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1. American Redstart Portrait

  • Published: 2012-07-17T17:45:05+00:00
  • Duration: 204
  • By Larry Bond
American Redstart Portrait

Warblers have been described as the butterflies of the bird world. Although this bird is not called a warbler in its name, it is called an American Redstart, it epitomizes this characterization of warblers. It is very flighty and very bold in its coloration. The American Redstart is a common warbler found in deciduous forest understory especially near water. The male has a glossy black head and body with radiant orange patches on sides, wings, and tail. It has a white belly and undertail coverts. The female has gray-olive upperparts, white below with yellow patches on her wings and tail. This warbler is a very active flycatcher. It often fans its tail and spreads its wings when perched. The song is a "zee zee zee zee zwee".