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1. Mobil1 & Porsche

  • Published: 2014-10-14T07:16:34+00:00
  • Duration: 32
  • By Frame.
Mobil1 & Porsche

Frame pumps life into Mobil1 motor oil & Porsche. In this spectacular film a mean and aggressive machine bull is conceived and brought into being by the blood of Porsche, the Mobil1 motor oil. The concept of this co-branded piece is to show how Mobil 1 motor oil is the most hi-tech and durable oil available for Porsche's high performance cars. Frame helped the agency launch the Mobil1 campaign by utilizing a mix of live-action, animation and VFX as Frame collaborated with the talented people at Ghost VFX, who contributed with look development, character animation and subsequently composited their renders. Frame acted as a creative partner with the agency to create the initial concepts and execution of the insanely detailed animations. The dystopian commercial was directed, designed and animated by Frame Copenhagen, led by Creative Director/Director Anders Schroder.

2. Blood & Oil

Blood & Oil

Blood & Oil is a short film I have wanted to shoot for some time. It speaks to all avenues of passionate endeavors and the common thread of desire, determination and relentless pursuit it takes to see them through. That feeling that wakes you in the dead of night, the call to action that courses through your veins. It doesn't matter what you do or what your passion is, there is always room to be challenged, to grow, advance and to be more inspired. With that heart and intention, Blood & Oil is about wanting to create, be more awake and to be more alive. I have been lucky enough to both work and play with truly ambitious and talented people that push me more everyday, to those people I say a very special thank you. And I thank you for watching and to those who share this film. It was a very ambitious shooting schedule, we shot 16+ set ups in 9 locations in 3 days, not including the pick up/spontaneous shoot days. A behind the scenes blog is being posted on my website, with extra photos and extra footage! "The last of the embers cool in the waking dawn as the silence echoes through the empty roads and the beat of heavy hearts stir the morning air The wasteland smiles, a grin tired and stretched too thin Built on rotting soil the city starts to crack, the foundations perish and crumble Trapped and left wanting, the weary stay hidden behind heavy doors and rusted locks The undeserving cling to chances untaken There is no escape The darkness starts to build I welcome the storm with my fists clenched, the aching seething from my bones I cannot show you. I cannot take you with me The course is already written Moving in harmony, tracers strangle out the light The consumption of every movement greedy and unsatisfied From the wreckage the oil runs Turning the blood of the fallen thick and black Quiet is the pulse of the driven Freedom is not levity, but the untold fight of the knowing A force understood only by those who possess it Dare to look up Dare to breathe To trust the hopeful and stack your spine No need to call to the willing, they are already at your side No need to call them brothers, they already share your fire The crushing allure of pure acceleration Chase it down Chase it down" Produced, Directed and Edited : Cale Glendening Prose Writer : Chloé Mclennan Cast : Art Arcinas, Jiimmy Pruitt, Josh Orr, Caleb Owens, JT Daly, Paul Moak, Patrick Ryan, Robert Longhurst, Nick Georgiou, Tori Townsend, Vijay Upadhyaya, Rachel Haag, Yve Assad, Pap Shirock, Will Fulford, Cassie Locante, Allison Rusche, Jenna Lane, Blake Williams Director of Photography : Cale Glendening Original Music : JT Daly Sound Design & Final Mix : Defacto Sound 1st AD : Will Fulford 1st AC : Andrew White Color : John Carrington Narrator : Jeffrey Buckner Ford Music “The Blackest Bird” Performed by JT Daly & The Blood Orchestra The Blood Orchestra Is : Avery Bright, Zach Casebolt, Katelyn Westergard : Violins Emily Kohavi : Viola Austin Hoke & Emily Nelson : Cello and members of RAM Audio Engineers : Justin March, Devin Vaughan, Zack Zink Mixed By : Paul Moak at The Smoakstack (Nashville, TN) Post Production Supervisor : Chloé Mclennan BTS Photography : Yve Assad, Andrew White Rentals : TVC Nashville, ELITE Multimedia Special Thanks : Blackbirds Motorcycle Assembly Austin Mann, Jordan Bellamy, Moto Moda, Barista Parlor, The Fuselage, The Fort

