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1. Tools Of The Trade by charlie worsham

  • Published: Unknown
Tools Of The Trade

our on the floor and a five piece band Pourin' down my soul, travelin' down the same road My heroes paved It's a lot of miles, on a little sleep But it's worth it all when y'all stomp your feet I wouldn't trade the world for the choice I've made Or the dues I've paid, tools ...

2. Tools Of The Trade by carcass

  • Published: Unknown
Tools Of The Trade

irectors. Tools of the trade, forceps and blades Skillfully lathed, for us to maim. Bone levers, spikes, malleable scoops, Plates and chisels, screws and spoons, Drills, respatories, files and durettes, Guillotines, gags and compression forceps. Tools o...

3. Tools Of The Trade by fort minor

  • Published: Unknown
Tools Of The Trade

On a road trip to Barbados with their hoes I’m a hoodrat with a Winnebago I make dough On the block where the bullies where raised to partier You in Idaho grazing pastures getting busy I don’t hold acts unless for something get busy On the ground I l...

4. Blood Of The Scribe by lamb of god

  • Published: Unknown
Blood Of The Scribe

d of the scribe. Rest comes easy to the guiltless The vampire laments as he prays for the sun. Doom, despair, tragedy are the tools of the trade. Cut to the bone, rob the grave Unearth the stone, lay to waste Defile the tome, rip the page Strip mine the vein, lay to waste. Frayed at the edge...

5. Century Of The Self by dilated peoples

  • Published: Unknown
Century Of The Self

en they bring the secret frats up Big pharma, check the rate of disease Big agra, GMOs and the fate of the bees Big oil, seven sisters still drill as 4 horsemen Blocking natural power then raping nature for fortune It's unfortunate, century of the self Creditors loansharking, eage...

6. The Fish Cheer / I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die by country joe and the fish

  • Published: Unknown
The Fish Cheer / I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die

s plenty good money to be made by supplying the Army with the tools of the trade Just hope and pray that if they drop the bomb, they drop it on the Viet Cong. And it's one, two, three, what are we fighting for? Don't ask me, I don't give a damn, next...

7. Blowin' Up The Spot by gang starr

  • Published: Unknown
Blowin' Up The Spot

off, stay off, you're way off You rookie motherfuckers it's the finals not the playoffs I'll break you up into particles, to small pieces Because your brain is miniscule You little fool, come learn the tools of the trade I made the rules so go to school and get played Just when you're thinkin...

8. Above The Clouds by gang starr

  • Published: Unknown
Above The Clouds

you select Accompanied by Deck plus the DJ you respect The seven and a half combine, over the frontline The ten percenters, promotin slander in the airtime Bear in mind jewels be the tools of the trade Sharp veins heavenly praise and dues are paid [Chorus: Guru] Ab...

9. Cold As The Clay by greg graffin

  • Published: Unknown
Cold As The Clay

as the clay, dark as a mine, Wasting away blood, sweat, and grime Panning for gold, picking for dimes, lying in wait for better times The tools of the trade lie shopworn and old The skills of the master done died with his soul And the worklike routine is so lonely and cold Cold as the clay, d...

10. The Blood Of Power by dying fetus

  • Published: Unknown
The Blood Of Power

Forcing the masses to devote submission Time is running short for that vision Accelerated endeavor Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel When there's nothing left but sand The priviledged squandering wealth Wasted on obsolete armaments Window of proseperity Closi...

11. The Carpenter by guy clark

  • Published: Unknown
The Carpenter

Let us now praise a carpenter and the things that he made And the way that he lived by the tools of his trade I can still hear his hammer singing ten penny time Working by the hour till the day he died Oh he was tough as a crowbar quick as a chisel Fa...

12. The Anthem by hilltop hoods

  • Published: Unknown
The Anthem

e MC's flex Deeper then the bonet proof next to the MC says The Hoods release text I bet that you'll release threats for the next to sweat Now please let ya mind follow me like a preist to his panthem The anthem if they left standing then I hand them The tool of my trade reflects the trade ...

13. Trade Money by dilated peoples

  • Published: Unknown
Trade Money

ase don't waste money We don't love money but we don't hate money Trade money, different color and shape money Money that looks funny but never no fake money Make money, money, but please don't waste money We don't love money but we don't hate money ...

14. The Ballad Of Jerry Jeff Walker by brooks dunn

  • Published: Unknown
The Ballad Of Jerry Jeff Walker

to get there Well, the way I recall the 70's We were down in Austin and the establishment were Saying we were wasting our time The next thing I know We were making more money than we could count We're all being sued by the IRS And having more fun tha...

15. The Whistle by rza

  • Published: Unknown
The Whistle

s with a thousand tools Crazy shootin' dudes buck off the beat Brainless boutless fools who be stuck off the leaf Two guns in their hands yellin' "Fuck the police!" On the weekend get drunk and they fuck with the niece Of the precint chief, she got the tattoo On her breast that's shaped like ...

16. The Militia by gang starr

  • Published: Unknown
The Militia

straight shuttin up or we'll start the wettin up Lyrical infrared sceptor never miss you Big Shug, Guru, Freddie Foxxx, The Militia, militia [Chorus: Freddie Foxxx] Everybody's spittin it, the rhyme is hot Cause it's Big Shug, Guru, and Freddie the Foxxx When Premier b...

17. Tool Timer by colt ford

  • Published: Unknown
Tool Timer

He works nine to five, five to nine, 99 point 9 per cent of the time, a motorhead with a bed in the back of his shop. He’s got his eyes on the clock until that Snap-On truck comes. He shops like a chick, he buys it all on credit, maxed out yeah, but h...

18. Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence by dream theater

  • Published: Unknown
Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence

e Portnoy] Standing in the darkness Waiting for the light The smell of pure adrenaline Burning in the night Random blinding flashes Aiming at the stage Intro tape begins to roll Igniting sonic rage Still they keep me between these hollow walls Hoping to find in me The answers to the test th...

19. Before The Deluge by jackson browne

  • Published: Unknown
Before The Deluge

the future With the energy of the innocent They were gathering the tools They would need to make their journey back to nature While the sand slipped through the opening And their hands reached for the golden ring With their hearts they turned to each other's heart for refuge In the...

20. Rosa On The Factory Floor by jethro tull

  • Published: Unknown
Rosa On The Factory Floor

ee that Rosa on the factory floor. Signed on for the duration. They say she came from the East. With her tool bag and her coveralls, to pay the rent at least. She doesn't talk with workers on the rest of the line and over in the canteen, she's alone ...