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  • Duration: 211


2. Xbox 360 JFK Installation

Xbox 360 JFK Installation

Project Name: Xbox 360 JFK Installation Debut Date: April 2008 Film Location: Los Angeles Soundstage More Info: Client: Microsoft Advertising Agency: T.A.G. Production Company: Brand New School Directors: Rob Feng & Jens Gehlhaar Director of Photography: Pat Notaro Still Photographer: Zen Sekizawa VFX Supervisor: Scott Metzger Production Designer: Jason Schuster Producer: David Wolfson 1st Assistant Director: Patrick Finnegan Art Director: Robert Bisi Editor: Erik Barnes Concept Artists: Robert Bisi, George Fuentes Flame Artist: Ryan Yoshimoto Compositors: Mark Kim, Pablo Wang, Peter Murphy, Trix Taylor, Kyu Kim, Andrew Soria Designers: Brian Gossett, Robert Bisi, Chris Saunders 3d Artists: Max Keane, Stephen Sloan, Vinh Chung, John Sadler, Frantz Vidal, Robin Kim Wallpaper Designer: Clarissa Tossin Producer: Darren Jaffe Music: Léo Delibes, "Viens, Mallika, les liens en fleurs (The Flower Duet)" (from "Lakmé")


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  • Duration: 238
  • By Landis Fields

HANGAR 7 Our "Chapter 2" entry for the Canon/Vimeo Short Film Contest "The Story Beyond The Still" (Watch Chapter 1 by Vincent Laforet here: ) A FILM BY Brian Berringer Landis Fields Punn Wiantrakoon Zac Wollons STARRING Mari Kearney - Old Lady Dan Riha - Delivery Man Brian Berringer - Truck Driver Landis Fields - Goon 1 Punn Wiantrakoon - Goon 2 Zac Wollons - Our "close-up" cabbie look-alike PROP MODELERS Fon Davis - 3D Skeleton Key Printing Robert Barnes - Key Painting 3RD PARTY ASSETS Vincent Laforet - clip of cabbie from chapter 1 Vincent Laforet - Polaroid of girl from chapter 1 SPEACIAL THANKS Anna Fields Krista Haley Justin Oliphant James Garvey John Duncan Huck Wirtz Alison Kellom Francesca Christopher Colie Wertz Alfonso Villar Dan Whitton Floyd Lord JD Shot with the Canon 7D and a 5D mk2 using various Canon lenses. Color Graded using Magic Bullet.

4. Life is Now

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  • Duration: 236
  • By Vanessa Vandy
Life is Now

Life is Now, is a film about living to the fullest and taking time to appreciate life. Life is happening today - take a moment to enjoy it. This film features video footage from New Zealand, San Francisco and Finland. Filming, editing, color, sound: Vanessa Vandy Titles: Michelle Vandy Music: Tony Anderson, "All is Not Lost", Courtesy of The Music Bed Special thanks to: Simon Vandy Michelle Vandy Timothy Dick Brigette Fulton Vivien Vu Sam Clark Flor Menehem Lachlan Clark Lukas Walton-Keim Ian Lane Marriott Hayley Fulton Susan Schultz Anna Jane Thompson Andrew Luxmoore Lucy Tucker Luke Barnes Romain Bernard Maximilian Helmke Robert Nemlander Tom Fraser Christina Ramirez Antoine Jaubert Arthur Jaubert Sobini Mohanaraj Gumith Lithmal Oisin and Malachy Jen and Chris Vandy Omada Health Some of this footage will be available for license through by mid 2016. Equipment used: Sony a7s II Metabones IV Pilotfly H1 (most footage handheld though) Canon 50mm 1,4 Canon 85mm 1,8 Sigma 35mm 1,4 (art)

5. Robert Fabricant - Behavior is our Medium

Robert Fabricant - Behavior is our Medium

Robert Fabricant talks about Interaction Design as a practice beyond just computing technology. He gives examples of Interaction Design as far back as ancient history, all the way to a humanitarian project underway today. He shows that Interaction Design's primary medium is behavior, extending far past the high technology world into the realm of human behavior and relationships. To comment in this video, please go to Brought to you by the Interaction Design Association ( Find more videos each week at About Robert Fabricant Robert Fabricant is an Executive Creative Director at frog Design where he leads frog’s efforts to expand into new markets. Robert has been with frog since 2001, leading a multidisciplinary creative team in New York in a broad range of initiatives that span product design, interaction design, environments and branded experiences. He has worked with clients such as MTV, GE, Cox Communications, Virgin Mobile, Barnes & Noble, BBC and Nextel and designed user experiences for numerous platforms, including handheld devices, in-car information systems, medical devices, retail environments, networked applications and desktop software. Prior to frog, Robert led the Research & Development team at Organic where he worked on wireless applications for clients such as Lucent Technologies, Federated and the Museum of the Moving Image. Other work experience includes @radicalmedia, Microsoft Research and Edwin Schlossberg Inc. He is an adjunct professor at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program where he teaches a foundation course in Interaction Design. His interactive work has been featured in ID magazine, Wired magazine, the Wall Street Journal and presented at SIGGRAPH and DUX.

