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1. The World Of Wonder And Magic

  • Published: 2016-02-14T00:37:43Z
  • By Aelipse
The World Of Wonder And Magic

Also on youtube, with more info in the description:

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2. Arte Alive! 003 Stephan Gaeth

Arte Alive! 003 Stephan Gaeth

Dancer, actor, gardener, improv facilitator and ​old soul. Stephan brings a sense of wonder and magic to the world around him. Learn more about this artist at: www.artealive/stephan

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3. From Under The Bed

From Under The Bed

This song is inspired by the countless people who... despite all their personal, financial and other "adult" problems... Still find time to play with, and inspire their children... Still try to shield them from the "Monsters" of this big and scary world... Still understand that being a child should be full of wonder and magic... not anger, fear and worry. To those of you I just described.... :) ...And to all the "children" out there... ;) From Under The Bed Music and Lyrics by: Chris Demkow Hide No one will find you And no one will see in your heart Be brave This is our hideout from the world Just you, me and the dark No ones gonna tell you what you'll be when you are grown And no one's gonna hurt you in the safety of our home And me?... I'll find a way to pay the rent So laughter... "Is hereby allowed" And it's only fair I warn you... If you worry like I do... Then at this very moment all the monsters might get through Be brave for me

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4. Remembrance - Soul Song

Remembrance - Soul Song

"Do you want to improve the world? I don't think it can be done. The world is sacred. It can't be improved. If you tamper with it, you'll ruin it. If you treat it like an object you'll lose it." Lao Tse, Tao Te King, 29 Different aspects of Mother Earth and/or the Divine Feminine chanting to remember mankind who She is. She is alive, She is much bigger than we are, She is full of wonder and magic and it is Her we have exploited for so long. And yes, She still loves all of us.

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5. Renaissance Of Wonder

Renaissance Of Wonder

Ryan Anthony - trumpet Gary Ciepluch - conductor Ryan Anthony’s battle with Multiple Myeloma has inspired all who have encountered him. The inspiration comes not only from his own, personal, courageous battle with cancer, but through his wider vision of the world he lives in; setting up The Ryan Anthony Foundation that supports his CancerBlows events (which in turn raises money that is donated for improved Cancer treatment and research for all); creating a legacy of music through concerts, recordings and the commissioning of new music for trumpet; or through something as simple, yet strikingly powerful, as his Foundation’s tag line “Music = Hope. When first conceiving the composition, I instinctively was drawn to Ryan’s ability to make melodic, lyrical, music sing in such a special way, and so the idea of a piece that had its foundation in words, a set of songs based on text, became a natural basis for the work. As we spoke more about the piece, Ryan mentioned the many quotes, words, poems and thoughts that had provided moments of inspiration and solace, which he sent through to me. As I read them certain themes became apparent: steely determination and drive, love of life and family, dreams and hope: no matter what adversity, no matter the pain, there was always a greater goal, a bigger picture. These ideas – especially the idea of a dream – became, almost through necessity, part of the piece. Several of the quotes stood out. Some for me personally, some because they seemed to represent and embody Ryan and all that he is. One such quote (from Merrill Root) became the title: We need a renaissance of Wonder. We need to renew, in our hearts and in our souls, the deathless dream, the eternal poetry, the perennial sense that life is a miracle and magic. Renaissance of Wonder is dedicated to Ryan Anthony, in friendship, inspiration, and wonderment. Pete Meechan, May 2016.

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6. The Fallen Pt. 1

The Fallen Pt. 1

Re-recorded with MUCH better quality. Beat credit to FuckOfUsername1 The only thing he's certain of is he's not certain of anything/ no destination in the words that he sings/ nothing to bring back from the dark, no thoughts to think, when you're sitting on the edge of the world starting to sink/ but it's his fault and he knows it, with no way to control it, he sits and ponders over the day that he watched the road split/ can't hold it in any longer, no remnants of hope in, the twisted reality that he feels he can cope with/ so hopeless, questioning his entire existence/ thought he could handle it but his visual has shifted/ wishin for happiness in a world full of misfits/ with nothing left he realized happiness never existed/ as the light faded away in the shallow shades of gray/ the sun turned black in the sky, no escape/ contemplating the note that he would leave his mother/ if he ever had to put himself six feet under/ Where did my light go? It's so Cold under the moon I feel I'm losing you He used to love to paint what was in his brain till the day he used his brain to paint the falling rain/ ways of thinking and feelings change as fast as the seasons feign ignorance and love for some strange reason/ a waste of space he felt so out of place in a world that seemed so fake/ he's lost all forms of grace a mistake that shoved a bullet right through his face/ the price to pay when there's no one there, at the end of your day/ he could never forgive himself for becoming a monster/ drowned his sorrows in the bottles of whiskey and vodka/ he let his will die the day that he fell into madness/ stuck in a routine of trying to find his balance/ everything that once was just seemed so tragic/ his eyes no longer viewing a sense of wonder and magic/ taunted by the shadows that would constantly haunt him/ till the moment he tried to win the fight and lost it/ I've lost all hope now Slow down Can't we wait this out? I'm starting to have doubts You won't let go (No hope left anymore) I'll pull you close (Demons in the floor boards) And pray the pain will end Forgive me (No escaping this hell) I'll be free (Confined in his own shell) From the demons that haunt me Forgive me

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