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1. Wedding Templates - Library Organization

  • Published: 2015-11-22T23:04:20+00:00
  • Duration: 5159
  • By Ron Priest
Wedding Templates - Library Organization

Organization is half the battle when it comes to a productive wedding edit. Using library templates to jump-start your FCP X library organization will save you loads of time and promote continuity from one wedding project to the next. This video will show you how to copy a template into your new library, with a folder structure containing commonly used smart and keyword collections. It will show you how to redefine the library properties establishing an externally managed library by keeping media files in place, resulting an a very small library file which can be easily uploaded to your preferred cloud service (such as drop box) for collaboration among other editors. After ingesting the media, we'll add metadata to the reels, scenes, and camera name fields to foster quick and precise synchronization via Plural Eyes of video and audio recorded with multiple cameras and external audio devices. I’ll then show you how to use some “checks and balances” to insure all media is accounted for and ready for the edit. This is the first video of the series titled: FCPX Comprehensive Wedding Workflow. Stay tuned for additional videos currently in production. Clicking on the timecode markers, will advance you to the chapters listed below. 00:01:02 Creating a new Library 00:01:50 Copying a Template to a New Library 00:03:00 Delete the FCPX Generated Smart Collection Folder 00:05:34 Redefine the Library Properties 00:09:54 Importing Media 00:10:13 Import Preferences 00:13:01 Organizing the Media 00:35:14 Assigning Scene Metadata 00:42:37 Duplicating and Renaming a Smart Collection 01:10:30 Checks and Balances

2. FCPX Comprehensive Wedding Workflow Training Preview

  • Published: 2015-12-04T07:01:19+00:00
  • Duration: 3479
  • By Ron Priest
FCPX Comprehensive Wedding Workflow Training Preview

Hey wedding editors, are you just now making the switch to Final Cut Pro X? Or, perhaps you’ve been using it for a while and are in desperate need for some help in organizing your libraries. Library organization is half the battle when it comes to productive wedding edits. You’ll find that this Wedding Workflow Training Series will drastically reduce the learning curve associated with the best NLE for wedding post production on the market! Using templates to jump-start your library organization will save you loads of time and promote continuity from one wedding to the next. I’ll show you how to build and utilize your own custom library templates incorporating a folder structure with commonly used smart/keyword collections. I’ll discuss the benefits of externally managed media resulting in very small library files, fostering collaboration among long distance editors. I’ll show you how to add metadata to the reels, scenes, and camera name fields to enhance organization. I’ll show you how to create scene smart collections versus keyword collections, allowing you to reserve keyword collections for more specific parts of the clip. This will eliminate the meaningless blue lines cluttering up the entire length of all of your clips created when using folders as keyword collections upon import. I’ll demonstrate how to set up projects in preparation for syncing multicam clips in Plural Eyes via XML export. After returning from Plural Eyes, I’ll show you how to use the Multicam angle editor to inspect and tweak the sync of a multicam clip as well as color correction inside the angle editor. I’ll show you how to prep the audio components of the multicam clip utilizing the limiter and compressor audio effects. Since you can’t skim across projects in the browser or edit a project to another project timeline, I’ll demonstrate the benefits of using compound clip timelines versus project timelines. We use these as mini sequences in the construction of the complete wedding project timeline. As drastic and controversial as it may seem, we’ll cover the need to detach the audio from the video of your multicam clip residing inside your compound clip prior to cutting your angles. This eliminates those pesky through edits on your audio when cutting video angles. This is just but a few of the tips and tricks you’ll lean from this series produced specifically for the wedding editor. Additional videos are in production to add to this series, purchasing it now will lock you in at the current price.