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1. Surgical Tools by vanna

  • Published: Unknown
Surgical Tools

Damager Oh damager With glass in your eyes How do you see How do you feel with your hands so posed Lets talk numbers Lets talk themes Now they've been ruined See you next week I missed the meeting Oh no I've been away Lets be reborn Oh yeah Lets dig ...

2. Roger That by chris webby

  • Published: Unknown
Roger That

ht now I'm at 5 below, On the surface my mind's berserk, and I'm like Give me a perc and a vibe with a verse to write Each word too precise, verbally nice, sharp as a surgical knife, And certain it's curtains I'm the best you've heard in your life Bo...

3. Surgeon Simulator by dan bull

  • Published: Unknown
Surgeon Simulator

Because it’s them that seem to comprehend more than me I generally pretend it, and so far I’ve never been suspended In theatre, I’m territorial Less surgical, more gladiatorial If this gets any more gory I’ll put it on YouTube as a tutorial I’ve been...

4. History 2 by lloyd banks

  • Published: Unknown
History 2

at for sinking, I'm thinking the nerve of you Pushing food on the upper echelon, punch niggas vertical For the love of all honor, handle your surgical Massacre on ya beat, leading the ban of the terminal I hate to put my trust in possession for you t...