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1. Sirens sound across Israel in 'doomsday' drill June 03, 2009

  • Duration: 67
  • Channel: news
Sirens sound across Israel in 'doomsday' drill June 03, 2009

Sirens sound across Israel in 'doomsday' drill June 03, 2009

2. Sirens sound in Israeli school as part of nationwide drill

  • Duration: 48
  • Channel: news
Sirens sound in Israeli school as part of nationwide drill

Sirens sounded across Israel on Tuesday as part of a nationwide drill to practice emergency responses to security situations such as air or missile attacks, with schools participating in the exercise. Duration: 00:47

3. Tornado sirens sound Wednesday for drill

  • Duration: 51
  • Channel: news
Tornado sirens sound Wednesday for drill

Tornado sirens blared across the state as the Severe Weather Preparedness Week by the NWS focuses on tornadoes.

4. Sirens sound as Israel remembers fallen soldiers, civilians

  • Duration: 36
  • Channel: news
Sirens sound as Israel remembers fallen soldiers, civilians

Israelis flocked on Monday to army cemeteries across the country, as Israel marks Memorial Day in remembrance of fallen troops and civilian deaths in terror attacks, which will be followed by it's 65th Independence celebrations. Duration: 00:35.

5. Israelis Unfazed By Nationwide Siren As Drill Enters Third D

  • Duration: 140
  • Channel: news
Israelis Unfazed By Nationwide Siren As Drill Enters Third D

As the nationwide drill entered its third day, throughout the country a one and a half minute siren was heard as the emergency services and IDF forces practised a series of scenarios ranging from dealing with the aftermath of a chemical missile attack and rescuing those trapped under rubble. In the Nation's schools and government ministries, pupils and members of the public practised going down to the bomb shelters and taking cover. In Jerusalem, locals ignored the wailing siren, unfazed they continued to go about their daily business.04/08/08 

6. Sirens Sound In Moscow - Russia On Full alert.

  • Duration: 941
  • Channel: news
Sirens Sound In Moscow - Russia On Full alert.

The City Of Moscow Awoke To Sirens As Russian Military Forces Went On Full alert With A General Recall At 6:00 AM this morning Sirens sounded in Moscow. One hour later the Minister of Defense announced: “Today, another unannounced inspection began in accordance with a decision by the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Forces of the Southern Military District, as well as parts of the forces of the Western and Central Military Districts, the north Fleet, the High Command of the Aerospace Forces, the command of the Airborne Troops are set on full combat readiness starting at 7:00Am Moscow Time.” There are several things that have caused Russian Military to go to Full Alert 1st) Several Key Terrorists supported by US Dollars were found, and killed, yesterday in the south Western State of Chechnya and they spoke of an “Invasion.” – but that is Top Secret. 2nd) It was 86* (F) in the South Eastern Russian State yesterday when huge Egg Sized Hail Stones the size of Chicken Eggs pummeled much of the states of Dagestan and Chechnya destroying much of the infrastructure and it was, of course, caused by a US Satellite. Again – Top Secret. 3rd) Vice President Joe Biden has ordered the retreat of ISIS to the East of the Euphrates and Turkey and Russia have had enough ad are destroying these CIA fighters. Since when did the Vice President of the United States begin controlling military forces? 4th) It appears that half of the US is under some sort of State of Emergency due to fires and floods. WHAT’S BEHIND THIS WAR? a) The World Banking Leaders have lost control of the Monetary System and need to reset it and they think they need a Full Scale War to cover up their stupidity b) A war was ordered 22 August and nobody came – the invasion of Russia by NATO was cancelled. There is a power on this planet now that blocked those orders c) President Obama has been given until 14 September to shut down the entire US Economy – and no one is listening. Yes – the Ports are empty and Spare Parts are few and far between – but that is a long way from shutting the entire economy down. d) These FASCISTS in the White House are about to loose power and they will do anything to stay in power – including starting a Full Scale Nuclear War. The Obama Handlers in the White House are utterly Insane. FOLLOW THE MONEY – OIL REVENUE Europe will either be run by oil for those loyal to the US or those loyal to Russia Thus the wars. =========================== This war has been going on for over 50 years. As a child I remember a news story in the Oakland Tribune in the 70s stating Israel has just drilled the deepest oil well in the world. Well – apparently Syrian, Iran, Norway, and Israel (Leviathan Oil Deposits) are all vying for the sale of Oil and Natural Gas to the hungry 750 million Europeans. IT IS MORE THAN MONEY THOUGH THAT DRIVES THESE WARS These Lucifarians who run the world – these Fallen Angels – wish only the destruction of the human Race and until GOD assists us in getting rid of these Ratfinks we are stuck with this Permanent State of War that has existed since we all can remember. So we pray that these Fallen Angels (Agellions, GOD’s Children) either leave or turn back to GOD We pray that our families are ready for what is coming.