3. Blood Orange and Olive Oil Cake

Blood Orange and Olive Oil Cake

A little visit to my neighbourhood market, Marché Place des Fêtes, in the 19th arrondissement of Paris followed by a recipe of winter blood orange and olive oil cake. Recipe and more here: Music: Detektivbyrån Recipe: NY Times

4. Classroom Video — Oil, Ink, and Blood

  • Published: 2010-01-06T14:12:15+00:00
  • Duration: 868
  • By Dan Meyer
Classroom Video — Oil, Ink, and Blood

@gnat sent me this (interesting) link last Tuesday: This video shows how I turned it into a learning moment.

5. Hearing Paul Thomas Anderson

Hearing Paul Thomas Anderson

Part 1 of my 4 part Paul Thomas Anderson series. While perhaps his films are better known for cinematography and acting performances, the sounds of a PT Anderson picture deserve equal merit. Many of these sounds seem to create their impact through a certain degree of harshness. The sounds are cold and sterile, standing out amongst the lush, extravagant cinematography. From lines of cocaine being savagely snorted, to oil rigs exploding in the desert, to bullfrogs cracking windshields, here is a showcase of some of PTA's greatest sounds. Films: Hard Eight (1996) Boogie Nights (1997) Magnolia (1999) Punch-Drunk Love (2002) There Will be Blood (2007) The Master (2012) Inherent Vice (2014) Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

6. Painting A Painting with Michael Shapcott No. 1

Painting A Painting with Michael Shapcott No. 1

"Drift" Graphite, Gesso, and Oil Music (in order): Neutral Milk Hotel, "Holland, 1945" String Quartet Tribute to Radiohead (Background) Glassjaw, "Trailer Park Jesus" The Mars Volta, "Cicatriz E.S.P." Paul McCartney, "Mr. Bellamy" (Background) Oceansize, "New Pin" The Zombies, "I Love You" (Hat Scene) Yeah Yeah Yeah's, "Phenomenon" The Blood Brother's, "Laser Life" Beck, "Lonesome Tears"

8. Mobil1/Porsche

  • Published: 2014-11-06T23:01:09+00:00
  • Duration: 32
  • By Yukfoo

In this spectacular film a mean and aggressive machine bull is conceived and brought into being by the blood of Porsche, Mobil1 motor oil. Director - Anders Schroder Anders is represented in the Asia Pacific region by Yukfoo Ltd - [email protected]

