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1. Typhoon by maurice moore

  • Published: Unknown

e a record from your favorite guy I wanna introduce you to my typhoon Baby let these winds behind you Tsunami baby, I want you These lame hurricanes won't never do So let that tsunami meet my typhoon Collect calls it's lonely in December I deserve be...

2. Typhoon by young the giant

  • Published: Unknown

the sights of typhoon Washing by And the rise falling in too Holding tight And the dull effects of your suitcase Are casting again Ooh oooh oooh Ooh oooh oooh Ooh oooh oooh On the rise and the sights of typhoon On the rise and the sights of typhoon ...

3. Typhoon Wulf by xavier wulf

  • Published: Unknown
Typhoon Wulf

equal to The answer is, none of you lame rappers I kill all of you Bitch you see me soaring through the wind call me "Wulf Typhoon" I can give a fuck about yo safety I'ma damage you I'm rammin' through the industry Breaking everything I see I don't ...

4. Typhoon by tomahawk

  • Published: Unknown

And they dipped my head in The water blue Rat's got a deep scar Line's owned to you On top of her Once a lame Rare as stone Can't feel my leg Remember that big fluke When you said, Yes I do Back by the creek On top of her Once a lame Flood's will com...

5. Typhoon by falling up

  • Published: Unknown

The things that you hear are the things that are here forever now And the worse that I write are the words that they don’t want you to hear Because the floor in the house they were born has a space under the boards And the space is a place that their...

6. So Passes Away The Glory Of The World by typhoon

  • Published: Unknown
So Passes Away The Glory Of The World

Sic transit gloria mundi...

7. The Still Life Of Job by typhoon

  • Published: Unknown
The Still Life Of Job

Father oh did you see I saved you an empty seat All my life you were in between things Never saving no time for me No I don't want your money I don't want your dollar deeds Just look me in the eye for once I'm a son you'll never see Darling just let ...

8. Halfway Home by typhoon

  • Published: Unknown
Halfway Home

Gateway drugs Gateway drugs Give me drugs to let me sleep Pulsing, pounding sleep Halfway homes Take my problems Turn around sometimes the load I need to rest my bones I need to go home I need to go home...

9. Cigarettes / Orchids For A Wake by typhoon

  • Published: Unknown
Cigarettes / Orchids For A Wake

[?] I've picked the perfect suit Matching shirt and shoes To complement my skin Pale, pasty paper white Flowers bloom in spite Frosty winter chills She shakes her head Lights the one last cigarette, she says "I'm not ready yet" And so we separate The...

10. Death Was The Driver by typhoon

  • Published: Unknown
Death Was The Driver

The scrape of boots on a gravel road Dust and ashes, dancing at my feet As I hitchhike through the desert Through the bowels of the sunburnt country Where it's littered with skeletons Of bodies and cars that collapsed And through the graveyard rides ...

11. Bryce's Song by typhoon

  • Published: Unknown
Bryce's Song

When I close my eyes inside the skies The clouds around my brain collide You're losing me to misery You're lonely without company My eyes refuse to believe the way you are Don't want to see you fall apart How long will you be here with me? Can I esca...

12. Only You Can Save Me by typhoon

  • Published: Unknown
Only You Can Save Me

Only you can save me Please save me I'm slipping Fall apart Fall apart Fall apart...

13. Lullaby by typhoon

  • Published: Unknown

Hush my darling let your head down Sleep will finally come tonight Where we lay beneath the world's end Take my hand and take my life And ghost we'll walk among the ruins Of cities where we used to live Broken glass and burning buildings Will pave to...

14. The Wendigo by typhoon

  • Published: Unknown
The Wendigo

When you were sleeping When you are awake Your heart stops beating When you were sleeping When you're awake Please don't stop breathing If you are sleeping If you're awake I love you always Our bodies break If you are sleeping If you're awake I love ...

15. The Lights Go Out by typhoon

  • Published: Unknown
The Lights Go Out

Death and life Shines like a light Stubborn and bright Oh take me through the night Heaven and woes Every man's sorrow Shoulder that load Oh the end is in sight Take my hands Oh my brothers Oh take my hands Oh my brothers Some day Oh, some day The li...

16. Phaser by typhoon

  • Published: Unknown

Fake my death But wait Someday Fake my death Take a plane Today Build a home Out of sticks Out of stones In my life Live alone Not a low...

17. A Year Before The Future by typhoon

  • Published: Unknown
A Year Before The Future

I'm the one you love When you can't get no other loving You're a paper bag Filled up with shit Pissing the days away Oh, oh cry I'm not mad I'm not mad Oh, oh cries I'm not mad I carry it down...

18. Rolling Credits (Mutant Version) by typhoon

  • Published: Unknown
Rolling Credits (Mutant Version)

Lost your way You lost your shade of white Lie to me I'll help you look and wait Rock may fly Through everything I own Take from me My rock my life my home...

19. Sea Shanty II by typhoon

  • Published: Unknown
Sea Shanty II

There's no hope for me I was lost out at sea Far from my home, from my own country And our ship, rest her soul She could bear us no more ways Ravaged by long winter, cold waves I was blind in the night And the water she rose Sparing my mind down in s...

20. Gypsy Song by typhoon

  • Published: Unknown
Gypsy Song

I have died in the swirl of your gypsy skirts In you I am consent to work One lonely voice that grew softly in my ear Child you are free from the constraints of your world Rest in peace Lay your bones down into the earth [?] Rest in peace...