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1. Circlesong 6 (Peter Power Edit)

Circlesong 6 (Peter Power Edit)

a little Bobby Mcferrin edit for your feet. Music Video:

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2. Peter Power - Sun Sun Damba

Peter Power - Sun Sun Damba

For Sun Gaze part III Peter Power pulls up the post peyote summer sunrise anthem, a sweet sing-a-long perfect for cult heart-opening exercises and shamanic morning rituals.

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3. Berimbau (Peter Power Edit)

Berimbau (Peter Power Edit)

Original samples from: Nillo Banderlux Yuuji Hiromoto

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4. Essentia #1: Peter Power

  • Published: 2017-06-13T10:50:14Z
  • By Nomade
Essentia #1: Peter Power

@peter-power in amazing selection of Global folk - Post Colonial Cafe Mix. - Carlos Puebla, Santiago Martinez, Pedro Sosa - En El tiempo da Colonia (Cuba) - Santocas - Valodia (Angola) - Orchestre Régional de Ségou - Da Manzon (Mali) - Ray Perez Y Sus Kenya - Reproche - (Colombia) - Orchestre Paillote - La Guinee Moussolou (Guinea) - Amadou Ballaké et Les 5 Consuls - Renouveau (Burkina Faso) - Hiran'ny Tanoran'ny Ntao Lo - Oay Lahy E (Madagascar) - Unknown - Retro Senegal (Senegal) - West African Rhythm Brothers - Nigeria Odowoyin (Nigeria) - Hank Jones Meets Cheick-Tidiane Seck and the Mandinkas - Hadja Fadima (Mali) - Mamadou Diabate - Elyne Road (Mali) - Jali Musa Jawara - Soubindoor (Guinea) - Royal Band de Thies - N'dongo Dara (Senegal) - Sidi Ali Ben Hamdouch - Majid Bekkas - (Morroco) - Mevlânâ Kültür ve Sanat Vakfý Sanatçýlarý - Ferahfeza Peprev (Turkey) - Carnaval de Socca (Adaptado por Augusto Masias H.) (Andina Puneña) - Makvala & Archil Chiklhadze - Sichabuke (Georgia) - Baden Powell & Vinícius de Moraes - Tristeza E Solidão (Brasil) - Nara Leão - Funeral De Um Lavrador (Version Francês) (Brasil) - Violeta Parra - La Petaquita (Chile)

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6. 'Red Roses' - B2: KRR001

'Red Roses' - B2: KRR001

A hypnotic tale of roses and enchanted love amidst the misty, rippling waters of a wet dream. Kleine Reise Records: KR Family EP: Vol 1 Release date 21.04.2012

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7. Naphta - Lys (Peter Power Edit)

Naphta - Lys (Peter Power Edit)

A little edit of the beautiful and haunting little number that is Naphta - Lys. Discover the original:

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8. Peter Power - Dansakoni

Peter Power - Dansakoni

Multi Culti’s lucid-lifestyle dreamer Peter Power takes us on a free-wheeling trip to the motherland on AFRO DAMBA. The Irish-born Voodoohop resident has returned from the jungles of Bahia with a fresh ep of primal party tracks sampling voices and rhythms from across Africa and it’s neighbouring islands, producing what is easily his most club-oriented work to date. Whereas his tracks for Voodoohop were spiritual flute-heart-openers, these are neo-pagan mating-ritual floor-fillers. The rhythm is set to tribal chug, with rollicking percussion, reverb-soaked vocals, and all the fun jangly bells & bits you expect to be hanging off such a well-traveled producer. If that weren’t enough, we enlisted Romanian-dance-duo Khidja to double-down and remix both Adama Waro and Dansakoni (available as a digital-exclusive). Resident mix-lord Dreems also weighs in with a subtle remix of Dansakoni, gently upping the tempo and tweaking the knobs in selfless service of the original groove. • ‘Dansakoni’ samples Guinea’s Famadou Konaté

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9. De Ushuaia A La Quiaca (Peter's Inverse Edit)

De Ushuaia A La Quiaca (Peter's Inverse Edit)

A little edit to pull those heart strings and jerk those tears. Gustavo Santaolalla & Black Star Liner

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10. Voodoocast 009 - Peter Power

  • Published: 2016-10-11T14:08:35Z
  • By voodoohop
Voodoocast 009 - Peter Power

Atmospherical filtration of this year's earthly adventures. Little tingles, spine trickles, Dark, light and serpentine. Fly eye, into the sky, Down to the ground, Shake it all around. TRACKLIST: - Morning Light Mosam Howieson - Spirals Donato Dozzy - Concert for Sails San Ignacio - Otacilia Josh Peck - Untitled Nillo -Niebla Ninze - Nomades Night Owl Simon Bird - Village and Eye of Water Psycho Mantis - The Loon Baru - Seagulls Andi Otto - Bangalore Whispers Martha Van Straaten & Jascha Hagen - Blackbird Arutani - Mar de La Eternidade JaJa - Cura Del Sentimento Sordid Sound System - I Walk on Splintered Gilders Yeah man! - Minca Akimbo - Hette Grupo Socavón - Homenage A Justino B.B Sea - Tarkowski Tinarawin - Imidiwan Ahi Sigdim Rodrigo Gallardo - Nostalgias Jin Yerei - Vos Leijos Intiche - Ulmos Andi Otto - Damokles

