkie drogi." "Nuovo Mondo: Wycieczka z przewodnikiem po niebie i piekle" to trzeci epizod powstającej powieści artystycznej Tamam Shud. To również performatywne seminarium na temat poezji, a także wędrówka przez koncentryczne okręgi, wiodące w górę i w dół w budynku Pałacu Królikarnia w Warszawie. Alex Cecchetti przeprowadzi uczestników performansu przez tajemnicze korytarze pałacu, w których odczyta fragmenty poezji. Co jest piekłem dla wielu, może być niebem dla nielicznych. Do grudnia 2017 Alex Cecchetti pracuje nad nową powieścią artystyczną za pomocą takich narzędzi jak performans, wystawy i publiczne czytania. Utracone wspomnienia, odnalezione ślady i pierwsze próby rozwiązania zagadki to tylko niektóre elementy, które zaznaczą początek procesu twórczego. Jeśli chcecie dowiedzieć się więcej o projekcie Tamam Shud, zapraszamy na stronę: ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// "Tamam Shud " (episode 3) "Nuovo Mondo: Tour Guide of Heaven and Hell" Alex Cecchetti With Tim Etchells and Ola Maciejewska Curated by The Book Lovers Video / graphic designers: post - noviki Organised by: Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle and Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle and Xawery Dunikowski Museum of Sculpture "Tour Guide" takes place at the Museum of Sculpture at Królikarnia Palace (Puławska 113a, Warsaw), on October 28 at 19:00. RSVP at [email protected] "Dear William, We have done as you said, and instead of sailing from east to west we went from up here to down there. The passage exists. We have reached the shores of what we think it is a new world. I write you from here. The great excitement is not about the exotic things we may find, but the certitude we now have that for every new world discovered at least two passages exist. Everything is connected to here and from here." "Nuovo Mondo: Tour Guide of Heaven and Hell" is the third episode in Alex Cecchetti’s ongoing artist’s novel, Tamam Shud. It is also is a performative seminar on poetry, a walk through the concentric circles that descend and ascend through the building of the Królikarnia Palace in Warsaw. Alex Cecchetti will accompany the public through these narrow passages where artists embody poems. What is hell for many can be heaven for some. Until December 2017, Alex Cecchetti develops a new artist’s novel through tools such as performances, exhibitions, and public editorial readings. Lost memories, recovered traces, and the first investigations to solve the mystery are some of the elements that will signal the beginning of the creative process. If you want to know more about the Tamam Shud project, please visit:



MEMORIUM OFIAR OBŁAWY AUGUSTOWSKIEJ THE AUGUSTÓW ROUNDUP VICTIMS MEMORIAL ALEKSANDRA CYWONIUK [email protected] ✕ ✕ ✕ Obława augustowska miała miejsce w lipcu 1945 roku na terenach Suwalszczyzny. Polegała na likwidacji przez oddziały Armii Czerwonej osób powiązanych z partyzantką niepodległościową. Przeszukano ponad 100 wsi i miast aresztując 7049 osób. Podejrzanych przesłuchiwano i torturowano. Przetrzymywano ich skrępowanych drutem kolczastym w dołach wypełnionych wodą pod gołym niebem przez kilka dni. Obława pochłonęła co najmniej 592 ofiary. Miejsce kaźni od przeszło 70 lat pozostaje tajemnicą. Projekt Memorium Ofiar Obławy Augustowskiej został wykonany w ramach pracy magisterskiej na Wydziale Architektury Politechniki Gdańskiej. Opiera się na idei architektonicznej drogi wrażeń. Jej koncepcja polega na nacechowaniu rzeczywistych materiałów budowlanych, detali inżynierskich i rozwiązań konstrukcyjnych nieuchwytnymi emocjami. Główną przestrzenią upamiętniającą jest głęboki na 6 metrów dół z 592 betonowymi kolumnami. Ustawione w nieregularnych odstępach, niepokojąco nachylone słupy stoją w warstwie 2 cm wody. Brodząc w niej widz staje się uczestnikiem makabrycznego widowiska martwych cieni. W tej konsekwentnej prostocie rozwiązań odnaleziono duchowy wymiar architektury. Memorium nastraja, przytłacza, wzrusza, motywuje, uszlachetnia. Gwarantuje w ten sposób poznanie, przekazanie i przetrwanie świadectwa prawdy. Architektura, odwołując się do najgłębszych uczuć i pragnień – nieodwracalnie odmienia. Więcej o projekcie: ✕ ✕ ✕ The Augustów roundup took place on July 1945 on the wide area of Suwałki Region. It was a pacification process and eventually an elimination of the people suspected to be connected with underground independency army. The whole operation was prosecuted by The Red Army. More than 100 villages and towns were searched. As a consequence 7049 people were arrested. The suspects were interrogated and tortured. They were thrown into the pit filled with water, tied with a barbed wire and kept this way outside for several days. The official death toll is 592, but it has not been verified yet. The location of the graves of the victims remains a mystery for 70 years. The Augustów Roundup Victims Memorial is a master's thesis and was designed during Gdansk University of Technology Faculty of Architecture studies. The project is based on an idea of an architectural "emotional route". Raw building materials, construction details and technical solutions were marked with ephemeral sensations. The main commemoration space is a 6 m deep pit with 592 concrete columns. Chaotically arranged and ominously tilted, they are placed in the shallow water. Wading through water the perceiver unwittingly takes part in a dead shadows spectacle. In the consequent simplicity of the design the nonmaterial dimension of the architecture was found. The memorial touches, overwhelms, provokes, motivates and ennobles. Thus guarantees cognition, transmission and remaining of the truth. The design refering to the inner feelings and great desires irreversibly changes the spectator.


