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1. Road To Our Dream by t pau

  • Published: Unknown
Road To Our Dream

This is a long road we travel Is it as bad as it seems Does it captivate your every thought Oh, reaching for your dream Well nobody comes to your door Nobody gives it away When you think you've found it It slips through your fingers Like sand it drif...

2. Hold On To Love by t pau

  • Published: Unknown
Hold On To Love

When I found you, how could I know? How could I be sure just how hard I’d fall? There’s a light divined from the colour of your eyes I know mesmerized, can’t believe it at all I want you to hold on to love No matter where you go That’s all I want you...

3. On The Wing by t pau

  • Published: Unknown
On The Wing

I can see you're tired of being lonely Tell me what I should do On another day We could try again I could fly home to you Is this some clever game We used to be such friends Now I am ridiculed by all the secrets that I told And so my dream is gone Of...

4. Bridge Of Spies by t pau

  • Published: Unknown
Bridge Of Spies

So long I've waited For you to come to me Anticipated what I would say And no one could know How it feels to be In your embrace again So tender Yes, there were times I could not hold on Each day that came A little more hope was gone I'd look into my ...

5. Taking Time Out by t pau

  • Published: Unknown
Taking Time Out

Do you know, when to let go Oh now we can show The future starts here today And we calculate, light years away We're moving to a different beat Takin' it to the street Dance away! Taking time out Look to the future Anything you wanna be Easy like you...

6. Soul Destruction by t pau

  • Published: Unknown
Soul Destruction

Na na na na hey yeah Na na na na hey yeah Na na na na hey yeah A Chinese Whisper's going around town Everybody knows That you took my love and rubbed it in the intimacy Shared by you both, well A cold relevation's raising the rool Naturally i was kep...

7. Only A Heartbeat by t pau

  • Published: Unknown
Only A Heartbeat

There's a million ways and gloried days to take your breath away But you can't see what's taking place All you know is that the sun will set and the sun will rise And everything will be alright There's a cry in the dark and it comes from way across t...

8. Only The Lonely by t pau

  • Published: Unknown
Only The Lonely

We run in circles That never connect at the same time Heaven help the lonely ones As another day older we get, and here we go Spending our money Filling the house with things we hope Will bring us happiness again And then we cover empty hearts up Wit...

9. Between The Lines by t pau

  • Published: Unknown
Between The Lines

You talk of your true love to me But there's no need To shout about it endlessly And your heart rules your head I'm sure But there are times I wish I did not have to know Ah Between the lines Behind the smile This heart breaks inside Stop telling me ...

10. Island by t pau

  • Published: Unknown

You are an illusion Never what you seem The voice of confusion That I can make believe I know the touch of your lips on me Isn't real A fantasy sensation And there's a name for these dreams And I'm tearing down The wall around you So you'll feel love...

11. Heaven by t pau

  • Published: Unknown

Only for a moment You were gone away And I had to love somebody I never could wait Oh, I'm sorry now Won't you Take me in your arms again For I have thrown heaven away All for a foolish mistake Oh, I have thrown heaven away Won't you take me back aga...

12. With A Little Luck by t pau

  • Published: Unknown
With A Little Luck

Are you happy now? Now you're standing out from the crowd Is that a measure of the way you are? Got to hear your name out loud Well I wonder How do you compare? Now with the other people living out there Tell me, do you only think about yourself Or l...

13. Giving Up The Ghost by t pau

  • Published: Unknown
Giving Up The Ghost

I have waited patiently for your heart to call to me Across the great divide of the years that have slipped by All the long and lonely nights I lay bathed in pale moonlight Upon the bed we graced, now there's just a cold and empty space Even all my f...

14. Heart And Soul by t pau

  • Published: Unknown
Heart And Soul

Something in the moonlight catches my eye The shadow of a lover goes dancing by Looking for a little bit of love to grow, so Give me love, give me heart and soul You never let me cross to the other side now I'm tied to the hope that you will somehow ...

15. I Will Be With You by t pau

  • Published: Unknown
I Will Be With You

I have this fantasy You come back and you forgive me Oh I'm so sorry now I hear this melody Our tryst in rhapsody And I am listening I never thought I'd see the day when you and me We'd be so far apart And I miss you so much now But I know there's no...

16. Sex Talk by t pau

  • Published: Unknown
Sex Talk

I just feel like talking to someone I don't care who it is I just wanna have a laugh You know how it is All of the day in the same old room I'm going out of my mind I can't throw this out of the window It's mine all mine You better believe it Hell, y...

17. Thank You For Goodbye by t pau

  • Published: Unknown
Thank You For Goodbye

Oh woh oh woh oh Oh ooh oh woh ooh yeah Hi ah yea Oh woh oh woh oh Hi, hi, hooo! Love turned my head today I, I turned away Your smile for all to see It used to be for me But you know You made your bed now you lie in it And don't come to me No, don't...

18. Arms Of Love by t pau

  • Published: Unknown
Arms Of Love

Tell me now do we bear the sins of each other Love what are we hoping for Here we stand, closing a painful door And I never knew, people could hurt for so Now they're looking for a way out And there's nowhere left to go Is there anybody up there list...

19. Secret Garden by t pau

  • Published: Unknown
Secret Garden

There's more than a feeling than a differing mind to anatomy On my own who's going to hold me? A burning heart lifts me up to my life I can't run from the truth and I won't try. 'Cause it wouldn't matter who you were in this world There's nothing on ...

20. Time Will Tell by t pau

  • Published: Unknown
Time Will Tell

Dark eyes that look so sincere You fool everybody with your smile Even I believed in you But only for a while You still play those silly games You gotta mess with people's minds But I got news for you honey Keep looking right behind (Only time will t...