9. The Hive Gallery “Blood and Oil” March Show 2013

The Hive Gallery “Blood and Oil” March Show 2013

The Hive Gallery presents: “Blood and Oil” Man vs. Machine themed show Opening: March 9th 8-11:30PM Show Runs: March 9th- March 30th Featured Artist 1: Jenna Gibson Featured Artist 2: Zara Kand Featured Artist 3: Chi Kei “Sam” Ho Featured Artist 4: “Blood and Oil” Man vs. Machine themed show curated by White Matter Installation Artist: Ashford Harrison Blood Vs. Oil Artists: Cody Raiza Cory Benhatzel Craig Cartwright Daisuke Okamoto David Whitlam Gene Guynn Jackie Gallagher James Jurado Jel Ena Jennifer King John Malloy Julie Poisonly Katy Betz Keith Wong Lawrence Yang Liz Zuniga Macsorro Nathan Cartwright Psycho James Salah Tora Hoppe Will Koffman Non-Themed Group show: Yoko D’ Holbachie / Luciano Matinez / MJ Lindo / Jeff Jacobson / Miss Neda / Brandon Sopinsky / John Weldon Wood / Melany Mez-Dierks / Hestin Lostwood / Sandra Maya / Jon Measures / Yumiko Awae / Anthony Stewart / Anne Walker / Doug Alvarez / Diana Levin / David Natale / Rob Sussman / Jared Yamahata / Greg Gould / Soty Mae / MJ Lindomore / Sandra Adame / Jaime Jiminez / Scott Murry / Eric Staniford / Stephanie Weitecamp / Jonathan Baker / TBA The Hive Gallery Resident Artists: Alyssa Beasley /Annie Terrazzo / Arlou Somo / Ave Rose / David Reyes / Diana Levin / Doug Meyer/ Edward Frausto / Ellen Schinderman / Glenn Fox / Graphation / Greg Gould / Ink Pen Mutations / Jennifer Korsen / Jinx / John Dang / J.Salvador /Keith Wong / Luciano Martinez / Marcel DeJure / Marigrace Alebelda / Mark Posey / Meirav Haber / Mike Street / Nathan Cartwright / Naoshi/ Patrick Haemmerlein / Randy Kono / Rob Sussman / Sara Hedstrom /Sarah Ockuly / Sarah Winkle / Shrine / Sonik / Stephan Canthal / Stephen Holman / Superpao / Teod Tomlinson / Walt Hall / Yuki Miyazaki FABRIC ENVIRONMENTS/ INSTALLATION by: Sonik SPONSORED BY: Music by KOSMO KAT "Le poinçonneur des lilas" "CYBORG GIRL" Video created by Daisuke Okamoto

10. BEST COMMERCIAL 2015- Mobil1 & Porsche

  • Published: 2015-06-23T14:00:14+00:00
  • Duration: 32
  • By BassAwards
BEST COMMERCIAL 2015- Mobil1 & Porsche

Design: Frame (Denmark) In this spectacular film a mean and aggressive machine bull is conceived and brought into being by the blood of Porsche, the Mobil1 motor oil. The concept of this co-branded piece is to show how Mobil 1 motor oil is the most hi-tech and durable oil available for Porsche's high performance cars. Credits: Director: Anders Schroder Agency: Dittborn & Unzueta Production Company: Fabula Chile Executive Producer: Thomas Bay Design: Santiago Zoraidez Edit & Grading: Anders Schroder Animation: Jacob Linnemann Animation: Franz Ferdinand Kubin Animation: Tom Crate Character Animation: Feanor Engemann Character Animation: Tom Crate Character Animation: Lars Hummelshøj Rigger: Sasha Ciolac Rigger: Rasmus Bælum VFX Supervisor: Esben Syberg Ass. Supervisor: Ivan Kondrup Jensen Modeller: Mats Andersson Modeller: Tobias Danbo Modeller: Mikael Aktan FX Artist: Anders Heilemann Mattepaint: Mikael Widegren Render Artist: Mats Andersson Render Artist: Anton Svensson Render Artist: Per Sundin Render Artist: Dan Andersen Compositor: Felix Turesson Compositor: Jonathan Harris Compositor: Michael Theander Post Producer: Louise Bejerholm Ass. Producer: Emil Holm VFX Producer: Rikke Gjerløv Hansen

11. ABC's Blood & Oil Trailer

ABC's Blood & Oil Trailer

For ABC's epic new series Blood & Oil, premiering September 27, 2015. Fusion created the vfx for Mr. Wolf, Culver City (Creative Director/VFX Supervisor, Danny Yoon) and Rebel Films on a series trailer. Matthew Rolston directed. Fusion created cg oil for the inkwell spill, the pool of oil, the champagne burst, the oil lasso and the fire igniting the lasso. Fusion also did camera tracking, match-moving, modeling and animation. The lighter that's tossed into the air, igniting the oil lasso, is all cg. The hardest effect, by far, was the champagne burst. It involved almost every difficult thing possible in cg fluids: a very short schedule, challenging art direction, very tight timing, custom force fields, adaptation of our smorganic technology, and application of a time ramp in the sim even though the footage was not time ramped (and so neither could be the matchmoved bottle that the liquid emerges from). Taken together, we were able to get a shot done to client happiness level that, from the technical perspective, was initially thot impossible. Fusion's team: Lauren Millar (Creative Director); Mark Stasiuk (Visual Effects Supervisor); Chris Ferrari (fx artist); Rif Dagher (fx artist); Alex Greenberg (modeling, animating, match-moving); Aslan Zamaev (modeling, match-moving).

