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1. "Terrible Things" - Darlingside

  • Published: 2012-08-10T01:29:38+00:00
  • Duration: 246
  • By Darlingside

hear more new music from Darlingside's album 'Pilot Machines' at: directed and edited by: Keith Boynton produced by: Mike Lavoie director of photography: Lauretta Prevost gaffer: Giuseppe Pugliese first assistant camera: James Barry production design: Christine Gray craft services: Harris Paseltiner digital information technicians: Don Mitchell and Sam Kapala stills photography: Darcy Boynton and Pete Jacobs electricians: Rives Elliot, Graham Stone, Auyon Mukharji, Devin McEwan production assistant: Dave Senft guy: Matthew Michael Hurley girl: Marguerite French neighbor: Harris Paseltiner jogger: Auyon Mukharji woman at supermarket: Jane Capecelatro young mother: Darcy Boynton young girl: Jennifer Grosclaude cashier: Christine Gray husband: Dave Senft wife: Tess Mahoney stranded motorist: Don Mitchell special thanks to: Sandra Boynton and Jamie McEwan Devin McEwan and Christine Gray Randy Merriman, Bob LaBonne Jr., Rich Stomski, and everyone at the Salisbury LaBonne’s Karen at Thornhill Flower and Garden Shop Chelsea Salyer Rob Tawse Amy Grosclaude Bruce and Kevin at Salisbury Breads … and everyone whose photograph appears in the video. You look fabulous.



Check in with Ben Rice as he embarks on a road trip of a lifetime with the Bataleon Team. Hang with him as he meets up with the rest of the crew in Los Angeles, and then heads up to Mammoth to get after what little snow’s left. Then he’s off to Tahoe for some good times and a Cinco de Mayo hip session above Donner Lake. Featuring Julien Haricot, DBK, Eric Messier, Jonas Steen, Ethan Morgan, Gulli Gudmundsson, Kyle Lopoccolo, Mitch Richmond, Brendan Keenan, Jaeger Bailey, Rob Ballhary, Travis Williams, Alex Scott, Wiley Tesseo, Ted Lavoie, Josh Feliciano, Alex Hereford and many more. Video by Mike Goodwin

3. W3RD.

  • Published: 2011-05-20T01:50:52+00:00
  • Duration: 153

Vancouver (mancougar) filmed from Feb-May 2011. Dudes in order of sketchiness: Isaac Thomas, Dylan Hamilton, Newline Rob, Mitch Lavoie, DANDE! Dallyn Willicocks, Ali Yaqubian, Dan Pon, Eric Miranda, Blake Dodd, Brent Eftoda. Filmed by Ali Yaqubian with the assistance of the above duders. Get stoked summer is here!

4. Les Engoulevents - From Chansons irisées by Mary Barry

  • Published: 2013-07-31T23:08:42+00:00
  • Duration: 301
  • By Mary Barry
Les Engoulevents - From Chansons irisées by Mary Barry

Synopsis Imagine a deserted field on the edge of the North Atlantic, with a toppled over house that is inviting and scary at the same time. In this house lives an enchantress who calls in the spirits at night. This is the story about a meeting between friends, one who has everything to learn, the other, everything to tell, a union of the master and apprentice. As we are invited into her world of talismans and magic potions, the spell is cast like a spider web around the narrator who takes us, in a figurative manner, along the thread of this meeting which took place, not knowing when, exactly. Was it yesterday, three weeks ago, an eternity? In the end, everything is said, their roads shall part once more, and it is the call of the whippoorwill that the narrator will recall. Les Engoulevents, the song : Words and music: Christine Bernard Performance: Mary Barry Arrangements: Bruno Fecteau Musicians: Bruno Fecteau, Christine Bernard, Richard Lavoie, Daniel Breton, Sébastien Dubois and Michel Dubeau Les Engoulevents, the filmeo : Vocal performance: Mary Barry Choreography/dance performance: Louise Moyes Director: Xavier Georges Cinematography: Nigel Markham Editing: Nigel Markham and Xavier Georges Online editing: Steve Cook Production Technicians: Rob Monette, Aneirin Thomas, and Arthur Haynes