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Neste vídeo o afamado pua Badboy criador do estilo Direct de paquera, nos dá dicas e demonstra como devemos usar nossa linguagem corporal de forma correta a passarmos uma imagem de macho Alpha. Algo essencial para qualquer pua seja iniciante ou avançado é ter uma linguagem corporal que lhe forneça "vantagem" ante outros homens na hora da conquista,e está vantagem se dá quando temos uma linguagem corporal de um "verdadeiro macho Alpha",pois mulheres são muito atraídas por homens com uma forte presença e que tenham características de ser um líder, pessoalmente reconheço que este vídeo será muito importante pois muitos incluindo eu cometem os erros citados por Badboy,por isso é bom sempre que possível se alto policiar e receber um feedback sincero de seu wing sobre sua Bl ou se possivel grave suas interações sociais e se corrija pois isso representa seu sucesso com as mulheres gostosas e em sua vida, enfim linguagem corporal representa 90% de nossa comunicação e é uma lei dos principais estilos de paquera ter uma Bl que lhe favoreça sucesso,espero que gostem do vídeo vejam-o quantas vezes for preciso tive muito trabalho para legenda-lo graças ao incentivo do pua chen. Neste maravilhoso vídeo tem dicas preciosas em relação a linguagem corporal que muitos puas famosos como mystery falam e o que devemos ter cuidado de comunicar com nossa linguagem corporal na hora da sarge e que eu mesmo e muitos amigos já vi cometer ( falar rápido, se inclinar pra garota,não ter liderança ,etc) . Este vídeo é uma raridade e um tesouro pois vc vai ficar anos luz na frente de outros homens !!! Bons estudos e sucesso !!!! Apolo 7

20. megaPrzygoda - Hamada el-Tfal

megaPrzygoda - Hamada el-Tfal

Filmowa wędrówka po Maroko - ponad 6 tysięcy kilometrów drogami i bezdrożami. Zapraszamy na niezwykłą podróż po medynach średniowiecznych Fezu, Meknesu, Szewszawan i Marrakeszu, przez wysokie przełęcze gór Atlas i nad tajemnicze górskie jeziora, do starożytnych ruin rzymskiego Volubilis, przez potężne lasy cedrowe, do kazb i ksarów - obronnych fortec i wiosek berberyjskich, na piaszczyste wydmy Sahary i przez hamadę (pustynię kamienistą), na wybrzeże Atlantyku z umarłymi statkami i przedziwnymi formami skalnymi. A movie journey across Morocco - over 6.000 km of roads and off-the-road trails. We invite you to share an extraordinary trip to the medieval Moroccan towns of Fes, Meknes, Chefchaouen and Marrakesh, across the high passes in the Atlas mountains, to the mystery mountain lakes, to Volubilis - the ruins of ancient Rome, to the huge cedar forests, to the kasbahs and ksars - fortresses and fortified settlements of Berber tribes, across the dunes of Sahara and black stones of Hamada, to the Atlantic shore with its strange rock formations and dead ships.