12. There Will Be Blood

  • Published: 2015-04-03T18:32:50+00:00
  • Duration: 421
  • By Victoria Lhowe
There Will Be Blood

The scene of There Will Be Blood where the rig hits oil and creates a giant explosion.

13. Lib Legs 2013 (the movie)

  • Published: 2014-05-26T23:13:56+00:00
  • Duration: 1003
  • By Lib Tech
Lib Legs 2013 (the movie)

Lib Tech Skate hits the road with rippers to rip ripping skateparks on unbreakable skateboards made by bitchin' skateboarders with jobs in the USA (near Canada). These trips are known as LIB TECH LEGS. This movie features those Legs with skating from the likes of Sky Siljeg, Mikey Swearingen, Chad Fenlon and a bunch of other rippers. It's a veritable roadhouse style roundhouse kick to the paunch of park skating! Hide your vert! These piles love tile! Lib Tech Legs Origin Story: Once in Seattle Quincy Quigg ran into a zombie Courtney Love and had to fight for his life, they made out and then he made it out with only a couple of bites, (therefore he only became part zombie), and he managed to rip zombie Courtney's leg off, taking it home as a prize. He was inspired by this experience and made a painting of the trashy, sexy zombie leg. That painting later became a Lib Tech skateboard graphic that fellow Skunk Ape Hessian Krush Kulesza thought was 'Bad ass!'. Krush, being the word smith he is, knew that 'leg' was not only a leg but also a leg, as in, a section or stage of a journey, so he made Lib Tech Legs a series of journeys each to a different scraggly, hairy, misshapen, tattooed location; Vancouver, Colorado and NorCal. Sky Siljeg, Mikey Swearingen, Chad Fenlon, Jamie Jacobsen, Rion Linderman, Zion O'friel, Edwin Swagerty and Kevin VanAusdale were summoned from their various holes and handed new boards, fed fast food, brought to the biggest walls possible and set loose on a path of destructive creative freedom. Lib Tech now has three Legs in almost perfect condition and more are sprouting! As Quincy Quigg paints and Krush schemes new growth pushes out like barely concealed tumors containing hair, skateboards, bone, wheels, oil, blood, bearings and teeth that eventually, miraculously form into a new Leg for a new journey that can push mongo towards vert and tile.

14. Mannequin

  • Published: 2017-04-04T02:56:46+00:00
  • Duration: 478
  • By Pete Burkeet

Mannequins are made of plastic. Plastic is made of oil. Paint is made of oil. Paint is mannequin blood. Rolling Acres Mall was built on August 6, 1975. At its peak, it contained 140 stores. At one point, the mall was painted in pastels and was referred to as "The Plastic Palace." Rolling Acres began its decline in the 1990s and ultimately closed in 2011. It is now a magnet for crime and pollution.

15. Addiction

  • Published: 2015-02-02T03:10:13+00:00
  • Duration: 120
  • By Ryan McGrath

This is my solution to the D&AD New Blood Awards WWF brief. It is a creative advertising campaign focused around the earth being represented in human form. The concept represents the connection between the earth and ourselves, making the health of our planet more relatable to the health of our species. It highlights that with the destruction of our earth, we are also destroying ourselves. The main 2 minute advert is centered around our dependency on oil. Not only the fact that the use of oil is harmful to the planet, but that it is also a finite resource. If we cannot find a sustainable alternative before we run out, our economy will collapse and our civilization will go with it. Oil is used for most major aspects of society today, from the fertilisers that grow our food, to the rubber, plastics and fuel used to build and run the vehicles distributing that food. Since the discovery and manufacture of oil there has been a correlation between the sudden population spike and oil consumption. We need to make sure that we do not follow that inevitable fall down the other side of that spike once peak oil consumption has been reached. We need to do this by weaning ourselves off oil in favor of renewable energy sources and materials. To help represent our dependance on oil as an addiction I used the imagery of giant needles syphoning the oil (which also serves as the blood of the earth) into the cities.

