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1. Ride Wid Us by so solid crew

  • Published: Unknown
Ride Wid Us

there before. Check 5, yo, who’s up in the snow? [Chorus] Ride wid us, ride ride [x8] [Tiger S] Do you wanna ride wit us, We won’t stop till you’ve had enough. Do you wanna ride wit us, Show, show, show us nuff love. Do you wanna cruise wit us We wo...

2. Fuck Wid Us by so solid crew

  • Published: Unknown
Fuck Wid Us

[INTRO:] ([whisper:] Swiss, Harv. So, Solid. [x2]) So solid, big... I'm gonna bust, you're gonna rhyme, I'm gonna bust, you're gonna rhyme, I'm gonna bust, you're gonna rhyme, So solid crew (bang) for fun. [x2] ([whisper:] Swiss, Harv. So, Solid. [x2...

3. Crept And We Came by bone thugs n harmony

  • Published: Unknown
Crept And We Came

man, Bang on the darkside man, Land ah the thuggish ruggish city will it reveal, But I went back to my land wid ah 12-guage Mossberg pump Big shells, you bloody murda murda comin' ta serve ya Runnin' wid gangstas that's suppose And to rip the roads i...

4. Sick Wid It II by e 40

  • Published: Unknown
Sick Wid It II

rst of all I'ma start by just sayin we can't be fucked with And you know it!!! (Ooooh) Got all the whole hood in this motherfucker (the whole soil) Sick Wid It nigga (now) been runnin this shit [E-40] Look out pimp! Oyster Perpetual, cushion cut beze...

5. Ride Or Die by yellow claw

  • Published: Unknown
Ride Or Die

Rasta Dawg enuh, awrite Man a real rude bway wid de Hennessy Mi a pump up de place wid mi energy De drum an de bass a de remedy An fyah affi blaze pon a enemy Wi born straight never not pretend to be An de gyal dem a love off wi energy Bottles pop it,...

6. Ride It - Raw by kranium

  • Published: Unknown
Ride It - Raw

y guitar wid yuh lungs Twenty-four hour pass me still caw come She say Kranium Baby, ride it just like a raging bull Mek me pull and push it up Oh girl I said I like it It feel so tight Is like you make me wah fi come in you So baby girl Ride it just...

7. Jamaica Land We Love by vybz kartel

  • Published: Unknown
Jamaica Land We Love

[Verse 1:] Park up the s class Mi ride the bike Bare gyal a seh mi have a type a side shi like Have a spliff but mi cyaa even find the light Oh see yah, my delight Selassie know seh Jamaica a paradise Yow a just the money man waan and wi haffi nice Pr...

8. The Way We Roll (Remix) by elephant man

  • Published: Unknown
The Way We Roll (Remix)

o we roll cold [Verse 3: Shaggy] Now how yuh tellin mi when Busta and Ele Mi tellin yuh Shelly seh dat yuh have to tuck in yuh belly Uh! Belly so swell a like yuh pregnant fah Ele And waan step up in di video wid yuh belly so jelly Now let mi tell yu...

9. Nah Hold We Down by vybz kartel

  • Published: Unknown
Nah Hold We Down

uh stress mi madda fi get money Jah know three and a half years di judge bwoy get eddie Him nuh si him early twenties and dem gone wid it already [CHORUS:] Weeee(ghetto youths) nah guh mek dem hold (dem fi let wi go) Weeee down(we nuh profit it) nah ...

10. We A Tek It Off by aidonia

  • Published: Unknown
We A Tek It Off

uh send it off As yuh send it off a different man a spend it off Car weh yuh buy har a we a drive it out Bed weh yuh buy har a we a ride it out Inside yuh house or inside a di couch Inside a yuh house she seh ouch lawd a god! Mi have har a moan and a...

11. Gangsta Don't Play by fabolous

  • Published: Unknown
Gangsta Don't Play

an dem fi know, seh real warriors don't play And if yuh romp wid us, you have to run away I waan dem fi know, seh real gangstas don't play And if they romp wid us, they have to run away [Verse 1: Junior Reid] Know they romp wid us and they go run and...

12. Reachin' For Fame by brotha lynch hung

  • Published: Unknown
Reachin' For Fame

ce makes perfect lil' guy stay in ya place [Brotha Lynch] I'm a Southside rider, funk provider Leave you in the trunk tied up, punk ya lied to us Just to tryna glock wid us get a piece of the pie wid us We too O-G, I don't fuck wid them mics cuz I'm ...

13. Nation Riders Anthem by too hort

  • Published: Unknown
Nation Riders Anthem

ys tryin' ta slip me demos Backstage chillin, gettin' in the limo But i dun' click up with these nation wide niggaz You ain't already bumpin' and you can't ride wid us Natural born killaz, boys in the hood can ya fil' us? We make the noise sound good...

14. Fire & Pain by styles p

  • Published: Unknown
Fire & Pain

e 'gnac in the glass kid [Sizzla:] It's all about we got da tools wid us Fuckin CRAZY~! Things ain't gonna be cool wid us Luxurious - bring the guns along dey always cruise wid us Those fuckers know better, that's cause dem no fool wid us Huh, fuckin...

15. Wifey Riddim by aggro santos

  • Published: Unknown
Wifey Riddim

Listenin 2 Dis Im Probly Finkin Ov U Now Ye No Long But Itz Nuffin Letz Go Ye Ye Feelingz Iv Kept Wid In And Feeling Dem Thru Thick And Thin And Gyal Wid U My Heart Haz Bin Ur Da Tonic An Im Da Gin Am Needin U Like Oxygen Ur Touch Killz Me Like Medic...

16. One Man by angel

  • Published: Unknown
One Man

se fi defend u man Nuh mek nuh gyal out a road Come look pon u man Nor walk wid u man Nor talk wid u man U have di key na u hand Wid u house pon u land A gyal disrespect u nuh car wid u van A/C ina u houes while some gyal a use fan U have u to kids ...

17. Let's Vibe by yo gotti

  • Published: Unknown
Let's Vibe

Line 'Cause She A Ride With This Sack Wen I Went Bakk To The Hood Hustlin Movin Them Birds She Was Takin Up Nursing, Studying Gettin Wats Hers I Ain't Chase Her Or Sweat Her Try My Best To Protect Her Wen You Fukk With A Gangsta Baby You Bet I'm a Bless Ya And That's Real [Chorus:] If You Wanna Com...

18. Head Gone / Wine Up Uh Self by elephant man

  • Published: Unknown
Head Gone / Wine Up Uh Self

uh fuck wid we! Twin tower drop inna we head All when you a sleep me and me fren light yuh bed Nuh fuck wid we! Twin tower drop inna we head Bush mouth man ready fi run di place red Nuh fuck wid we! Twin tower drop inna we head Neck drop off suh me stitch it wid needle and thread N...

19. Servin' Tha Fiends by bone thugs n harmony

  • Published: Unknown
Servin' Tha Fiends

Rolling wid my bucks in the biggest snatch shit All of my dogs all of we lie Nigga you touched and stuck on murda Smoking up bud and fucking up blunts It was the 7th sign regime Wid the nines and beams the philly and green Wid a clik tight team and a nigga like me Ya couldn't go ...

20. Buss It Off by vybz kartel

  • Published: Unknown
Buss It Off

reast Mi a di man Weh fi deal wid u titty di best Me, give yuh di cess Den give you di sex You love trio? Cellblock give you di flex Let's have a party Come rave wid us Like Nova Scotia "Your safe wid us" If you get did ride Inna Gemini Memba she di ...