7. Both Israeli, Hamas rockets hit schools

  • Duration: 130
  • Channel: news
Both Israeli, Hamas rockets hit schools

The scene in the southern Israeli town of Kiryat Gat -- after a rocket attack that injured one person. Air raid sirens in Tel Aviv, a drill familiar to many Israelis -- looking for cover. Israel's military says that in their most recent attacks, Gaza based militants fired more than 60 rockets into Israel. At least four hit the town of Sderot, one just outside a school, although no students or staff were injured. Across the border in Gaza, an Israeli strike on a school yielded far more serious consequences. Many of the injured, along with their parents had sought shelter at the UN school. The air strike marked the sixth time Israel has targeted a U.N. facility. Jerusalem maintains that Hamas militants are using these so called "safe zones," as bases from which to launch missiles... although locals here say Israel's attack was unwarranted. It was a sentiment echoed in Washington by Israel's closest ally. White House spokesman Josh Earnest.

8. PM: Home front drill preplanned

  • Duration: 53
  • Channel: news
PM: Home front drill preplanned

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has sent a calming message to Lebanon, after Hezbollah declared a heightened state of alert ahead of Israel's largest ever home front exercise. Hezbollah mobilized thousands of fighters to southern Lebanon ahead of the Israeli drill which Prime Minster Netanyahu explained was "a routine exercise which was scheduled a long time ago, and not the result of an unusual security-related development." At the start of his weekly cabinet meeting, The Prime Minister explained the exercise is aimed at evaluating the country's preparedness for various scenarios, including rocket attacks and planting of dirty bomb and hazardous materials. The exercise, which is being held for the fourth year in a row, will include air raid sirens across the country, at workplaces, in schools, in hospitals, in the local authorities and in government offices. 

9. Infol; Headline News, April 8, 2008

  • Duration: 150
  • Channel: news
Infol; Headline News, April 8, 2008

Israel will not cooperate with UN security fence watchdog Siren to be sounded throughout country as part of nationwide drill Barghouti writes to Peace Now on its 30th anniversary, says both sides want peace Gilad Sharon writes book about his father Goldwasser family denies Lebanese media reports says no progress made Poll says majority of Israelis will eat matzot during Passover 

10. Inside Story - Israel's defence test - 31 May 09

  • Duration: 1423
  • Channel: news
Inside Story - Israel's defence test - 31 May 09

Israel conducts its largest-ever defence drills to a "doomsday scenario" of missile attacks on four directions. Is it a show of force, just a test, or really a dry-run for war? And will five days of drills reassure the Israeli public, or cause more concern about where their government is taking them?

11. Gaza rocket hits open field in Israel

  • Duration: 67
  • Channel: news
Gaza rocket hits open field in Israel

A rocket fired by Palestinians in the Gaza Strip hit an open field in southern Israel on Monday, the Israeli army said in a statement. However no casualties were reported. Red alert sirens were not activated, as the projectile exploded in open territory.

12. Technical 'Glitch' in Minneapolis Wakes Everyone Up at 6 a.m. With Bogus Tornado Siren

  • Duration: 46
  • Channel: news
Technical 'Glitch' in Minneapolis Wakes Everyone Up at 6 a.m. With Bogus Tornado Siren

People in Minneapolis woke up around 6 a.m. on Tuesday to the blaring sound of emergency tornado sirens. But the weather was nice. Hennepin County Emergency Management wrote on Facebook, "There was a software issue which in turn activated the sirens." The sheriff's office added, "Looks like the statewide tornado drill came early thanks to a false alarm." There's nothing better than waking up in a panic to the sound of the city's tornado and civil defense sirens going off at the crack of dawn.

13. Korean Air Raid Sirens - Civil Defense Drills

  • Duration: 43
  • Channel: news
Korean Air Raid Sirens - Civil Defense Drills

Korean Air Raid Sirens - Civil Defense Drills

14. Israeli forces shoot dead two youths as Palestinians mark the Naqba

  • Duration: 49
  • Channel: news
Israeli forces shoot dead two youths as Palestinians mark the Naqba

Two Palestinian youths have been shot dead by Israeli forces in the West Bank amid clashes on the anniversary of the Naqba or ‘catastrophe’ – the term Palestinians use to describe Israel’s creation as a state and their displacement. The deaths occurred outside an Israeli prison near Ramallah where, at noon, as elsewhere in the West Bank, sirens wailed for 66 seconds to symbolise the years that have passed since Israel was established in 1948. The Israeli military said security forces had tried to break up a riot of about 150 Palestinians using “riot dispersal means and rubber bullets”. Ofer prison has been a focal point of Palestinian anger over Israel’s detention and occupation policies. Palestinians also marked the anniversary in the Gaza Strip. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said earlier that the Palestinian commemoration was part of “endless propaganda” against Israel. He said that the country would continue to build itself and its “united capital Jerusalem” and push ahead with a new law declaring Israel a Jewish state. The violence comes after US-brokered Israeli-Palestinian peace talks stumbled and finally collapsed in April.