16. CULT SONOMA // A Good Baker

CULT SONOMA // A Good Baker

There is gravity to a good bit of bread—it carries a sort of sacramental heft that doesn’t fool around. The way the outside shatters like a mosaic as you take a carnal rip off the crust, or the way it springs forth like a cloud into your mouth, swirled with a slug of olive oil. Great bread tethers you to your mortal coil—to your teeth and tongue and bones and blood and the all the things and conversations going on around you. It keeps you from floating away into the zeitgeist and leaving nothing but status updates to show for it. Pair it with nice beer, friendly people and some amicable herbs and vegetables and you pretty much have another reason to live. This is why we have vaulted Sonoma’s Mike [the bejkr] Zakowski to the echelon of artisanal god. What can we say? He maketh good loaves, the sort of bread that bores into your psyche, the sort that would keep ancient fishermen alive when adrift at sea or something. I guess what we’re trying to say is that there are a lot of breads out there, but his breads feels divinely necessary. “Every town needs a good baker,” intones Mike from the shipping container in his backyard he’s converted to a professional, artisinal bread-baking shop. We agree and we feel very blessed that Sonoma’s good baker is Mike! Please try Mike’s bread for yourself if you get an opportunity—look for him at Sonoma Valley’s farmers markets. We look forward to a lot more from Mike as he prepares to represent the U.S. in the World Cup of baking in Paris next year. ............................................. filmed + edited by Cult Sonoma music by Indian Valley Line music mixed by Max Lynch

17. Blood and Oil: Energy & Conflicts in the Middle-East (Trailer)

Blood and Oil:  Energy & Conflicts in the Middle-East (Trailer)

As democratic uprisings continue to spread across the Arab world, serious questions are being asked about the effects of U.S. energy policy in the region. This eye-opening documentary connects the dots between America’s insatiable appetite for oil and the kinds of political repression that are now under siege in the Middle East. The film unearths declassified documents and forgotten presidential doctrines to show how concerns about oil have led to successive U.S. military interventions in the region, and to support for anti-democratic policies and regimes. In the end, Blood & Oil warns that without a radical re-thinking of global energy policy, the accelerating hunt for diminishing world petroleum supplies virtually guarantees continued instability, and war, in the Middle East and beyond.

18. FX ShowReel 2014_Kihyun Yun

  • Published: 2014-04-19T08:57:02+00:00
  • Duration: 136
  • By Kihyun Yun
FX ShowReel 2014_Kihyun Yun

Hi guys i'm Kihyun Yun, FX artist in Seoul, Korea. This is my 3rd reel for VFX career and thanks to watching and i really appreciate for comments all of you. 1. I SAW THE DEVIL, 2010 [악마를 보았다] - Lighting, Shading,Rendering, Simulation Digital Blood 2. MY WAY, 2011( Include [The Official V-Ray Demo Reel 2012 - Film & Visual Effect Industry] - Simulation Digital Flame and Smoke 3. THE TOWER, 2012 [타워] - Simulation Digital Dust and Debris 4. MOSS, 2010 [이끼] - Simulation Digital Fire and Smoke 5. GABI, 2012 [가비] - Simulation Digital Train Smoke 6. PORORO, THE RACING ADVENTURE, 2013 [뽀로로, 슈퍼썰매 대모험] - Simulation Digital Crevasse Collapse Smoke 7. HAUNTERS, 2010 [초능력자] - Simulation Digital Smoke 8. THE FRONT LINE, 2011 [고지전] - Simulation Digital Mist 9. QUICK, 2011 [퀵] - Simulation Digital Friction Smoke and Dust 10. A BETTER TOMORROW, 2010 [무적자] - Rigidbody Digital Debris and Dust 11. BATTLEFIELD HEROES, 2010 [평양성] - Lighting, Shading, Rendering, Simulation Digital Fire and Smoke 12. OIL ATTACK 2, 2009 [주유소 습격사건 2] - Simulation Digital Fire