6. Uncle Kent 2

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  • Duration: 4424
  • By Factory 25
Uncle Kent 2

"Uncle Kent 2 is the craziest movie sequel ever. A defiantly unconventional crowdpleaser." - Eric Kohn, Indiewire "Allow your head to explode." -Hammer to Nail "Uncle Kent 2 is freaking magic." -The Wall Street Journal In a desperate search to create a follow-up to Joe Swanberg's 2011 film UNCLE KENT, Kent Osborne travels to a comic book convention in San Diego where he loses his mind and confronts the end of the world. Reuniting in the GREMLINS 2 of "Indie" sequels, Joe Swanberg, Jennifer Prediger and Tipper Newton return in a surrealist look into Osborne's madness. Written by Osborne and passing the directors' torch over to Todd Rohal (THE CATECHISM CATACLYSM) UNCLE KENT 2 plays out like an absurdist successor that bends the rules of sequels and the minds of the audience. Directed by Todd Rohal Written by Kent Osborne Executive Produced and Co-Directed (first 12 Minutes) by Joe Swanberg Cinematography by Nathan M. Miller CAST: Kent Osborne, Lyndsay Hailey, Kate Herman, Joe Swanberg, Robert Longstreet, Jennifer Prediger, Weird Al Yankovic, Jude Swanberg, Steve Berg, Maragaret Box, Derek Cohen-Copeland, Jessica DiCicco, Toby Jones, Dylan Haggerty, Eliza Hajkova, Toby Holbrooks, Seo Kim, Katie Krentz, Robert R. Lowry, Julie Mond, Katherine Morris, Karina Noelle, Daisy O'Dell, Madeline Queripel, Emily Quinn, Davy Rothbart, Cole Sanchez, Michael Torcivia, Stephen Paul Stocker, Michael Symonds, Sean Szeles, Anthony Verlander, Erin Willetts, Jessica Yost, Jay Van Hay, Violet Bliss, Tom Fitzpatrick, Steve Little, Derek Bevil, Diana Nguyen, Fayette Marie, Julie Maximova, Phillip Ristaino, Kate Herman, Benjamin W. Barnes, Timon Birkhofer, Jaden Label, Jonathan London, Andy Ristaino, John Nania, Rich Sturdevant, Kent Kasper, R. Sky Palkowitz, Matt Winston, Ashly Burch, Lawrence Levine, Sophia Takal, Linas Phillips, Dustin Defa, Tipper Newton, Daniel Schechter, Evan Mays, Joel Huggins, Max Nikoff, Paulette Osborne and Kat Candler

7. FUEL TV "Supermoto"


Project Name: FUEL TV "Supermoto" Film Location: Los Angeles Running Time: :30 More Info: Client: FUEL TV, Los Angeles General Manager: CJ Olivares Creative Director: Todd Dever Director On-Air Promos: Michael Cooley Production Company: Brand New School, LA Creative Directors: Jens Gehlhaar, Jonathan Notaro Writer / Director: Ben Go Director of Photography: Pat Notaro Production Designer: Robert Fox Suit Fabrication: Smiley, Barnacle Brothers Stylist: Trayce Field Visual Effects Artists: Satya Meka, Sang Lee, Andrew Soria, Murad Currawalla Editor: Erik Barnes Song: "Dark Bubbles" by Black Moth Super Rainbow On-Camera Talent: Erin Normoyle ###

8. Bad Writing

Bad Writing

Bad Writing is a documentary about a wannabe poet who sets off on a quest for answers about writing—bad writing, good writing, and the process in between. What he learns from some leading figures in the literary world will inspire anyone who has ever dreamt of creating art. Featuring interviews with David Sedaris, Margaret Atwood, George Saunders, Nick Flynn, Steve Almond, Yusef Komunyakaa, Lee Gutkind, D.A. Powell, Kim Barnes, Robert Wrigley, Claire Davis, Daniel Waters, Lynn Emanuel, Daniel Orozco, Mark McGurl, David Nadelberg, Josh Olson, Brenda Shaughnessy, Alex Steele, Michael Wiegers, Miles Corwin, Sally Wofford-Girand, and Jenni Ferrari-Adler. "Charming and smartly conceived.” –Steven Kurutz, The Wall Street Journal