15. Headline News, April 8, 2008

  • Duration: 161
  • Channel: news Headline News, April 8, 2008

Livni to visit Qatar to advance efforts to release Gilad Schalit Iran has begun installing 6000 centrifuges People unfazed by sirens as nationwide drill enters third day MK Beilin says US to sponsor another peace summit in May Hamas official warns Gaza border with Egypt will be breached again Katsav backs out of plea bargain, wants to stand trial and clear his name 

16. South Korea holds defence drill

  • Duration: 75
  • Channel: news
South Korea holds defence drill

Sirens ring out in the South Korean capital as Seoul hold a civil defence drill. As part of a joint military exercise with the United States, areas of the capital came to a standstill as people practised what to do in an emergency. Traffic stopped as people moved into safe places, such as train stations. Underground in one subway, civilians and government officials learned CPR. SOUNDBITE: JANG SUNG-GU, ACTION OFFICER OF CIVIL DEFENCE DIVISION AT SEOUL METROPOLITAN GOVERNMENT, SAYING (Korean): "This exercise is a field for learning and exercising measures to deal with emergencies. This will teach our citizens how to escape safely or rescue injured people in time of emergency." The annual exercise mobilizes thousands of U.S. and South Korean troops, focusing on defending South Korea in an emergency. It comes amid tension between South Korea and its reclusive neighbour in the North. North Korea has strongly denounced the drill, saying it preludes to war.

17. South Korea Holds Anti-Terror Exercise

  • Duration: 124
  • Channel: news
South Korea Holds Anti-Terror Exercise

In November, South Korea will play host to the G20 summit in Seoul. And ahead of the meeting, they staged an anti-terror drill, part of an effort to make sure security forces are prepared for anything and everything that might occur. South Korea staged an anti-terrorist drill and a civil defense exercise in Seoul on Wednesday. The drill was held where the Group of 20 summit will be held in November. As chair nation of the group of major economies in the world, South Korea will not only set the agenda for the meeting, but will also lead the members in finding solutions to the global financial crisis. To make the summit a success, the city government says they will place an emphasis on providing "comfortable lodging," "convenient transportation" and "perfect security" to visitors. While the U.S. and South Korean militaries staged joint military drills, South Korean government employees along with military and civilians held nationwide drills. During the drills, hypothetical terror situations such as kidnappings and bus attacks with bombs were demonstrated. Citizens have mixed feelings as they see increasing numbers of anti-terror exercises. "I did not think we had any threats by terrorist attacks. But I realized, when I saw today's anti-terrorist training, that the two Koreas are in a truce without a peace treaty, so we face a threat of attacks and we should be prepared against it." Others said they like to see peaceful relations with the North. "I know many people talk about lots of North Korean provocations nowadays. I hope the relationship between the two Koreas would be peaceful like in the past." Earlier in the day, the government also conducted civil defense training with sirens ringing across the city. Cars were stopped during the 15-minute training and citizens on the streets were guided by policemen to underground places. North and South Korea are still technically at war since the 1950-53 Korean War ended in a truce without a peace treaty.

18. Brazilian officials hold Ebola readiness drills

  • Duration: 58
  • Channel: news
Brazilian officials hold Ebola readiness drills

(announcement) The announcement went out over the loud speaker- a passenger suspected of having the Ebola virus has just landed at the international airport in Rio de Janeriro. Emergency workers don gloves, face masks, and protective gear and head to the site. (sirens) This time, it's only a drill, but officials in Rio aren't taking any chances about what to do should a real emergency arise. Once onboard the plane, the infected passenger is led to a safe and protected environment where doctors can perform an examination. The West African Ebola outbreak has been declared a public health emergency. So far more than 1400 people have died in the latest outbreak. Although it's unlikely the disease will reach Brazil, officials say with contingency measures like these in place, they will at least be somewhat prepared if the worse does happen.

19. Freakish S01E10 Prey 720p HULU

  • Duration: 1331
  • Channel: tv
Freakish S01E10 Prey 720p HULU

During Saturday detention, bells ring signaling a containment drill and evacuation not out of the ordinary for a town with a large chemical plant. The 20 students and the basketball coach retreat to the school fallout shelter for the duration of the drill. Only its not a drill When the sirens stop and they return to the school lobby, they find their town has been decimated by an explosion. They see no signs of life outside their high schools front doors. More frightening, those who were not in the bunker appear to be infected

20. Israel: rockets intercepted as Hamas threatens to hit Tel Aviv's airport

  • Duration: 67
  • Channel: news
Israel: rockets intercepted as Hamas threatens to hit Tel Aviv's airport

As sirens wailed across Tel Aviv, Israel’s rocket defense system Iron Dome intercepted a rocket high above the city. People are getting on with life as best they can, usually never far from a public bomb shelter. Hamas’s armed wing has threatened to fire rockets at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion international airport. It has warned airlines not to fly to Israel’s main gateway to the world. The airport has been fully operational since the Israeli offensive began. It is within an area covered by Iron Dome. Earlier, a petrol station in Israel’s port city of Ashdod was hit by a rocket launched from Gaza, causing a huge blaze. Local public radio reported that at least three people had been injured. Meanwhile Israel said it fired artillery shells into southern Lebanon in retaliation to rocket fire from the area. Lebanese troops and United Nations peacekeepers later began searching the area, and the Lebanese military said it was trying to find out who fired the rockets. No one was wounded on either side. It was not clear who was behind the attack.