19. This Particular Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

  • Published: 2016-10-31T14:00:16+00:00
  • Duration: 104
  • By Union Garage
This Particular Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

Union Garage is proud to present “This Particular Ride,” a short film that focuses on a single participant in this year’s Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. The DGR is an annual event that raises money for cancer research and men’s health through a charity ride that has grown to global proportions. Union Garage has been involved since 2014, providing coffee and an early morning rallying point for local participants. And each year we’ve chronicled the event with a video of the ride. This time, we wanted to do something a little different. This ride owes its runaway success to the sheer spectacle it never fails to provide: legions of men (and women) dressed in their Sunday Best, parading en masse through their respective cities by motorcycle. It’s hard not to smile. It’s good clean fun for a great cause. But sometimes it’s so much fun that the cause is overshadowed by all the hoopla that accompanies it. To highlight the event’s original cause we turned to Steve Kupershmid, a customer, longtime rider and New York native with a particularly personal connection to the DGR. Five years ago Steve lost his friend and brother-in-law, Don DeVito, to a 20-year battle with prostate cancer. After registering for the DGR for the first time this year, Steve was startled by the response he got. His family and extended social network collectively contributed more than $8,000 to his campaign, making him a top-ten fundraiser out of 50,000+ registered riders. He was even more surprised when we asked if we could come to his house at 4AM to film him suiting up and riding into New York City from his home in rural Long Island. He graciously agreed to let us tell his story, and director Jason Harper brilliantly brought the concept to life in this new short film. To find out more and donate to the cause go to // Director: J.M. Harper Producer: Chris Lesser / Union Garage Color Grade: Alan Gordon Sound: Vanessa Upson-Harper Sound Design: Cody Twitchell Additional Footage Courtesy: Molifilms / Oil In the Blood Special thanks to Noah Conopask, Steve and Andrea Kuperschmid, and the DeVito family. ### About The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride: The DGR is an annual charity event raises money for cancer research and men’s health by drawing on participants’ personal networks to crowd-fund their sponsorship in the event. True to its theme, riders don their Sunday Best and complete a local route in their respective cities, resplendent in suit and tie. The first DGR in 2012 brought together 2,500 riders across 64 cities. The event has grown each year, and the 2016 ride saw more than 56,000 participants in 500 cities worldwide. About Union Garage: Union Garage is a motorcycle gear shop operating a brick-and-mortar location in Brooklyn, NY, and a website at Specializing in high-quality helmets, jackets, boots, gloves and accessories, Union Garage has sponsored the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride since 2014. This year “Team Union Garage NYC” was the #4 team worldwide, with nearly 100 members who collectively raised more than $24,000 for the charity.

20. Obakki / Fall/Winter 2012 / Campaign Video

  • Published: 2012-02-09T18:37:23+00:00
  • Duration: 324
  • By Obakki
Obakki / Fall/Winter 2012 / Campaign Video

Inspiration behind Obakki’s Fall/Winter 2012 Collection. A line divides north from south in Sudan -- created by a civil war that raged for 40 years. It was brewed in oil, and steeped in blood and smoke. The chaos scarred the land and scattered its people. But today, the newly-defined southern nation flows with optimism as the seeds of prosperity are nurtured with water. Obakki’s Fall/Winter 2012 Collection explores the dramatic timeline of South Sudan, telling a story through color, texture and pattern. Gun metal grays encased in sanguine, earthy neutrals and vibrant ultramarines punctuate each chronological stage. Experience Obakki’s interpretation of the unique story of South Sudan as it unfolds through the Fall/Winter 2012 Collection. Video: Brian Ceci Music: Blood by the Middle East