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1. Risky Business by lolawolf

  • Published: Unknown
Risky Business

es, they're blind It's my own business That shit is risky business, damn that shit's just risky, right? He got that slurry rhythm, he got that limp I'd take that boy home and damn that shit's just risky business Got that temptation like anyone else I...

2. Risky Business by murs

  • Published: Unknown
Risky Business

o spark it My girl urled in your backseat, but yo it's cool We got weed and some shrooms, is it cool to use your dad's room? [Chorus x2] It's risky business, man what is this? I'm caught up in a twist, and I'm tryin' to fix shit It's risky business, ...

3. Risky Business by the cab

  • Published: Unknown
Risky Business

Hide the key 'Cause I'm coming over To settle the score (Whoa, whoa) Don't forget how well I know you Stop asking and keep dancing You don't stand a chance, girl You'll fall apart Stop talking with your hands, girl You'll have to start Over, over aga...

4. The Lady Is Lingering by sparks

  • Published: Unknown
The Lady Is Lingering

ng, or do you await a further signal, a look, a touch, a sigh [Chorus] Risky business, all this waiting, wondering A risky business, all this waiting, wondering A risky business, all this waiting, wondering A risky business, all this waiting, wonderi...

5. Competition by dragonette

  • Published: Unknown

s it on Goodness I like this Mysterious mistress Keepin' me hush hush Try not to blush blush I just can't stop this It's risky business Being your mistress Keepin' me hush Your girlfriend's no competition She is no competition Your girlfriend's no co...

6. Taken By A Stranger by lena meyer landrut

  • Published: Unknown
Taken By A Stranger

is a risky business) Trip me up and spin me round again Put the blindfold on his eyes She saw him peek through Can't imagine her disguise I heard her saying Heeeey, mind if I take this chair? Yeah, see if I care. Taken by a stranger Stranger things are starting to begin Lured into the danger (Danger...

7. Push And Shove by no doubt

  • Published: Unknown
Push And Shove

(You work it hard), (You're gonna lie some), Boy, you got me good, How you push and shove, (You work it hard), (Gonna survive some), Ooh, boy, you’re hustlin’ me. Say boom boom boom, Boom boom boom, boom. You push and shove, I take the bait, It’s a ...

8. In The A by big boi

  • Published: Unknown
In The A

p it playa while some choose to play it safe Boy check the resume, it's risky business in the A I keep it playa while some choose to play it safe Boy check the resume, it's risky business in the A In the A, in the A, in the A, in the A, uh A, in the ...

9. Fifteen Minutes Of Fame by damn yankees

  • Published: Unknown
Fifteen Minutes Of Fame

to me Here's your 15 minutes of fame It's a risky business It's a liar's game Into the spotlight and out again Come and get your 15 Your 15 minutes of fame Here's your 15 minutes of fame It's a risky business It's a liar's game Into the spotlight and...

10. Apostle's Warning by mobb deep

  • Published: Unknown
Apostle's Warning

ame, let's have a rule, combinations No conversation, bring all ya good confrontation You hesitatin, ass spittin, that's bad business For the game nigga, get out the business You waste space, substitute here's the briefcase We deface, smack the smile...

11. Voodoo by bryce fox

  • Published: Unknown

I'm in the business, a risky business You're so inviting, I can't resist it I know you, baby doll I know you, you do voodoo I know your intake My flesh and love break My paranoia, my insecurity But still I want you all I know you, you do voodoo I know...

12. Lord Knows by meek mill

  • Published: Unknown
Lord Knows

is To get the crib with the maid and with the picket fence I with some niggas that remember we took some risks for this I'm talking risky business flick the wrist Lord knows that I repent for this But Lord knows that if I get penned for this I prolly...

13. Dear Brother by puscifer

  • Published: Unknown
Dear Brother

ing on our indestructible days The party never seemed to end We donkey-punched the night away Sin after sin 25/7 Some risky business my friend Fortune seemed to favor us Round every dark and twisted bend (You can't cheat death Can't outrun the Grim R...

14. Something Special by 10cc

  • Published: Unknown
Something Special

in my shoes and you will feel no pain she's got the power to knock your socks off my baby gets the best of everything it's risky business but it makes her sing bring me something special and i'll, take you to heaven tonight bring me something special...

15. Call Of Da Wild by outkast

  • Published: Unknown
Call Of Da Wild

on got it Made you go on your hoe's bar Decisions, decisions to make, oops, here comes the Goodie Mo crew And they just might want to battle you Out with the quickness The price of livin is beginning to be a risky business Unkay, Parkay. How do you l...

16. Let's Get Busy Baby by dj jazzy jeff the fresh prince

  • Published: Unknown
Let's Get Busy Baby

uss it, perhaps over lunch About how I'll be your poopsie, and you will be my hunybunch "Now isn't that special?" Why ain't you widdit? You'll be my only girl, yeah, that's the ticket Life's a risky business, babe you know the deal Sometimes you just...

17. It Is What It Is by e 40

  • Published: Unknown
It Is What It Is

s crotch by the name of Connie She works in ICU and she dates this nigga named Mitchski Ronnie Have nab him at the hospital, THAT'LL WORK Paid a nurse to pull the plug on the LIFE SUPPORT Risky business but it's organized class and the shit sound sha...

18. So Many Souls Deceased by master p

  • Published: Unknown
So Many Souls Deceased

Alot of shit done changed to protect the guilty in the dope game Such as getting paid nigga turning to the feds nigga Its a risky business the mob putting hearts ass in niggaz beds nigga And homies going sour take 'em to the pen and they cowards I'm...

19. Shutterbug by big boi

  • Published: Unknown

[Big Boi] Uhh, I keep it playa while some choose to play it safe Boy check the rsume, it's risky business in the A (A) And I've been witness to this history, ever since the 10th grade We went from rockin braids to temp fades I twist my A hat to the si...

20. Easy Money by billy joel

  • Published: Unknown
Easy Money

back a bum or a king Baby, I don't know You don't have to start a fight I'm a man who can't say no If you've got a little risky business Just point me where you want to go Take me to the power Take me to the heat Take me to the cleaners If it's open...