9. Roosevelt "Booba" Barnes in Robert Mugge's 1991 film DEEP BLUES

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  • Duration: 888
  • By Robert Mugge

The late Roosevelt "Booba" Barnes and the Playboys performing at Booba's Playboy Club on notorious Nelson Street in Greenville, Mississippi. Shot in the fall of 1990 for Robert Mugge's film DEEP BLUES. Also featuring the late, great music historian and journalist Robert Palmer who considered Booba's blues as raw and authentic as any to be heard at that time.

10. The Space Between

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  • Duration: 79
  • By Robert Carter
The Space Between

A story of life, death, love and all things in-between. My thesis film from Sheridan College Computer Animation 2013. A Film By Robert Carter Audio By Jeff Carter Special Thanks to Kris Howald, Stephen Barnes, Ken Walker

11. (ABC's of Death2 Entry) "M" is for Music

(ABC's of Death2 Entry)

VOTE HERE --------> Two lovely young musicians find themselves the prisoners of a sadistic madman hosting a bacchanalian dinner party for a secret group of wealthy socialites. The evening's entertainment - a violin duel to the death! Executive Producer / Duane A. Sikes, Angie Guiberteau and Jack Twatchman Writers / L. Gustavo Cooper & Jack Twatchman Director/ L. Gustavo Cooper Director of Photography/ Ryan Patrick Dean Score / Andrew Avitabile & Phillip Pan Editor / L. Gustavo Cooper Colorist / Sean Shea Graphics / Kyler Alford Producer/ Jack Twatchman, L.Gustavo Cooper, Angie Guiberteau Assoc Producer /Alexandria Lewis & Colin Barnes Tom Martin/ Wolf Areayl Cooper/ Violinist 1 Dayna Osan /Violinist 2 Karoline Kate /Sheep 1 Aimee Taryn /Sheep 2 Bobby Parker/Pig 1 Tom Riska /Pig 2 Courtney Gardner /Pig 3 Aristole Montemayor /Rat Keary McCutchen /Sheep 3 1 AD/ Joshua Earles-Bennett Gaffer /Charlie Harrold Swing /Paul Bathan Swing/ Robert Villalobos Swing PA /Michael Britton Swing PA /Jonathan Cuartas Key PA/Standin/ Daniel Partenie Set PA/Standin /Richard Kodai 1st AC/ Dean Freeland 2nd AC/ Michael Cuartas Set Photographer/ Jensen Hande Sound Design/ Andrew Avitabile Special FX Creator/ Roy Wooley Special FX Lead/Adrian Chappell Special Fx Assitant/ Synthia Roy Music Supervisor/ Phillip Pan Playback /Andrew Avitabile Sound Mixer/Boom Op/ Chris Brett Hair Stylist/ Nikki Todd Make Up / Hillary Warren Costume Designer/ Emily Moody Wardrobe PA /Towns Warren Sanford Art Director/ Brandon Santiago Asst. Art Director /Colin Barnes Prop Master/ Brian Feist Art PA /Trevis Wallace Art PA /Kali Edwards Production Assistant/ Jeremy Moorman Production Assistant/ Harry D, Agostino

12. Miller - Downhill

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  • Duration: 62
  • By THE APA
Miller - Downhill

Product: Miller Title: Downhil Production Company: Academy Director: Frederic Planchon Production Producer: Nick Morris Ad Agency: Mother Creative Director: Robert Saville Art Director: Darren Bailes Copywriter: Allen McCuish Agency Producer: Nicky Barnes Editing Company: The Quarry Editor: Jonathan Scarlet Music Company: 'Fantastic Cats' Warner Chapel Sound Company: N/A Post Production House: The Mill

13. Power The Kid - Short film scene excerpt

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  • Duration: 41
  • By Alex Barnes
Power The Kid - Short film scene excerpt

Directed by Alex Barnes Written by Julian Curtis Produced by Benjamin Robert Hetherington Executive Producer: Alex Barnes DOP: Richard C Bell Staring Julian Mineo

14. Subway “RGIII Weekend Warrior”

Subway “RGIII Weekend Warrior”

