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1. Red Hill Mining Town by u2

  • Published: Unknown
Red Hill Mining Town

ing I'm hanging on You're all that's left to hold on to Love...slowly stripped away Love...has seen its better day Hanging on The lights go out on Red Hill The lights go down on Red Hill Lights go down on Red Hill town The lights go down on Red Hill ...

2. The Black Dog by shooter jennings

  • Published: Unknown
The Black Dog

oked my meal I even made him a plate But that black dog just sat on the hill, still, and watched me as I ate Then he ran off North, towards the mountains over the ridge I arrived at the next town spooked and after my business day I saw that black dog...

3. The Life by kurupt

  • Published: Unknown
The Life

nigga Kel El, Escoball, what all up in this piece [Chorus: (to end with Kurupt talking)] El Drex: 2-5-2-5 little town of shit You can call a Sharon Hill and a dogg be town shit I wouldn't break bad if you come from out of town Cuz I'm down by law and...

4. Addictive by mike jones

  • Published: Unknown

e.. You test me, I'll be in your ... like a wedgie What's up to the Twinz, that's in the A-Town We Gon show you boys, that Swishahouse put it down State to state town to town, hit the stage we gon clown When I show we talking bout em grill, they gon ...

5. Party On The Mountain by nitty gritty dirt band

  • Published: Unknown
Party On The Mountain

still There'll be red potato salad Deviled eggs and custard pie There'll be a party on the mountain If you say that you'll be mine The women clear the dishes As the sun was goin' down Then some ladies suggested It was time to hit the town No way Jose...

6. Realest Rhymin' by lil flip

  • Published: Unknown
Realest Rhymin'

h that Lil' Flip and Sucka free always making paper stack [Lil' Flip] In my mouth diamonds glaring Wearing nothing but Donna Karen Riden red turning heads always keep a yellow staring Buy the house I buy the block Buy the boat I buy the dock Sitting ...

7. Welcome To My Apocalypse by jt machinima

  • Published: Unknown
Welcome To My Apocalypse

Armor out of its case All the hours I've waited, been countin' the days I finally found my way out of this cage Now look at the town, to the ground it was razed Boston, I'm back, but I doubt you're the same Nuclear mutants fall out of my way I'm cove...

8. BKNY by m o p

  • Published: Unknown

(stand up) Brownsville it's them again, we gon' fuck your plans up Saratoga the hot ave, the ghost town Shots from the fo' pound (Bronx back it's comin down) Stick your mans up, fucked up, mobbed up I wet your whole block, fuck gettin locked up! We gon' eat, on my life you can bet that (We not co...

9. Truth Or Truth Pt.1 by slaughterhouse

  • Published: Unknown
Truth Or Truth Pt.1

debt Said they Young Buck me, tryna squeeze me outta checks Yeah, them fools tryna squeeze me outta checks Don’t talk to dominic’s unless you pay ya mommas rent With marijuana sent outta town, them dollars spent My own fam wanna grab the steel and ha...

10. Foot Of Pride by bob dylan

  • Published: Unknown
Foot Of Pride

I guess I loved him too I can still see him in my mind climbin' that hill Did he make it to the top, well he probably did and dropped Struck down by the strength of the will Ain't nothin' left here partner, just the dust of a plague that has left th...

11. Shoot From The Hip by brothers osborne

  • Published: Unknown
Shoot From The Hip

High noon in a gun slingin' town Steel spurs klinking on the red dirt ground Saloon doors swinging wide open It's about to go down Outlaws ridin' out of the hills Shootin' moonshine and shotgun shells A bunch of hell raisers wanna send you to your mak...

12. The Last Romance by raleigh ritchie

  • Published: Unknown
The Last Romance

be loved The world will know, But it's only us When I lay me down I pray we keep each day Please, stay with me You painted the town red, Now everyone in the town's dead You and I win again, best friends 'til our last breath Live by the gun, die by th...

13. Flashback Memories by raekwon

  • Published: Unknown
Flashback Memories

there for real, Let's go [Raekwon] Before flusty days living in Killa Hills I was young'd out with rusty waves Cut'n hair chill'n, Going down town blaze'n Lay'n up in Albee Square, When I bought my first fronts there Everybody young as fuck, In the ...