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1. Netflix Trip by ajr

  • Published: Unknown
Netflix Trip

Wonder where we're going Tell me who I am Take in every moment Hold it close again Now the finale's done and I'm alone I'm on a Netflix trip here on my phone But who I am is in these episodes So don't you tell me that it's just a show. Who are we to...

2. Netflix & Chill by nick bean

  • Published: Unknown
Netflix & Chill

ake a deal baby Come right over girl so we can Netflix and Chill girl [Chorus:] Netflix and Chill Netflix and Chill Girl, Netflix and Chill Let me keep it real, oh Netflix and Chill Netflix and Chill, girl Netflix and Chill Let me keep it real oh I'm...

3. #Better by mindless behavior

  • Published: Unknown

he can tell when a Nigga tryna' short her And keep a pill bottle in the Pocket of the Louis bag that I bought her We be watching netflix She be making breakfast Now we both got bloodshot She said give me gunshot And give me really good head But won't...

4. You A Bitch by chance the rapper

  • Published: Unknown
You A Bitch

in', I be drippin' when I'm off the fuckin' acid And that [Verse 3 - Kami De Chukwu:] Me I'm a pimp All in your crib With your bitch Watchin' Netflix Bet that I hit She ask where you at me I tell her don't trip I tell her don't trip Like hope you get...

5. Spoons by macklemore

  • Published: Unknown

of Game of Thrones? (Aw hell nah!) I hold that against you (hmm mm!) I want to forgive you, but inside I'm resentful With your lame claims that we had different schedules! (we didn't!) I've seen your Netflix queues, you're busted! Can I even trust yo...

6. Royalty by jeremih

  • Published: Unknown

- Jeremih:] Now you got some new tricks, no? Movin' yo' hips, no? Now she gon' get it, hold it back for a nigga You know you make me wanna dip around Maybe we could trip around Right eye is the visual, this right eye is the [?] Your games all I wann...

7. Spoiled by wale

  • Published: Unknown

a minute TMZ flicking me in my cloths for a minute Back in the building I'm rolling backwoods with my dogs Talkin' to my niggas, I mean Robyn and Melissa I'm too cool to trip off a chick who gold diggin' Too much on Balmain, that's too many zippers ...

8. Pictures by berner

  • Published: Unknown

off My gun getting hotter than yardi food with jerk sauce He ain't a good man why he shop at Bergdorf? Kid on the whip, take a trip to see paradise Come from a strip where it's lit, yeah the barrel life Live low in the cab like I'm Pablo using the sa...

9. Older Crowd by mc chris

  • Published: Unknown
Older Crowd

ious sneezing, coughing Spilling beer and breaking glasses They're no fun, these trust fund fascists No more head tricks, we've got Netflix Let's grow beehives and mustaches I got the bass for your face Yes I can hold it down These kids are such a di...

10. Brand New Guy by asap rocky

  • Published: Unknown
Brand New Guy

h Balls in my hands and your bitch in my house Twisting up weed I'm digging her out Just filling her out Do all that shit you be talking about While you gone? Shit, NetFlix on your couch What this pop corn about? Microwave oven while you out there cu...

11. Dinner And A Movie by chris webby

  • Published: Unknown
Dinner And A Movie

t up yo" "Nothing boo, let's get drunk, come through" Get her address and I GPS'ed it Thinking we gon' have some drink and dinner over Netflix Maybe smoke a joint, then later have some sex with Her, not knowing that she's crazy and obsessive Got ther...