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11. Peter Power - Jungle Voodoo

Peter Power - Jungle Voodoo

Irish-born mystic Peter Power finds a suitable home on the record label / psychedelic familia that is Multi Culti. Mr. Power made a name for himself in Berlin as resident and booker at Kleine Reise and subsequently Loftus Hall. Out of this flowered Kleine Reise Records, the initial portal for his manifestations, and a network of connections that have made him a cult DJs DJ. After a wholesome 5 years in Berlin, and with the jungle in his sights, he continued his journey to Brazil, where he currently drifts within the chaotic harmony of Voodoohop, home to Multi Culti mainstay Thomash, who offers up a fantastic remix here in support.  Jungles of Ufordia presents a trip into an experimental universe, into the dark realm of sacred light, an esoteric space between familiar realities, the place of paradox and cosmic birth. Put that in your pipe and smoke in it.

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12. A Macaca & Peter Power - Alma Da Terra

  • Published: 2016-05-03T02:12:12Z
  • By voodoohop
A Macaca & Peter Power - Alma Da Terra Quero ver voce rodar Braço aberto levante a testa A dança das coisas estranhas A dança é alma da terra Samba preta, cirandeira Abra a roda vem sonhar Segua a trilha das estrelas Gire o círculo eterno Vive o sonho da terra Rode rode curandeira O movimento circular contínuo É o movimento essencial da vida Estamos dançando juntos Formando uma espiral ascendente Grande serpente sagrada Subindo ate o céu From Entropia Coletiva I :

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13. Peter Power im Tal - #029

Peter Power im Tal - #029

Some of you may have heard of Ufordia. Though most will not. It is almost impossible to find solid information about what happens there, or where it is. Every now and then, Peter Power (@peter-power) surfaces randomly with a piece of lore and draws attention of the ones not being dulled by the mundane. This time he shares the knowledge of a long forgotten verse, which, once read, may have the force of projecting you into another plane.. Voyage to the outer fringes, Spirals of the cosmic fugue. Ancient echoes, Observed within the drama. Our transpermian heritage, Awakes into life. _______________________________ mastering: William Robin Herman (@billy-caso)

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14. UCR #019 by Peter Power

UCR #019 by Peter Power

Mistura tudo! We are all stars We are made Of recycled star dust A fusion of cosmic energy A spiral of the cosmic fugue Rippling out In all directions Of love. Our next Urban Cosmonaut personifies the essence of this podcast series. Peter Power's music is a multi-dimensional exploration of sounds that takes the reader on a voyage, to a ritual gathering in a sacred temple, where we find ourselves in the heart of the jungle on a remote planet, spiraling into percussive, vocal and atmospheric loops blended with music from around the world. Peter Power is a medium. He saturates himself with input from the ambience of his environment, from the beating of his own and others' hearts. Channeling his inspirations into mixes that oscillate, vibrate, pulsate, girate, elongate - his own edits, remixes and productions reveal a celestial sound that is unique to him. After emerging from a darker place these past few years, this mix is his attempt to reconnect with the warmer light of humanity. We asked Peter what his third eye means to him. His answer: it's the feedback between inner and outer self. We'll take that as an impulse and let him guide us to a sacred place inside ourselves and outside the constraints of the body self. His message to the listener is simple: awake into life! Find Peter Power on: @peter-power

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15. Dunwich & Peter Power - Eurotunnel (Original Mix)

Dunwich & Peter Power - Eurotunnel (Original Mix)

Some latino movedor and a comic baseline are united to a driving pattern and with reinforcements in form of a gloomy baseline and tensed synths, a slow slow climbing towards the climax begins. Peter Power & Dunwich (@peter-power | @djdunwich) achieve maximal confusion, as soon as arpeggiated leads and distored percussion are joining in.

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16. Andi Otto: Bangalore Whispers (Peter Power Remix)

  • Published: 2017-02-27T18:39:47Z
  • By Pingipung
Andi Otto: Bangalore Whispers (Peter Power Remix)

Vocals by MD Pallavi Remix by @peter-power Original by @andiotto This is "VIA Remixes" (Pingipung 055) Taken from "VIA" (Pingipung 053) 2017

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17. Chakra Esoteria

Chakra Esoteria

Hanging in the Balance Life relinquishes control, To enjoy the rise and enjoy the fall. In the dark realm of sacred light. Life is beautiful after all. Artwork by Robert Corish

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18. Adama Dramé - Fourou (Peter Power Edit)

Adama Dramé - Fourou (Peter Power Edit)

Hug Records is honoured to have @peter-power provide us with our first ever track. We leave it up to you how much you want to donate, 100% of the income from this track will go to our charity partner @Love-Foundation. Love Foundation will use this money for its water development project in Kenia and that way we will make a bridge back to Africa, since this track is Peters edit of the beautiful track Fourou by Adama Dramé. Master percussionist Adama Drame is a sixth-generation Djeli Griot from the Malinke region of West Africa. You can download the track for a donation on our Bandcamp Page:

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19. Bindi (Peter Power Edit)

Bindi (Peter Power Edit)

Biospherical balance, Clear horizon, Through the core, Crystalizing.

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