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1. The Energy Never Dies by the script

  • Published: Unknown
The Energy Never Dies

ause when you know, your days are numbered And you're looking in my eyes It's not the end, 'cause the energy never dies Oh, oh oh, oh, oh 'Cause the energy never dies Oh, oh oh, oh, oh 'Cause the energy never dies Oh, oh oh, oh, oh There's no where, ...

2. The Energy by audiovent

  • Published: Unknown
The Energy

I am the reason That I will stay alive We are the energy We are the same as you Take everything you need We are the answer to The broken, breaking through Take everything from me We are the energy We are the same as you Take everything you need We are the answer...

3. Enter The Ninja by die antwoord

  • Published: Unknown
Enter The Ninja

ple seven at the ATM Straight famine or feast, When you're living on the razor edge Stay sharp, sharp Rolling with the $O$ High energy Never seen zef so fresh Uh, when we mic check Hi-def flow's flex Yo we aren't the messed up Not fucking the best We...

4. Angels In The Playground by tech n9ne

  • Published: Unknown
Angels In The Playground

I'm finna see Gonna be my mama not the enemy [Stevie Stone:] Angels in the playground Took some time to figure out Gots to be yours Yeah, I'm talking to you now Though you're not around Still be hearing ya, your voice [Tech N9ne:] Energy never dies,...

5. The Call by 311

  • Published: Unknown
The Call

never change as far as we can see it’s a disaster and it doesn’t matter well I disagree a ray of hope remains if we take the reins we’ll arrive eventually Keep all the lights on in the streets of Babylon then we’ll just dig for some more pull back the...

6. Where Does The Love Go by eric benet

  • Published: Unknown
Where Does The Love Go

The love that we shared, did it fade into nothing Where does the love go After all the dreams that we had did it vanish completely Where does the love go Where does the love go They say that love is a timeless energy, it never dies it just changes form But it when it changed from t...

7. The Return by machine gun kelly

  • Published: Unknown
The Return

e you ever walked in the shoes of a giant? Or had to fill the position of a boss before you were even a client? It's no wonder growing up under the roof of a tyrant that I would be the poster boy for defiance Now I'm the voice of the silence Fuck bei...

8. You Die We Move On by pouya

  • Published: Unknown
You Die We Move On

er Remember that I am the man With the energy Enemies can't put a dent on me Up in the streets With a 3-16 Strapped up 5-5 to my feet Don't step cause' The Glock don't discriminate I got your bread on my dinner plate Body in the truck, now We dipping down the interstat...

9. The Moment We Come Alive by red

  • Published: Unknown
The Moment We Come Alive

the energy within us Ignites us forever Forever, forever So reach to the sky The life we have has come This night of our lives We've only just begun Together we are bright as the stars We're a light that will never die This is the moment we come alive This is the moment This is the moment This is th...

10. Nipple To The Bottle by grace jones

  • Published: Unknown
Nipple To The Bottle

Keep the lid on the bottle this time, I'm still a lady, I won't do it tonight, I won't do it tonight, No way baby. I won't give in and I won't feel guilty. Rant and rave to manipulate me, From the nipple to the bottle, Never satisfied, From the nipple to the...

11. Rapping On The Couch by machine gun kelly

  • Published: Unknown
Rapping On The Couch

t the have energy to pick a pen up Shit, I barely have the energy to crack smiles, Similar to back in the class I was barely gonna pass With a flask full of Jack And a book full a raps And an ear full of laughs, Similar to back when I barely had some money for the gas, ask Pops if I can borr...

12. The Resilient by betraying the martyrs

  • Published: Unknown
The Resilient

are the resilient They try to break us down, but we stand strong We take the fall, we take the impact They'll never break us down, now we stand strong Absorb the force, we bounce right back War We were built for destruction, the facts don't lie We were built for destruction Drop u...

13. The Apostle's Creed by jedi mind tricks

  • Published: Unknown
The Apostle's Creed

e the Iliad but my ship sails by the cosmic whales and intergalactic pirates telling tales of trails left by the gods through the center of the sun when we pass the spot Jesus Christ was really an ancient astronaut I attack mastodons when I crash through ponds in the Ice Age and twice laid t...

14. The Family by the lox

  • Published: Unknown
The Family

s the Wraith, and I chalk the great safes On a 911 turbo with a place to vacate I'm putting on my own soul, I'm the illest nigga to live Since BIG, my nigga, I got faith Me kissing Louch, my nigga, that's living proof If you never saw poison look at us in the booth When it come...

15. Tears For The Sheep by atmosphere

  • Published: Unknown
Tears For The Sheep

holidays The assassin covered in plain clothes Smothered the sunlight and set flame to your rainbows And then came the storm (and then came the storm) Bewildered those that didn't contemplate Fake disguised as the norm (as the norm) And when the smoke evaporated and the damage was...

16. The First Man On Earth by ayreon

  • Published: Unknown
The First Man On Earth

after prey in the fields Shelter in a cave from the cold and lonely nights And now it all seems so real Warming at the fireside beneath the pale moonlight This is the dawn of time I am the first to stand Looking through the eyes of the primal man This is the dawn of time Witnessing the...

17. You're Never Over by eminem

  • Published: Unknown
You're Never Over

you oh Homie I'll never forget you no [Verse 2:] For you I wanna write the sickest rhyme of my life So sick it'll blow up the mic It'll put the dyna in mite Yeah it'll make the dopest MC wanna jump off a bridge and shit himself Tap dancing all over the beat it'll jump off the page and spit it...

18. Sing About Me, I'm Dying Of Thirst by kendrick lamar

  • Published: Unknown
Sing About Me, I'm Dying Of Thirst

m heaven so loud it can water down a demon With the holy ghost till it drown in the blood of Jesus I wrote some raps that make sure that my lifeline Rake in the cent of a reaper, ensuring that my allegiance With the other side may come soon And if I'm doomed, may the wound Help me mother be bless...

19. Never Leave by justine skye

  • Published: Unknown
Never Leave

believe you're laying next to me (oh) I'll never leave ya [x2] Never leave ya I'll never never ne-never leave ya I love a love a lo - Love your procedures I'll never never ne-never leave ya I love a love your love I'll never leave ya, never leave ya I love a love your love Never never ne-never lea...

20. The Principle Of Equivalence by canibus

  • Published: Unknown
The Principle Of Equivalence

e the people, the people have a bounty Every man woman and child, non elites must bow This is the future, the future is now Freedom - liberty - the pursuit of happiness The home of the brave with a ravenous dark side Chickasaw war tribes, black aparthied Hard on the eyes, heavy...