MMB approached with a rough script for two completely different Subway Famous Friends commercials which would feature Robert Griffin III. Mill+ directors Mario Stipinovich, Rama Allen and art director Brian Gossett worked together closely to develop both a live-action treatment and graphic/type treatment for the two spots. Each had unique challenges but common to both was the limited time we had with our celebrity talent. Production Mill Office: New York Directors: Rama Allen, Mario Stipinovich Executive Producer: Ian Bearce Producer: Nic Barnes Design & Animation Art Director/Designer: Brian Gossett Animation: Wes Ebelhar, Gap Sangpattharamatee, Arthur Hur, Fabien Tejada Designers: Wes Ebelhar, Gera Frascaroli, Graham Hill, Caleb Halter Editorial Editor: Ryan McKenna, Jessica Ledoux VFX Executive Producer: Sue Lee VFX Producer: Adrienne Winterhalter 2D Artists: Kyle Cody 3D Artists: Naotaka Minami Colorist: Damien Van Der Cruyssen

15. Desserts in Jars Cookbook Promo Trailer

Desserts in Jars Cookbook Promo Trailer

Produced, filmed, and edited by Ingman Photography ( Read more on our blog ( Music by Starr Saunders and Robert Lindsey "We Were One" ( Desserts in Jars, by Shaina Olmanson, is available June 26, 2012 on Amazon (, Barnes & Noble ( and at your local bookseller ( Read more about Shaina on her blog, Food for My Family (

16. Power The Kid - Short Film Trailer

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  • Duration: 51
  • By Alex Barnes
Power The Kid - Short Film Trailer

Directed by Alex Barnes Written by Julian Curtis Produced by Benjamin Robert Hetherington DOP: Richard C Bell Staring Julian Mineo

17. Behind The Scenes - Rachel Barnes

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  • Duration: 77
  • By Basil Vargas
Behind The Scenes - Rachel Barnes

Credits: Model: Rachel Barnes @ No Ties Model Management Make-up: Amy Hanlin Special Thanks: Robert Dahey Music: Animal - Neon Trees



"Most know Saint Nick as a jolly old man, but Luchagore tells a tale of his sadistic master plan." Merry Christmas from Luchagore Productions! Enjoy this little holiday special, as a thank-you for all your support over the years! LUCHAGORE PRODUCTIONS Producer: Raynor Shima Production Coordinator/BTS: Gordon Cheng Director: Gigi Saul Guerrero Writer: Shane McKenzie Cinematography: Luke Bramley 1st AC: Jordan Williams SANTA CLAUS: Dale Gillespie SANTA Hand Double: Sunny Shams MakeUP/FX: Carolyn William & Andrea Dulmage Costumes: Jessie Churchill Production Design: Jocelan Jansen Set Dec/Props: Courtney Karg and Topher Graham Sound: Dominic Dobrzensky Grip: Jonathan Chan & Jose Salano Editor: Gigi Saul Guerrero VFX/Color Correction: Luke Bramley Music: Chase Horseman Sound Design: Luis Flores, Lex Ortega, Robert Phaneuf Final Mix: Luis Flores, Lex Ortega DIT: Jordan Barnes-Crouse Title: Jonathan Moxnes

19. Neighborhood Food Drive (2017) Trailer

Neighborhood Food Drive (2017) Trailer

WORLD PREMIERE @ SLAMDANCE FILM FESTIVAL 2017 85 minutes | 2017 Two women hire an intern to help them throw an awful party at their restaurant. starring Lyra Hill, Bruce Bundy, Ruby McCollister, Marcos Barnes and Ted Tremper written by Halle Butler, Mike Lopez & Jerzy Rose director of photography Robert Cauble music by Tyson Thurston directed by Jerzy Rose © 2017 Tarwathie Films / Paracme / The Road Productions

20. FUEL TV "Pioneer"


Project Name: FUEL TV "Pioneer" Film Location: Los Angeles Debut Date: 2010 Running Time: :60 More Info: Client: FUEL TV General Manager: CJ Olivares Creative Director: Todd Dever Director On-Air Promos: Michael Cooley Production Company: Brand New School LA Creative Directors: Jens Gehlhaar, Jonathan Notaro Director / Writer: Ben Go Director of Photography: Pat Notaro Producer: Craig Houchin Production Designer: Robert Fox After Effects Artist: Maithy Tran Editor: Erik Barnes Music: Kenneth Charlson Audio Mix: Machine Head On-Camera Talent: Scott Johnston ###